The Partnership for Your Success (PaYS) Program is a strategic partnership between the U.S. Army and a cross section of corporations, companies, and public sector agencies. The Program provides America's Soldiers with an opportunity to serve their country while they prepare for their future. PaYS Partners guarantee Soldiers an interview and possible employment after the Army. This unique Program is part of the Army's effort to partner with America's business community and reconnect America with its Army.

The PaYS Program began in 2000 as an enlistment incentive for Regular Army enlisted Soldiers. In October 2002, the Program expanded to include Army Reserve Soldiers. The Program later expanded to include Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) Reserve Component Cadets, ROTC Cadets who incur an active duty commitment, Officer Candidate School (OCS), Warrant Officer Flight Training (WOFT) and the Army National Guard (ARNG).

In In April 2011, the U.S. Army Marketing and Research Group (AMRG), a field operating agency of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, assumed the responsibility for administering and managing the PaYS Program. Upon AMRG's dissolution, TRADOC, the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, became the proponent on 01 October 2019.

U.S. Army Recruiting Command (USAREC)

The PaYS Program for USAREC completes the "enlistment package," which begins with the Future Soldier Training Program, continues during the term of enlistment, and ends with the job interview and possible employment with the Soldier's selected PaYS partner.

Recruiters discuss the PaYS partner details, when making a temporary reservation, using Future Soldier Reservation System (FSR2S). Recruiters review the interviews loaded by PaYS partners that match the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) and enlistment term selected during the temporary reservation process. It is important for recruiters to articulate that the PaYS Program is not a guarantee of employment. The Program establishes a relationship between the Soldier and participating partner and affords the Soldier a guaranteed interview. The interview establishes a relationship between the Soldier and partner's senior human resource personnel. In some cases, the PaYS Soldier has an advantage over many other applications and resumes.

U.S. Army National Guard (ARNG)

In July 2019, the PaYS Army National Guard Pilot Program began in three test states (MI, NY and VA), and is now available throughout the United States. The PaYS program is an enlistment option for applicants who enlist into the Army National Guard (ARNG). The PaYS program allows ARNG Soldiers to select up to five Army PaYS partners that will guarantee them a job interview. ARNG applicants are introduced to the PaYS enlistment option during their initial applicant interview with their recruiter. ARNG applicants will select one to five PaYS partners at a Military Processing Station (MEPS) during the enlistment process with a MEPS guidance counselor. When ARNG Soldiers return home after successful completion of their Basic Training (BT) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT), they are eligible to contact their PaYS partner to schedule their interview. The PaYS program does not guarantee employment and it's the individual Soldiers responsibility to be prepared for their interview(s).

U.S. Army Cadet Command / Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC)

The PaYS Program for ROTC personnel complements the benefits associated with becoming an Army officer. ROTC cadre must ensure cadets understand the Program guarantees a job interview. The Program establishes a relationship between the cadet and a participating partner and affords the cadet a guaranteed interview. ROTC cadre should stress that it is the responsibility of each interested cadet to contact the selected PaYS partner(s) to establish rapport and a relationship. ROTC Cadets may select five PaYS partners in the Cadet Sign-Up of A "Step to Success" checklist is available on the website to ensure they are a competitive candidate for employment.

PaYS Partner's Qualifications

1. Companies or agencies having 500 employees are the ideal partnership, although smaller companies or agencies are considered.

2. The partnership welcomes established companies and public sector agencies with secure reputations.

3. All positions identified must be for full time permanent employment. Positions reflecting a 40 hour work week with a classification of temporary hire do not qualify. This includes temp agencies and/or placement agencies.

4. The PaYS Program does not charge a fee to become a partner. In turn, companies that charge a fee for employment or placement do not meet qualification.

Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

PaYS partners are required to enter into an MOA with the Army. Although not a legal contract, the MOA is a legal document that must remain consistent in language from one partnership to another.

Requested changes require a legal review from the USAREC Staff Judge Advocate and as necessary, NGB-Judge Advocate Personal Staff. Once the prospective partner reviews and accepts the terms of the MOA the following information is required to complete the Official MOA.

