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Two for One Celebration: Ocala Police Department becomes a PaYS Partner
& the Grand Opening of Ocala Recruiting Center

Cadet Robert Russell

Story and photos by Darline Goyea,
Social Media/Marketing Coordinator
Ocala Police Department Logo

Photo right - (l-r) Chief of Ocala PD, Greg Graham, Jacksonville BN Commander, Lt. Col. Sharlene Pigg, and Ocala Mayor, Kent Guinn backed by Future Soldiers

Five Ocala Police Department officers along with two Ocala Recruiting Center Soldiers marched in and presented the colors to commence the signing ceremony and Ocala Recruiting Center grand opening on May 26, 2016, in Ocala, FL.

Following the singing of the National Anthem, Ocala Recruiting Company Commander, Cpt. Christopher Isaac introduced Jacksonville Battalion Commander, Lt. Col. Sharlene Pigg as she spoke to the Army’s excitement about the new partnership with the Ocala PD.

Cadet Robert Russell Twenty-one Future Soldiers along with nearly 60-70 guests, including Mayor Kent Guinn, Ocala PD Chief, Greg Graham, and members of the local Chamber of Commerce were all part of the celebration between the Army and the Ocala PD. Before the ceremony, Mayor Guinn declared the week of the Army’s birthday as Ocala’s Army Week. And with that proclamation, the mayor was assisted by Lt. Col. Pigg and Chief Graham in cutting the ribbon that signified the doors of the Ocala Recruiting Center officially open! “We [the city of Ocala] are happy to partner with the Army, and will always support what they do for our country and the local community,” said Guinn.

“It’s unbelievable the care and concern they [Army] put into these kids,” said Graham. “I’m excited about what the Army does for our youth; I’m excited about what they will do for our community.”
Lieutenant Colonel Pigg, closed out the ceremony by offering up advice to the young men and women who were about to embark on the new venture of Army life. “Find yourself a mentor, keep in touch with your [PaYS] company, get an education and have fun,” said Pigg. Cadet Robert Russell

The Ocala Police Department collaborates with the local community to ensure the safety and well-being of the community is a collective effort. According to their Policing Philosophy:
"All members of our community have ownership in our community's problems and solutions. Your active participation and involvement is crucial. By voicing your concerns, contributing advice and information in open dialog with law enforcement, will allow us to focus law enforcement efforts where and when they are needed, for optimal results."

The Army and the PaYS team is proud to have these men and women, not only dedicating their lives for the safety of their communities, but for the sake of our Future Veterans they have committed to, providing possible future employment.

Photo above left-Lt. Col Pigg, Chief Graham, and Mayor Guinn share a laugh as they cut the ribbon signifying the Ocala Recruiting Center official opening

Photo above right-Lt. Col Pigg presents Chief Graham with the PaYS Partnership plaque

A Message from the Program Manager

Dear PaYS Partners,

Let's give a warm welcome to our newest PaYS Partners and a special thanks to all the Battalions that were involved in making it happen!

Renown Health -
Sacramento Recruiting Battalion

Toys "R" Us -
Mid-Atlantic Recruiting Battalion

U.S Xpress -
Nashville Recruiting Battalion

American Electric Power -
Columbus Recruiting Battalion

Western &Southern Financial Group -
Columbus Recruiting Battalion

A few signing ceremonies were held with Ocala PD, System Scales, and HSS to publicly recognize our partnership.

This month the U.S Army celebrated its 241st birthday! Check out https://www.army.mil/birthday/ for more details and visit your local recruiting center to see how we can make this a Partnership celebration, tell them PaYS sent you!

Visit and like our facebook page, https://www.facebook
to share in all the festivities. Send us your good news stories, job vacancies, etc., and we will highlight, at no cost, on all our social media platforms.

The US Army values our partnership with all our partners. Thank you all for your support in hiring our Army Veterans.

