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USDA becomes first Government Agency to join US Army PaYS Program

Story by: Damon A. Stinger Sr, Senior Marketer, US Army PaYS Program

Photos by: Alisha Reneau, US Army PaYS Media Marketer
Michael Wells, Photographer/Videographer, AMRG
Dr. Gregory L. Parham, Assistant Secretary for Administration at USDA and LTG James C. McConville, U.S. Army Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1

Photos left and below-Dr. Gregory L. Parham, Assistant Secretary for Administration at USDA and LTG James C. McConville, U.S. Army Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1

On Thursday, October 27, 2016 The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) was honored to host military leaders, local politicians, Army Marketing and Research Group (AMRG) and special guests to their annual Veterans Day Celebration held at the Jefferson Auditorium in Washington, DC. This year's celebration added a twist to the ceremony as the USDA signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the US Army to become a PaYS partner. USDA became PaYS partner #622 as the Memorandum of Agreement was signed by Lieutenant General (LTG) James C. McConville (Army Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1) and Dr. Gregory Parham (Assistant Secretary of Agriculture for Administration at USDA). The Veterans Day celebration ceremony was opened by the Mistress of Ceremonies, Ms. Charmin Rickards, EEO Specialist, Agricultural Marketing Service. The U.S. Military District of Washington Joint Armed Forces Color Guard presented the colors followed by the singing of the National Anthem.
Dr. Gregory L. Parham, Assistant Secretary for Administration at USDA and LTG James C. McConville, U.S. Army Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1
USDA is a government agency which provides leadership on food, agriculture, natural resources, rural development, nutrition, and related issues based on public policy, the best available science and effective management. USDA has a vision to provide economic opportunity through innovation, helping rural America to thrive; to promote agriculture production better nourishes Americans while also helping feed others throughout the world; and to preserve the Nation's natural resources through conservation, restored forests, improved watersheds and healthy private working lands.

Notable speakers at this year's Veterans Day Celebration included Mr. Lanon Baccam, Deputy Under Secretary, Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services; Ms. Deborah Allen, EEO Specialist, Farm Service Agency; Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen (Keynote Speaker), President and Founder "Give an Hour"; LTG McConville, Deputy Chief of Staff, U.S. Army G-1; and Dr. Gregory L. Parham, Assistant Secretary of Agriculture for Administration at USDA.

USDA has a Veteran Hiring Goal of 25% new hires for FY 2017. USDA has turned to the US Army to help facilitate in accomplishing their veteran hiring goal. The US Army PaYS program will provide USDA with a pipeline of veteran applicants on a consistent basis for near term and long term hiring. There are 29 agencies that come under the USDA's banner and each agency is eager to hire those high quality veterans that transition from the Army. On Wednesday, August 24, 2016, Damon Stinger (PaYS Senior Marketer) attended the USDA's Senior Executive Human Resources Directors Policy Board meeting to brief 29 Senior HR Executives about the US Army PaYS program during this meeting. Mr. Monshi R. Ramdass, Veterans Employment Program Officer, USDA was the driving force behind USDA becoming a PaYS partner.

At the conclusion of Dr. Van Dahlen's remarks there were two special presentations followed by the signing of the PaYS Memorandum of Agreement. USDA prepared an awesome program to recognize veterans that are currently employed by the agency; they also executed a tribute to each service by singing the song representing each branch of service. As each branch song was sang, veterans that served in that branch stood tall and sang along with the soloist. In closing, Mr. Mark Rucker, Deputy Administrator for Management, Farm Service Agent stated, "today we celebrated the military, the Vets; we celebrated them today and we did a good job. When the National Anthem was sung, my eyes got a little watery because it means that much to me. The USDA has given the opportunity to continue serving this great nation and we should all be proud of that."

Photo below -Pictured from L to R: Mr. Monshi R. Ramdass, Veterans Employment Program Officer, USDA, Ms. Angela Byrd, Program Manager, US Army PaYS Program, Mr. Damon A. Stinger Sr., Senior Marketer, US Army PaYS Program

L to R: Mr. Monshi R. Ramdass, Veterans Employment Program Officer, USDA, Ms. Angela Byrd, Program Manager, US Army PaYS Program, Mr. Damon A. Stinger Sr., Senior Marketer, US Army PaYS Program


A Message from the Program Manager

Dear PaYS Partners,

Let's give a warm welcome to our newest PaYS Partners! This month we publicly recognized our partnership with Stormont Vail and Westgate Resort through a signing ceremony. A special thanks to the Battalion A&PAs that were involved in making it all happen!

