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Tesla Motors partner during Veterans Day signing ceremony with Army PaYS

Story and Photos by Darline Goyea
Army PaYS Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

Tesla Motors Signing Ceremony

Army PaYS Partner #558 Tesla Motors chose November 11, 2015—Veterans Day—as the day for their signing ceremony for a good reason. Not only to show appreciation for the several Veterans that are already employed by the Fortune 500 Corporation, but to ensure that there is plenty of room for more.

Founded in 2003, Tesla Motors has taken the auto industry into a technology-infused stratosphere that can only be enjoyed under your own experience. Housed in the very same facility as one of the auto industry giants—and also a PaYS Partner—General Motors—Tesla Motors now calls home Freemont, CA. Prior to the signing ceremony, vice president of manufacturing with Tesla, Josh Ensign—who is also an Army Veteran—invited us, senior military leaders (MG Nickolas Tooliatos, Commanding General 63rd Regional Support Command; Col. Robert Spano, California Army National Guard), dignitaries, VIP, and special guests to an hour-long tour of the 5.3 million square-feet (picture 88 football fields) facility.

Throughout the tour (unfortunately photos were not allowed) guests were able to witness several moving parts and the several processes it takes to put the highly-sophisticated technology-ridden vehicle on the road. The tour took guests through general assembly, stamping, painting and inspection centers. The warehouse is so high-tech that large—and small—robots (which are named after X-man characters because Tesla founder Elon Musk is a big fan of Marvel Comics) roamed the manufacture showroom grounds. These robots are used for unique and specific functions and purposes. These robots are used from small ventures throughout the warehouse from transporting supplies to large robotic arms moving in unison in ballet formations to simple tasks like welding, riveting and gluing.

A Message from the Program Manager

Dear PaYS Partners,

Let's give a warm welcome to our newest PaYS Partners and a special thanks to all the Battalions that were involved in making it happen!

Applied Materials, Inc.  (Fresno Recruiting BN)

Done Right Trucking, Inc.  (Salt Lake City Recruiting BN)

Medical Staffing Network   (Dallas Recruiting BN)

Drury Hotel Company, LLC   (Kansas City Recruiting BN)

MedCert   (Los Angeles Recruiting BN)

Market Transport   (Portland Recruiting BN)

Many great partnership and ceremonies were held this month, which were so fitting to honor our Soldiers for Veterans Day. What a great way to express your support to Veterans than to show them you value their service and what they offer to your organization as an employee.

The US Army values our partnership with all our partners. Thank you all for your support in hiring our Veterans.

"This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave."- Elmer Davis

Angela Byrd
PaYS Program Manager

Ms. Angela Byrd, PaYS Program Manager

Here is a rundown of what this massive facility held:

    Several cafes


    Occupational nurse's office

    Recreational activities (pool, table tennis, theatre for movie day, running club, etc…)

    Training facility with trainers

    Workout classes

    Gift shop and so much more….

Not just anyone can request or walk through doors and get a tour. Several tours are conducted several times a week, however, only to Tesla vehicle owners, VIPs, certain military members, the press, foreign dignitaries, and suppliers and vendors. On this specific day, the best part of the tour was to look around the warehouse floor at all the employees donning proudly their Veteran's t-shirts. Many of them saluted and thanked the military officials as we rode by in the 50-passenger trolley.

The signing ceremony promptly began shortly after the tour with opening remarks by Northwest Marketer Damon Stinger. MG Tooliatos reminded us of the significance of Veterans Day and how on that day, with Tesla Motors and the signing ceremony, all is possible with programs like PaYS. "Memorial Day pays respect for the sacrifice of those who passed serving their country; Veterans Day, I get to reach out and see those who served and thank them."

Approximately 80 individuals attended the ceremony with additional Tesla Motors employees as on-lookers on the floor accompanied by 2 camo-wrapped vehicles, and minimal high-top round tables meant for socializing after the ceremony. "We are very focused on hiring Vets to join our nearly 10% populated military background we have here at Tesla," explained Ensign. "We don't have to worry about work ethic," added Mark Lipscomb, VP of Human Resources.