Angela Byrd
PaYS Program Manager

Ms. Angela Byrd, PaYS Program Manager

Saint Joseph Health System making way for Future Veterans in the Medical IndustrySaint Joseph Health System is located in North Central Indiana

Story by Darline Goyea,
Social Media/Marketing Coordinator
Photos by Keith Williams,
Midwest Marketing Analyst, and Saint Joseph Health System

Photo right -Saint Joseph Health System is located in North Central Indiana
Photo below left-Kurt Meyer, Chief Human Resources Officer & Vice President, Support Services
Photo below center-St. Joseph's President Christopher Karam signing the PaYS ceremonial certificate on the behalf of St. Joseph Health System

Kurt Meyer, Chief Human Resources Officer & Vice President, Support Services Saint Joseph Health System has officially opened its doors - to Future Veterans that is. In a signing ceremony with the United States Army, Saint Joseph Health System pledged their commitment to hiring PaYS Soldiers through the Army PaYS Program.
St. Joseph's President Christopher Karam signing the PaYS ceremonial certificate on the behalf of St. Joseph Health System
Friday, May 13, 2016, Saint Joseph Health System's President, Christopher Karam, Chief Human Resources Officer and VP, Support Services, Kurt Meyer, Director of Facility Resources, and Greg Kozlik, joined South Bend Medical Battalion's Company Commander, Cpt. Rion Dillard and Officer in Charge Cpt. Anthony McManus in the signing of the memorandum of agreement before approximately 60 military and non-military guests in the lobby of the hospital stated "We here at Saint Joseph Health System are honored to partner with the US Army, and it is our duty to commit to Veterans to give them a place to work as they leave the Army," said Karam.
Saint Joseph Health System/Army PaYS Ceremonial cake
As PaYS Partner #580, Saint Joseph Health System will supply ample opportunities for Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) that range from an Allergist (60M) to a Vascular Surgeon (61W), and everything in between. Thank you to the leadership of South Bend Medical Recruiting Company for their involvement, hard work and dedication for this new partnership.

Saint Joseph Health System is a not-for-profit, multi-hospital health system located in North Central Indiana. The newly constructed $355 million, 658,000 square foot hospital offers all private rooms and a healing and relaxing environment. The innovative design and layout of the hospital ensure a better care experience for everyone including inpatients, outpatients, visitors, and providers. Saint Joseph Health System is a Regional Ministry Organization of Trinity Health that provides compassionate, faith-based care paired with the latest in advanced medical technology and procedures.

Cpt. Rion Dillard presents the Partnership Certificate ans PaYS plaque to St. Joseph's President Christopher Karam

The system includes:
---254-bed acute-care hospital at the Mishawaka Campus
---58-bed acute-care hospital at the Plymouth Campus
---40-bed Saint Joseph Rehabilitation Institute
---More than 85 providers in the Saint Joseph Physician Network
---Community health centers and additional points of access
---St. Paul's, a Sanctuary Senior Living Community, with 368 suites for independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing care, rehabilitation and wellness and memory care.
---Holy Cross, a Sanctuary Senior Living Community, with 168 suites for recovery and wellness and competent nursing care
---Trinity Tower, a Sanctuary Senior Living Community, with 84 affordable senior apartments
---Health Insurance Services
---VNA Home Care

Photo above right -Saint Joseph Health System/Army PaYS Ceremonial cake
Photo right -Cpt. Rion Dillard presents the Partnership Certificate ans PaYS plaque to St. Joseph's President Christopher Karam

GEO Group logo

The GEO Group opens its doors to Future Veterans as Partner #579

Story by Darline Goyea
Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

In the chapel of the New Castle Correctional Facility, approximately 40 guests, including Indianapolis Battalion Commander, Lt. Col. Patrick Daulton, Executive Director, Michael Osburn, Warden Keith Butts, and the Indiana Department of Corrections staff assisted the Indianapolis Recruiting Battalion in welcoming The GEO Group, Inc. in a partnership signing ceremony with the US Army on May 18, 2016, as PaYS Partner #579.