Am Waters - Mid Atlantic BN

National Association of Community Health Centers and Perdue Farms - Baltimore BN

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas - Salt Lake City BN

Renown Health - Northern California BN

Core Civic formerly Corporate Corrections of America (CCA) - Nashville BN

Hudson Tool Steel Corporation - Southern California BN

Cannon Companies and Genoa A QOL Healthcare Company - Seattle BN

Overhead Door Corporation - Dallas BN

JAX Home Health, Inc. - Jacksonville BN

Trademark Metals Recycling, LLC; Westgate Resort; and United States Department of Agriculture - Tampa BN

This month's newsletter highlights the PaYS team participation in two major national events - the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) Annual Conference and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) Conference, and our first federal agency partnership with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

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to share in all the festivities. Send us your good news stories, job vacancies, etc., and we will highlight, at no cost, on all our social media sites.

Hoping you all had a great Veterans Day and Thanksgiving! And remember, the US Army values our partnership with all our partners. Thank you all for your support in hiring our Army Veterans.

Angela Byrd
PaYS Program Manager

Ms. Angela Byrd, PaYS Program Manager
Send us your news stories

Rob Betchley(CEO, Logistics Health Incorporated), LTC Daniel Woodlock (3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion) Dr. Scott Rathgaber (CEO, Gundersen Health System)

Gundersen Health Systems and Logistics Health Incorporated Partner with Army in Job Quest for Veterans

Story by: Erik Daily (Lacrosse, WI Tribune)
Photos by: John Sake

Photo right -Rob Betchley(CEO, Logistics Health Incorporated), LTC Daniel Woodlock (3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion) Dr. Scott Rathgaber (CEO, Gundersen Health System)

Gundersen Health System and Logistics Health Inc. in La Crosse signed a MOA with the Army on Wednesday to guarantee soldiers job interviews and, if possible, hire them after they complete their service.

Gundersen and LHI officials finalized an agreement during a formal signing with an Army officer to join the Partnership for Youth Success program, which was launched 16 years ago as an enlistment incentive for regular Army soldiers and later expanded to include Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets and officers. The first agreement with the Army Medical Department in Wisconsin and one of more than 550 such partnerships nationwide, the program dovetails with the purposes and goals of Gundersen and LHI, their representatives said.
LTC Daniel Woodlock and Dr. Scott Rathgaber

Photo left -LTC Daniel Woodlock and Dr. Scott Rathgaber

"Our vision and mission is to enhance the wellbeing of the community," said Dr. Scott Rathgaber, Gundersen's CEO. "This vision and mission extends to our soldiers." The 19-county health system, which has facilities and partners in three states, receives applications from 20,000 people each year, Rathgaber said. The health system's employee needs extend far beyond the typically expected doctors, nurses and clinicians to include human resources, information technology, accounting and finance, maintenance, and other non-clinical positions, he said. "We need all of those to take care of our patients," Rathgaber said. The PaYS agreement helps expand the job pool for Gundersen, the largest employer in the area, he said. "We're not doing the Army a favor they are helping us," the Gundersen CEO said. When seeking employees, "we think of more than job skills, to include loyalty, dedication, service, character and leadership," traits typical of veterans.
CEO Rob Betchley and LTC Daniel Woodlock

Photo right -CEO Rob Betchley and LTC Daniel Woodlock

LHI CEO Rob Betchley echoed those sentiments, adding that LHI is in a unique business, which Vietnam veteran Don Weber founded 17 years ago to provide medical services to veterans. With 14 percent of its employees now being veterans or veterans' spouses, the company intends to boost that to 20 percent, said Betchley, who listed three reasons in particular that PaYS is important to LHI and him:

CSM Ryan K. Barr (3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion, USAREC) and Samuel Armstrong (Northwest Marketing Analyst) From the business perspective, "we have veterans taking care of veterans," he said. From his personal viewpoint, it's a matter of responsibility to veterans. "I get to choose wherever I want to live and where my kids go to school because some young kid signed up to serve," making that possible, he said. From the vantage point of other businesses, PaYS provides employees who are well-trained in service, loyalty and teamwork that are linchpins for successful businesses. Under terms of the agreement between the Army Medical Recruiting Brigade, Gundersen and LHI, health care professionals commissioning in the Army who are interested in specific training will receive it.

