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Written by Antonio D. Johnson
PaYS Southwest Marketing Analyst

On January 9, 2016, the "Alamo City" of San Antonio hosted the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. The Alamodome, where the game features the nation's elite high school football players and serves as the preeminent showcase for America's future collegiate and professional stars. During halftime, the U.S. Army All-American Marching Band; which incorporates 125 of the nation's top high school marching musicians performed. Broadcasted live on NBC, the game was viewed worldwide and attended by more than 40,000 spectators every year. Southwest Marketer Antonio Johnson

Southwest Marketer Antonio Johnson was invited by the Army Marketing and Research Group (AMRG) to participate in several events associated with the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. The first event he attended was the Center of Influence (COI) Welcome Reception.

The reception was designed to integrate the invited National COIs and Army Leaders in a "mixer" atmosphere to establish rapport. Antonio spent the evening promoting PaYS to COIs and the Army leadership in attendance.

Throughout the week, Antonio took part in a number of discussion panels and small group sessions with the COIs. The event culminated at the Alamodome, where Antonio watched the U.S. Army All-American Bowl with the COIs in luxury suites provided by AMRG. It is safe to say that the COIs will return to their communities well informed about the Army as well as the Army PaYS Program.

A Message from the Program Manager

Dear PaYS Partners,

Happy New Year to all! Let's give a warm welcome to our newest PaYS Partners and a special thanks to the Recruiting Battalions for making it happen!

The Fresh Market - Raleigh Recruiting Bn

Nidec Minster Corporation - Cleveland Recruiting Bn

To all our PaYS partners in the San Antonio, Texas and surrounding area who were able to attend the Army's All American Bowl, thank you for your support and, hopefully, you were able to meet with your Regional Marketing Analyst, Mr. Antonio Johnson. The Army's All American Bowl is an event featuring the best 90 high school football players in an annual football game of East vs. West. Hope to see you there in 2017!

As we go into the New Year, I ask that our partners continue to enter their PaYS Soldier's interview and hire information into the PIX database. If you need assistance please reach out to your Regional PaYS Market Analyst or contact our helpdesk for assistance.

The US Army values our partnership with all our partners. Thank you for your support in hiring our Army Veterans.

Angela Byrd
PaYS Program Manager

Ms. Angela Byrd, PaYS Program Manager

LTC Matthew Harmon (Salt Lake City BN CDR), Tim Conway (Goodwill), Chelie Bize (Goodwill), Samuel Armstrong

Goodwill of Southern Nevada Continues to Make an Investment in Veterans

Written by Samuel I Armstrong
PaYS Midwest/Northwest Marketing Analyst

January 8, 2016 Goodwill of Southern Nevada officially became a partner of the Army PaYS program. At 9 am the United States Flag was raised, the color guard posted the colors while Luis Chavez sang the National Anthem to kick off the ceremony. The Goodwill of Southern Nevada staff, Salt Lake City Battalion Soldiers, community leaders, and the Northwest Market Analyst gathered to cement the partnership. LTC Matthew Harmon and Mr Steve Chartrand both signed the agreement and made remarks.

Photo right - left to right: LTC Matthew Harmon (Salt Lake City BN CDR), Tim Conway (Goodwill), Chelie Bize (Goodwill), Samuel Armstrong

Photo below - Backdrop of signing ceremony

Backdrop of signing ceremony

"It is a perfect partnership for those exiting the service who wish to continue on a path of service to others," said LTC Matthew Harmon, Commander of the Salt Lake City Army Recruiting Battalion. LTC Matthew Harmon making remarks LTC Matthew Harmon making remarks

"Not only are we proud to hire veterans and become an official PaYS Partner, but through various programs Goodwill actively supports veterans looking to Re-enter the workforce," said President/CEO Steve Chartrand.

Goodwill of Southern Nevada, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide education, employment, and training for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment, and to maximize the quality of life for each individual served.

The PaYS team would like to welcome our 563rd partner, Goodwill of Southern Nevada, to the partnership.
LTC Matthew Harmon and Mr Steve Chartrand (President/CEO) signing the agreement

Photo left - LTC Matthew Harmon and Mr Steve Chartrand (President/CEO) signing the agreement
Mr. Steve Chartrand addresses the crowd
Photos above - LTC Matthew Harmon making remarks

Photo right - Mr. Steve Chartrand addresses the crowd

Why Veterans Should Consider Jobs That Serve the Community
After serving their country, Veterans may find it tough to get excited about sales quotas and business metrics.