The GEO Group:

The GEO Group is the world's leading provider of correctional and detention management and community reentry services to federal, state and local government agencies. With operations in the United States, Australia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom; GEO offers a diversified array of turnkey services which include design, construction, financing, and operations. Our unique approach allows GEO to provide high-quality and cost-effective services with state-of-the-art designs, innovative programs, and ground-breaking treatment plan.

To date, GEO's operations include the management and/or ownership of 104 correctional, detention and residential treatment facilities encompassing approximately 87,000 beds. Our team, of over 20,500 professionals, is dedicated to the safety and care of the individuals assigned to our custody on behalf of federal, state, and local government agencies.

The memorandum of agreement was signed by Indianapolis Battalion Commander, Lt. Col. Patrick Daulton and Warden Keith Butts. “We have been working on making New Castle a part of the U.S. PaYS Program for over a year and today it is official; so let the partnership begin,” said Keith Butts. Warden Butts also have held several positions within the Indiana Department of Corrections organization since 1979.

Succeeding the signing of the MOA, Midwest marketer, Keith Williams was able to provide PaYS Information Exchange (PIX) training to PaYS point of contact, human resources specialist, Stephanie Smith.

It's Your Birthday U.S. Army, Hooah!

Story by Darline Goyea
Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

As an Army spouse, I know exactly what it means to celebrate the oldest, most respected military branch in our country. With an immense sense of pride, not only for my country, and the uniform my husband puts on a daily basis, but for the several who have served in the past, for the young men and women who continue to raise their hand and dedicate themselves to some may not know why, but felt in their heart, had to do. This nation...world...is better because of our United States Army. For that, I have great gratitude and respect.

This article entry is not just a piety to this country and its birthday; with a staff made up of majority Army Veterans, it would be only right to reveal to our audience why they chose to serve and what their career meant to them:

George Kinchen, Project Lead, 25 years served:
"If only the Founding Fathers that decided to start an Army for a brand new country could see us now. From the Minutemen to today's Special Forces is quite a big leap. This is what the birthday means to me, always striving to make the Army bigger and better, even when some say it is no longer needed. It has always been needed, again and again, all throughout history. We pray for peace, but prepare for war."

Cindy Jackson, Program Administrative Assistant, 4 1/2 years served:
"The Army birthday is important to me because it is a celebration of the nation's best heroes. What parents would have known on the day their sons/daughters were born was the day they gave birth to a hero. The Army Birthday is a day to thank the ones who gave/give their lives and used/use it to save millions of others. What an act of patriotism. The Army Birthday is a time to step back and reflect on how better life is with these men and women in it. As for me, the Army showed me how valuable my life is. So, hold your weapons high and cheer for these soldiers on their birthday - I know I am..........Happy 241st Birthday!"

Crancena Ross, Southeast Marketing Analyst, 29 years served:
"The United States Army has been around standing strong for over 240 years, where ever you go today, around the world, our American Soldiers are displaying leadership, courage, dedication to duty, and character. We are displaying that we will protect and defend our nation till the end - regardless of the situation in which we find ourselves in."

Antonio Johnson, Southwest Marketing Analyst, 22 years served:
"The Army's birthday makes me think about 241 years of sacrifice and commitment. I am also proud to say that I served 22 of those 241 years!"

Damon Stinger, Senior Marketing Analyst, 26 years served:
"I don't know of any other institutions outside of the five (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard) branches of service that celebrate their birthday. The Army's birthday is a special day to recognize the largest and greatest branch of military service in the world. I was able to celebrate 26 of those years with the Army while I served; yet it was just another day. The Army's birthday means more to me as a veteran than it did when I served; I am thankful to all of the men and women who served before me, with me, and that shall serve after me. Happy 241st Birthday Army; keep rolling along!!!!"