Recruits will sign a Statement of Understanding to work for Gundersen or LHI upon completion of their service or military training. As they near the end of their contracts, they will have opportunities to interview and possibly to obtain jobs at the two. A database will match the needs of Gundersen and LHI with the soldiers' skills. After their military training and service, soldiers "are motivated, have professional work habits and high standards of conduct," said Lt. Col. Daniel Woodlock, commander of the Third Medical Recruiting Battalion. "This partnership is one way we can help ensure our soldiers continue to achieve success after leaving the Army and that American industry benefits by gaining quality employees," Woodlock said. Samuel Armstrong, a marketing analyst at the PaYS headquarters in Alexandria, Va., said PaYS has 618 partner corporations and public sector agencies across the nation, including the Cleveland Clinic and Ohio State University Medical Center.

Armstrong could not say how many veterans have gone through PaYS, because some companies don't report statistics on how many they have interviewed and/or hired. However, he was able to cite Sears as one example, a company that interviewed 600 and hired 230, he said. "The bottom line is that this sets veterans up for success," he said.

Photo above -CSM Ryan K. Barr (3rd Medical Recruiting Battalion, USAREC) and Samuel Armstrong (Northwest Marketing Analyst)

Penrose Hospital

Penrose-St. Francis Seeks Former Military as Employees

Story by: Tom Roeder
Photos by: Daniel Malta

A Colorado Springs hospital chain is locking arms with the Army to give former troops a boost on the civilian job market. Penrose-St. Francis Health Services inked an agreement last week with Army officials, agreeing to give former soldiers a guaranteed interview for jobs under the "Partnership for Youth Success." Penrose-St. Francis boss Margaret Sabin said giving GIs an easier path to jobs was an easy move for the hospitals, which already have veterans accounting for 10 percent of their workforce.
LTC Matthew Mapes and Margaret Sabin, CEO of Penrose St. Francis

Photo left -LTC Matthew Mapes and Margaret Sabin, CEO of Penrose St. Francis

The partnership is part of a wider Army push to get better job prospects for soldiers heading to civilian life. At Fort Carson alone, more than 500 soldiers a month shed their uniforms when their enlistments expire. That turnover costs the Pentagon in unemployment claims, with jobless payments costing the Defense Department an estimated $1 billion a year. "This partnership is one way we can help our soldiers continue to achieve success after they leave the Army," said Lt. Col. Matthew Mapes, who runs a regional recruiting battalion that aims to bring in new soldiers with medical skills. The Army this year has used the PaYS Program to put veterans in civilian jobs as a recruiting tool, showing recruits and their parents that life after the Army can be lucrative.
(Pictured from Left to Right:) SSG Mark Crosby, SSG Randolph L. Miguel, 1SG Nelson O. Colon, Mr. Antonio D. Johnson Sr., CPT Rachel H. Larose, CPT Wendy J. Gonzales, and SFC Lyndie S. Corder
The partnership could pay off for Penrose-St. Francis, too. Medical care providers are battling to overcome shortages of skilled caregivers, especially nurses. The federal Department of Health and Human Services estimates 1 million new nurses will be needed in the workforce by 2025. In addition to putting medical personnel into the civilian jobs, the Army is also offering soldiers in other fields the opportunity to train for medical jobs before they leave the service, Mapes said. "Individuals who are interested in getting specialized training will receive that training while still in the U.S. Army," Mapes said. Sabin said getting troops into her hospitals also means getting better workers. "The values of the Army and the values of Penrose-St. Francis are very similar," she said. Mapes said the Army is looking for other businesses to give soldiers a first look for jobs. Sabin said she's sold on the idea. "I'm surprised more companies aren't clamoring to get on board," she said.

Photo right -(Pictured from Left to Right:) SSG Mark Crosby, SSG Randolph L. Miguel, 1SG Nelson O. Colon, Mr. Antonio D. Johnson Sr., CPT Rachel H. Larose, CPT Wendy J. Gonzales, and SFC Lyndie S. Corder

The US Army has partnered with hundreds of corporations, companies, and public sector agencies in order to provide these benefits to our youth and Soldiers. While this program is in large part to benefit the American Soldier, those businesses who partner with PaYS benefit as well. Through this relationship businesses now have a source of quality employment candidates with stellar work ethic and tested leadership skills. Any organization interested in becoming part of the PaYS can visit

Pictured from left to right: Lt. Col. Matt Harmon, Congresswoman Dina Titus, Daniel Espino, Senior VP of Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, and Tony Schumacher of Army Racing

Army's PaYS program takes long view in effort to improve recruit pool

Story by: Keith Rogers, Las Vegas Review Journal

Photos by: Jeff Ragazzo / Kabik Photo Group

On Thursday, Oct. 27, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas was honored to host military leaders, local politicians and various veteran organizations for a signing ceremony celebrating the resorts support of The U.S. Army's Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) program is a recruiting initiative.