By Peter A. Gudmundsson
U.S.News & World Report, Jan. 11, 2016

Female PFC

Veterans can find it difficult to replicate the mission-driven component of military service when transitioning to civilian life.

After years of uniformed service, which might have included deployments to hostile environments, a transitioning veteran might be excused for feeling a certain level of entitled selfishness in contemplating his next job move.

Having done so much for others, it would be normal to think that the civilian phase of one's career is about pursuing self-interest and personal gain above all else. However understandable these sentiments might be, the truth is that maintaining the spirit of selflessness and idealism that drove volunteering for service in the first place may be the key to an effective civilian job search and lifetime career satisfaction.

Like most people, veterans seek career momentum, money, mentorship and mission in their civilian employment. Of these, the mission element can be the hardest to replicate. After bonding with colleagues to fight terrorists and defend the nation, it can be difficult to get excited about sales quotas and abstract operating business metrics. Successful transitioning veterans learn through experience that if they cannot find mission satisfaction in their day jobs, they can find it through volunteering in their local communities.

There are three primary veteran aspirational values of purpose, community and identity, says Jake Wood, a former Marine sniper and founder of Team Rubicon, which provides veteran volunteers with an opportunity to assist first responders during natural disasters and other community needs. Wood is a regular media contributor on the subject of how community service and giving back have a positive effect on veterans and their careers.

In the context of career development, each of these principles is critical. Purpose, or a sense of mission, gives a veteran a reason to get up every day and tackle life's challenges, Wood says. Those who find a strong sense of purpose enjoy their work more than those who just labor for a paycheck.

Community, or developing broad and meaningful personal and professional relationships, is important because most careers require human networks to provide the information and access that are critical for advancement, Wood says. Many veterans are not natural networkers. They will find allies for their career development when they get involved with local community groups, even when the groups are not focused on veterans.

Identity, which might also be thought of as the seeker's personal brand, is important, Wood says. Identity is knowing who you are, what is important to you and what you want to do with your life. These are tough topics to tackle, but the most successful career developers know themselves and what they want to accomplish. Too many job seekers rush to create a resume and apply to jobs before they figure out who they are and what they want to do.

As the new year begins, it is a great time to consider your own purpose, community and identity as you make the transition to civilian life or continue that journey with a career move. Pause to think about these issues, then develop and execute an action plan to get involved. A centered and focused individual is unstoppable as an employee, leader or entrepreneur. A veteran's commitment to service is one of the attributes that separates him from a regular citizen. A continued dedication to others will help enable your civilian career success and contribute to your well-being and happiness.

A Big Thank You to these Partners Celebrating their January PaYS Anniversaries:HCA-14 years, St. Petersburg Police Dept.-13 years, Vecellio Group, Inc.-12 years, Waste Management-11 years, Hernando County Sheriff-10 years, Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.-10 years, Pasco County Sheriff's Office-10 years, Kentucky State Police-10 years, YRC Frieght-10 years, SecTek, Inc.-9 years, Cox Communications-9 years, Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office-9 years, West Corp-8 years, Fugro, Inc.-8 years, Dedicated Logistics, Inc.-8 years, Mustang Machinery Co.-8 years, EMC Corp.-8 years, Virginia Beach Police Dept.-7 years, Comcast Cable Communications-7 years, Sacramento Police Dept.-7 years, Oak Ridge Associated University-7 years, URS-7 years, Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc.-7 years, 1st Mariner Bancorp-7 years, Houston Pizza Venture-7 years, JP Morgan Chase & Company-6 years, Commonwealth of PR-5 years, NMTC d/b/a Matco Tools-5 years, Beam Mack Sales & Services-5 years, Trilogy Health Services, LLC-5 years, Mass Transportation Authority-5 years, Total Quality Logistics, LLC-3 years, Kennametal Inc.-3 years, Facebook, Inc.-2 years, NTT DATA, INC.-2 years, City of Springfield-2 years, Garden Ridge, LP-2 years, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company-2 years, Cloud Peak Engery-1 year, Commercial Metal Company-1 year

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