Jacinto "Jay" Morales, Northeast Marketing Analyst, 24 years served:
"As an immigrant from Ecuador, arriving in the United States at the age of seven, I never thought I'd be where I am now. As a young boy, I remember playing with soldiers and watching war movies and telling myself that one day I would join the Army. At the time I enlisted, it was the proudest day in my life and one I will never forget. I believed in everything this country stood for and served it proudly for twenty-four years.
Today I am husband, father, veteran, homeowner living the American dream. I have a beautiful wife and four children who are life and the reason I get up every morning. I have a job that keeps me in the Army family, by getting companies to partner with the Army in providing guaranteed job interviews to our transitioning Soldiers. What better way to give back to the Army than by helping those who are serving now. The Army has helped me become the man I am today by providing purpose, direction, and helping me believe that there is nothing I can't accomplish if I put my mind to it."
Continental Army

A Little History:
America's Army was founded, June 14, 1775. Under the new Constitution enacted in 1789, it became a military department of the federal government, a hierarchical bureaucratic institution. Many decades later, by the early 1900s, generations of foresighted Army leaders slowly transformed the Army into the modern professional entity of which we are members today.

What is it?
On June 14, 1775, the nation's leaders established the Continental Army. This year the Army celebrates its 241st birthday honoring the American Soldier as part of the Army Total Force. The Army birthday focuses on The American Soldier -- Always Ready, Always Leading.
The Army is the strategic land power of the joint force and the Soldiers are trained and ready to engage the nation's enemies in conventional, asymmetrical, or full-spectrum combat operations. The Army's number one priority is combat readiness.

What has the Army done?
The American Soldier -
--- Has the opportunity to serve in any occupational specialty based on individual capabilities and Army needs.
--- Trains, deploys, engages, and destroys enemies of the United States in combat operations as the world's premier land force.
--- Serves as the cornerstone of the Army Profession and maintains the trust and confidence of the American people while adding to the Army's 241 years of selfless service.
--- Is part of a Total Force of worldwide professionals from all walks of life.
--- Is always ready to deploy, fight and win in a complex world.
--- Understands the importance of readiness and resilience. Leaders take care of others, foster an environment of trust, and ensure Soldiers, Army Civilians, and Families treat themselves and others with dignity and respect.*

As PaYS Partners, you demonstrate your commitment to this country by collaborating with the Army and providing opportunities to our Soldiers! And for that, the PaYS Team thanks you!

*Source: Army.mil

A Big Thank You to these Partners Celebrating their June PaYS Anniversaries:General Dynamics Land Systems-16 years, Monro Muffler Brake, Inc.-13 years, Arkansas State Police-13 years, Little Rock Police Dept.-13 years, Warren Cat-12 years, Time Warner Cable-12 years, Crown Equipment Corporation-11 years, Systems Application & Technologies, Inc.-11 years, Havertys Furniture, Inc.-11 years, NASSCO-11 years, Clearwater PD-10 years, Banco Popular de Puerto Rico-10 years, Alion Science & Technology-10 years, Travis County Sheriff's Office-10 years, Kansas Highway Patrol-9 years, Hyatt Hotel and Resorts-9 years, Gate Gourmet, Inc.-8 years, GSI Group, Inc. -8 years, Valiant Mgmt & Holdings-8 years, Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services -8 years, Tennessee Valley Authority-7 years, Louisiana Department of Transporation and Development-7 years, Concurrent Technologies Corporation-7 years, Acadian Ambulance Service, Inc.-7 years, San Antonio Fire Dept.-7 years, Phacil, Inc.-7 years, A. Schulman, Inc.-6 years, City of Akron-6 years, Broe Management Company, LLC (Omni Trax)-4 years, Con-way Truckload, Inc.-4 years, Town Sports International, LLC-4 years, Doerle Food Services, LLC-3 years, Mercury Marine-3 years, Pace Diversified Corporation-3 years, Exelon-3 years, Multiband Corporation-3 years, National Carriers, Inc.-3 years, Arizona Dept. of Transportation-3 years, Farmland Foods, Inc.-3 years, Watco Companies, LLC-3 years, Cerner Corporation-2 years, E&B Natural Resources Mgt. Corp.-2 years, Cheyenne Regional Medical Center-1 year, FDM Group-1 year, CB&I-1 year, Speedway-1 year

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