Notable speakers included Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Harmon, Salt Lake City Battalion Commander; Captain Terrance Pitts, Las Vegas Company Commander; Congresswoman Dina Titus; and Daniel Espino, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Senior Vice President of People. LTC Matt Harmon and Daniel Espino

Photo right -Pictured from left to right: Lt. Col. Matt Harmon, Congresswoman Dina Titus, Daniel Espino, Senior VP of Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, and Tony Schumacher of Army Racing
Photo left -LTC Matt Harmon and Daniel Espino

Since the end of the draft and the onset of the all-volunteer military in the mid-1970s, the Army has raised the bar so high that only three out of 10 potential recruits now qualify to enlist in the service. "That's really kind of a scary fact but that's the truth," Lt. Col. Matthew Harmon, commander of the Army's Salt Lake City Recruiting Battalion, which includes Nevada, said Thursday. Harmon's comments came at a ceremony highlighting the Army's Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) program, a recruiting and job placement initiative that aims do something about the problem by helping veterans transition to the civilian workforce. The thinking is that by providing veterans with opportunities at the end of their service, the Army can attract more-qualified recruits looking to simultaneously serve the nation and prepare for their future. Thursday's event was held to welcome a new local partner the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas into the program, Daniel Espino, the company's senior vice president of people, said the initiative is "about a genuine interest to enrich the lives of our veterans, because we believe that those who serve and defend us should be given the knowledge, the tools and expertise and confidence to enter the workforce."

As part of the program, the Cosmopolitan will upload forecast positions to the PaYS database and guarantee interviews for qualified applicants. The resort also has held seminars for veterans on how to apply for jobs.

Harmon said it's unclear why most young applicants can't pass muster for Army enlistment, but said he doesn't believe that the heavy reliance on a leaner Army to fight the global war on terrorism including repeat deployments to hot spots like Afghanistan and Iraq limits the number of qualified recruits.

"It's still just finding the proper applicant for the job," he said. A key focus of the PaYS program is highlighting the qualities that military veterans bring with them when they enter the civilian workforce.

Harmon said the Army's enlistment standards are the highest ever in U.S. history, which means the three out of 10 who do serve possess qualities attractive to civilian employers, attributes that include leadership, respect, integrity and responsibility, Harmon said.

"These soldiers know what to do when that plan begins to veer off track or something is just not working," he said. "These are soldiers that get the job done, who can handle crisis situations, who are critical thinkers, who don't flinch when an unexpected bump in the road happens."

The PaYS Marketing Team congratulates the San Antonio Recruiting Battalion on being named PaYS Battalion of the Month

Story By: Antonio Johnson (Southwest Marketing Analyst) San Antonio Recruiting BN logo
Photos By Chez Varela

As one of America's top landing spots for transitioning veterans, the city of San Antonio, TX has been home to a consistent military presence for nearly 300 years. Nicknamed "Military City USA", San Antonio is home to the Department of Defense's largest medical center at Joint Base San Antonio Fort Sam Houston where 38,000 students graduate from military training each year. The city has also hosted high school football's premier All-American game, the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, every year since 2002.

Headquartered at Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston, the San Antonio Recruiting Battalion consists of seven companies, each with numerous recruiting centers throughout south and central Texas and southern New Mexico. LTC Kevin D. Bouren and CSM Juan H.D. Dozier make up the command team and together they lead a battalion of over 300 Soldiers and civilians in an effort to recruit the nation's best to serve in the United States Army. Through a collaboration with the San Antonio Community Action Committee (SACAC), the battalion's recruiting efforts have a strong focus at the grassroots level. The SACAC supports the San Antonio Recruiting Battalion by working with Army recruiters to open doors and arrange meetings that assist in the recruitment process. "Effective and engaging U.S. Army leaders know that action-oriented community organizations, such as the SACAC, are prudently designed to assist and effect community outreach for a plethora of mutually beneficial purposes". (Sheryl Johnson, Advertising and Public Affairs Chief). The PaYS Marketing Team congratulates the San Antonio Recruiting Battalion on being named PaYS Battalion of the Month and we will continue to expect great things as we move forward.
San Antonio Police Department patch
Look for a new partnership with the San Antonio Police Department soon. Although not an official PaYS partner yet; the San Antonio Police Department has been providing veterans with the opportunity to continue the professionalism, pride and dedication they started in the military by serving the citizens of San Antonio as police officers for a long time. With approximately 260 SAPD officers currently on the force with prior military experience, the department is fully aware that the skills learned during military service can be directly applied to civilian law enforcement. Through support from the American Law Enforcement Heroes Act, the SAPD created Camo to Cops; a program designed to foster a smooth transition from military to police officer. The SAPD is currently undergoing the process of the PaYS partnership and we welcome them to the team.