1. Legal name of corporation/company/public sector agency

2. Full name and title of official authorized to sign the MOA

3. Full name and title of the internal point of contact

4. Complete address, phone number and fax number

A "Consent to Use Company Marks" form is included in the mailing with the Official MOA which the partner signs and returns with the MOA. This form authorizes the PaYS Program to post the partner logo on the Army PaYS website once the partnership process is completed.


Soldier and employer participation and commitment are key to the success of the Partnership for Your Success (PaYS) Program. Establishing and maintaining contact with Army PaYS Soldiers who have selected your company or agency at enlistment utilizing the PaYS Information Exchange (PIX) is vital.

The PaYS interview database enables PaYS partners to plan future hiring needs out 2 years for Regular Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard Soldiers and ROTC Cadets. PaYS Partners must reinvest in the Program by loading new positions each July to insure the steady flow of Army PaYS Soldiers from which to interview/hire.

One measure of success for the Army PaYS Program is the number of PaYS Soldiers interviewed with their PaYS partner. PaYS partners can annotate their interviews and hires in the PaYS Information Exchange (PIX) application available on the website. Senior Army Leaders use this data to track the Program's success.

Job Hiring Plan

Regular Army (RA) PaYS Soldiers are eligible for their interview after completing their first term of enlistment (2–6 years). Regular Army PaYS Soldiers are available for long-term planned positions.

Army Reserve (AR) PaYS Soldiers are eligible immediately, after completing their basic training and job training. Army Reserve Soldiers attend Battle Assembly with their Army Reserve Troop Program Unit (TPU) one weekend a month and attend two weeks of annual training with the TPU during the summer.

Army National Guard (ARNG) PaYS Soldiers are eligible immediately, after completing their basic training and job training. Army National Guard Soldiers normally drill with their National Guard Units one weekend a month and attend two weeks of annual training with their Unit during the summer.

ROTC Cadets select five PaYS partners during their senior year of college and, if hired, most expect to begin employment after graduation and commissioning. ROTC Cadets entering active duty will complete their first term of service obligation before being eligible for their interview and possible employment.

Job Loading / Database Access

The PaYS helpdesk will issue the PaYS user a log-on ID and password to access the database and load future interviews. Contact the PaYS helpdesk at for database access. Begin by logging into the PaYS Information Exchange (PIX) from

The PaYS marketing analysts will make the Army job association recommendation based on the job description/qualification, previous conversations, and correspondence. PaYS partners may select up to three career fields to associate to each ROTC position.

Community Involvement with the U.S. Army

The Army PaYS marketing analyst with the local Army Recruiting Battalion or National Guard Recruiting and Retention Battalion will coordinate a signing ceremony to promote the partnership and with the college ROTC Program incorporate PaYS partners in community partner initiatives. PaYS partners receive invitations to participate alongside the U.S. Army in recruiting functions, community events and various outreach activities.

Mentorship with PaYS Soldiers / PaYS Information Exchange "PIX"

PIX is a web-based portal to facilitate communication between the Partner and Soldier using the Soldier Lookup function. Army transition counselors can also connect Soldiers with their partners using the Soldier Lookup function. Other PIX reports available are Pays Soldier Report, Interview Report, and Soldier Demographics.

Army Career Tracker

Army Career Tracker (ACT) is a leadership development tool for Soldiers that integrates training and education into one website. Soldiers use ACT to search multiple education and training resources, monitor their career development and receive personalized advice from their leadership. Soldiers will be able to view their specific PaYS partner information incorporated into the Soldier dashboard. The information reminds the Soldier of the PaYS enlistment option and is useful for Army Leaders when counseling Soldiers.


The PaYS program supports the Army's mission to recruit, with integrity, high quality men and women, connect America with its Army and positively impact perceptions of the Army to build an environment more favorable to the Army's Brand. The PaYS Soldier agrees to fulfill their Army obligation with the knowledge of a guaranteed interview, which may lead to possible employment. Soldiers who participate in the program develop valuable skills and experience, in addition to gaining opportunities for employment with organizations who understand the value of their military service. This partnership connection provides a win-win situation for all.

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