San Antonio Army ROTC -
One of two Army ROTC Battalions in the San Antonio area, the Rattler Battalion at St. Mary's University is led by Professor of Military Science, MAJ John W. Lankford. Through cross-enrollment agreements, students from six additional San Antonio area colleges and universities make up the 107 cadet battalion. The STMU Ranger Challenge Team culminated their dedication and hard work finishing second in the Ranger Challenge Competition last weekend. Led by CDT/1LT Perkins, CDT/SGMGonzalez, and SFC Spencer, the team completed a rigorous three month training plan in order to prepare for the difficult course. Cadets endured a demanding selection process followed by a physical, mental and Soldier skills focused training plan. The Ranger Challenge Team took advantage of every opportunity to better themselves as a team and individually as a Cadet. The team finished second place after The University of Texas ROTC and proved to be fierce challengers throughout the competition. The competition was a testament to the tough conditioning the Rattlers pushed themselves through. We couldn't be prouder of the effort given by the Cadets and their dedication to each other and the program sets the standards for which we expect our Cadets to strive towards. We are looking forward to immediately starting the selection process and training regimen for next year's competition!

2016 STMU Army Ten Miler Team

Photo right -2016 STMU Army Ten Miler Team

Photo below -Ranger Challenge Team

Ranger Challenge Team

Congratulations San Antonio Recruiting Battalion on becoming Battalion of the month!

What Does Veterans Day Mean to You?(Pictured from left to right) Angela Byrd, Clarence Miller, Damon Stinger // Jacinto Morales, Crancena Ross, Samuel Armstrong // Antonio Johnson, Cindy Jackson, Joseph Rivers // Ian O'Neill, Alisha Reneau, Gena Goldsmith

Photo right -(Pictured from left to right) Angela Byrd, Clarence Miller, Damon Stinger // Jacinto Morales, Crancena Ross, Samuel Armstrong // Antonio Johnson, Cindy Jackson, Joseph Rivers // Ian O'Neill, Alisha Reneau, Gena Goldsmith

The Army PaYS team is made up largely of military veterans and, in honor of Veterans Day, the team took the time to express what Veterans Day means to them.

Angela Byrd, PaYS Program Manager
An honor to have been a part of such an elite organization and each year as we celebrate Veterans day, I am always proud to say, "I am a Veteran who continues to serve and support our Soldiers and their Families".

Clarence Miller, Project Lead
Veterans Day is one of the most momentous and notable days of the year. It causes me to halt and reflect on my own 25 years of military service and those great Americans I was honored to serve with. Moreover, I think of comrades whom I miss often and I'm reminded of the great friendships molded over the years. I reflect on all Veterans and thank them for their service to this great country.
I joined the Army in 1989, when college was more prevalent than service to others and this country. However, my brother and I went against the traditional family choice and enlisted. Veterans Day is significant now as much as ever with the endless battles in Iraq, Afghanistan and other remote areas of the world. We have a plethora of new Veterans coming up through the trenches of war and fighting to keep us all safe here in America. My true appreciation and meaning of Veterans Day are rooted in the sacrifice of every American man and woman that has been brave and bold enough to serve. God bless them all and the great country of the USA.

Damon Stinger, Senior Marketing Analyst
Veterans Day is near and dear to me because it's the day the nation honors those who have sacrificed everything that's important to them so that others may enjoy the freedoms they have here in America. Veterans sacrifice their time and their families so that others who can't and who won't don't have to serve. Veterans are a corp group of individuals that are the spokes in the wheel that allots this country to move. As I look back on the history of our nation and those men and women who served before me and made it possible so that I could serve, I get a sense of belonging. When I'm often asked what I like about being a veteran, I quickly reply that I love being part of the greatest fraternity ever assembled and knowing that I have made a contribution to society. It's great that the nation takes time out to honor veterans; it's a humbling experience. Toby Keith was spot on in his song American Soldier; "I don't do it for the money there's bills that I can't pay, I don't do it for the glory I just do it anyway". I have a sense of pride and dignity about myself because I am veteran knowing that the contributions of myself and those like me will forever evolve and continue to protect our freedoms and democracy.

Jacinto Morales, Northeast Marketing Analyst
Veterans Day reminds me of the sacrifices men and women have made for this country. A country that gave a former immigrant from Ecuador a chance to achieve things that would not have been possible back in my birth country. Things that others take for granted and don't understand the rights they have because of the sacrifices made by their Veterans.

Crancena Ross, Southeast Marketing Analyst
Having the opportunity to serve my country for 29 years, in the United States Army, I say it's a blessing to be a veteran and to be a part of what is called Veterans Day. I say Veterans Day is about those who served, died and were wounded to protect our country and continue to serve our fabulous country regardless of the situation in which we find ourselves. I think it's an important day for everyone; being a veteran isn't easy however, if you're qualified to be a part of the small percentage that served. I say serve proudly, you're among the few that can. It is an honor to serve my country and to help it remain free.

Samuel Armstrong, Northwest Marketing Analyst
Veterans Day is every day for me when I get that occasional email, text, phone call from a Soldier who I had the opportunity to mentor or guide during my Army Career. These Soldiers are still making the ultimate sacrifice and thanking me for making a difference in their lives. Because of these Soldiers we live in the world's greatest country.

Antonio Johnson, Southwest Marketing Analyst
"Veterans Day is a celebration of service, sacrifice and love of our country by those willing to be part of something much bigger than themselves by serving in our armed forces."

Cindy Jackson, Program Administrator
Veterans Day represents the great people who served and are currently serving in our military forces. The 1% of Americans who dared to give their lives so we can have the freedom to live the way we do. One day is not enough, but to set aside this day just for these great individuals means a lot. For me to hear "Thank you for your service" means someone appreciated my selfless acts of leaving my kids, family, and friend to defend this great county. To all veterans thank you for your service, we can never repay you for your great gesture.

Joseph Rivers, Midwest Marketing Analyst
I always think back to a quote from King Henry V by William Shakespeare on Veterans Day. "From now until the end of the world, we and it shall be remembered. We few, we Band of Brothers. For he who sheds his blood with me shall be my brother."

Ian O'Neill, PaYS Technical Support
What Veterans Day means to me is honoring vets of past, and current military service, their sacrifice, and commitment to our great country. Veterans Day is a special day that all Americans can unite without regard for race or religion, and we can all be truly grateful for one another's service to this great country.

Alisha Reneau, Social Media Coordinator
Veterans Day is honoring and giving thanks to those who served in the military and showing those women and men the respect that they have earned. With respect, honor, and gratitude... Thank you veterans.

Gena Goldsmith, PaYS Web Content Manager
A day of celebration honoring America's veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good, affording our citizens the freedoms they enjoy. Thanks to all veterans.

A Big Thank You to these Partners Celebrating their November PaYS Anniversaries:Schneider National, Inc.-16 years, Baltimore County Police Department-13 years, Colas, Inc.-13 years, Dakota Electric Association-13 years, Harley-Davidson Motor Company-13 years, State of Wisconsin-12 years, Austin Police Department-12 years, Superior Bulk Logistics, Inc.-12 years, NES Rentals Holdings, Inc.-11 years, Compressor Systems, Inc.-11 years, State of Maryland Dept. of Public Safety & Correctional Services-11years, Kubricky Construction-11 years, Polk County Sheriff's Office-11 years, Citicorp Credit Services, Inc. (USA)-10 years, Martin County Sheriff's Office (Florida)-10 years, Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.-9 years, Comfort Systems, USA-9 years, Tecta America Corp.-8 years, J. B. Hunt Transportation, Inc.-7 years, Louisiana Dept. of Revenue-7 years, Aultman Health Foundation-6 years, Cleveland Track Material, Inc.-6 years, Southern Company Services, Inc.-6 years, Booz Allen Hamilton-6 years, Fuel Delivery Services, Inc.-6 years, Groendyke Transport, Inc.-4 years, GE Healthcare-4 years, EAN Holdings, LLC-4 years, Summit County Sheriff's Office-4 years, CFAN-3 years, ZipRealty-3 years, Heartland Employment Services, LLC-3 years, MTA-NYC Transit-3 years, Columbia College Hollywood-3 years, MHC Kenworth-2 years, Custom Company, Inc-2 years

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