The tour was not the highlight of the day…recognizing our Veterans and securing the future of those to come is what made the day momentous. Welcome to the team.

Phillips & Cohen making Army PaYS Soldiers Matter

Story and Photos by Darline Goyea
Army PaYS Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

Phillips & Cohen becomes a PaYS Partner

In a small setting, with over 100 employees looking on, Phillips & Cohen—partner #553—committed to adding more Veterans to their payroll.

If you were not aware, Phillips & Cohen provides highly effective financial recovery services that include compassionate Deceased Care and Probate, Pre- and Post-Charge-Off Credit Card, Business Card, Consumer Retail, Debt Management, and Cease and Desist solutions. Clients range from mid-sized firms to leading national and international creditor and banking institutions. We serve the consumer credit industry, banking and loan marketplace, as well as specialized industries including healthcare, utility, education, and telecom.* "We are looking forward to being part of this program and hiring more Veterans," explained Matthew Phillips, Co-Chairman and CEO of Phillips & Cohen.

During the ceremony P & C recognized approximately 12 current employees who are also military Veterans. Each employee received a token of appreciation and was thanked for their service to the country and continued service to P & C.

The Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army (Delaware) was also present and expressed his deepest appreciation by awarding Phillips & Cohen a 'challenge coin'. "This is for the great work P & C is doing in helping Veterans transform to the civilian sector, strengthening our community, state, and nation."

Remarks by Curtis Vincent, Director of Human Resources with Phillips & Cohen, as well as Delmarva Company Commander (Baltimore Recruiting Battalion), Cpt. John Maricevic were also made about the importance of the bond and imperativeness on making the PaYS [partnership] work.

Army PaYS signing ceremonies are not just only an event to display to our communities that we have found yet another great company that is willing to commit to employing more Veterans; it is the reaction of the employees of these great companies who get to be part of the event. The expressions on their faces, the sense of pride they feel and exhibit for their companies and country. The countless of thank yous, handshakes and pats on the back, it does not get better than that. All the work put into collaborating with recruiting battalions and centers planning these events just to get these reactions make it all worth it in the end. All gratitude is due to you—the partners—for your patriotic service to our Veterans and country.

From Our Veterans for the sake of Future Veterans

Stories by PaYS Marketer Crancena Ross and PaYS Program Lead George Kinchen

Midwest Marketing Analyst, Crancena Ross:

I joined the Army after I had attended college and didn't like the job market in the medical field. I also wanted to follow in my dad's footsteps, who was a Vietnam Veteran. I wanted to make a difference by being the first female in my family to enlist into the military. I served 29 years and 18 days on active duty and retired as a First Sergeant from United States Army Recruiting Command.

My first piece of advice is to make sure that you have at least a bachelor's degree, when you step out in corporate America. Most corporate companies require you to have a bachelor's degree or higher. Know what it is you want to do before you get out, start networking at least a so you have some options instead of waiting until the last minute. Attending all required workshops will help you prepare for interviews and what to expect. One day everyone must take the uniform off and face the outside world and this will reveal just how much your military service will help you in corporate America.

I honestly think the Soldier will benefit greatly with PaYS, it will provide them with something to strive for and allow them to focus on their goals as they exit out of the Army—knowing they have an interview and possibly a job, based on the interview. I like the fact that we have companies that are willing to help and support our Veterans. The Veterans need and deserve all the support they can get…and that is why I love what I do…I can continue to give back to Soldiers and Veterans.

Program Lead, George Kinchen:

I joined the Army because of several reasons. The first reason was a family tradition that spans several generations. The second reason is patriotic service to country. I was in the U.S. Army for 25 years. I retired at the rank of Sergeant First Class (E-7). When I departed the Army, I already had a position that I was hired for in the corporate sector. I have worked in various positions in the corporate and the contract area. I held these positions until being hired by Prairie Quest Consulting.

My piece of Veteran advice I would like to offer: Relax but work hard. Retiring from the Army was the scariest thing I have ever done. It is the start of a new section of your life. Work hard means to work hard to find and keep a great position in the civilian world.

PaYS can benefit Soldiers in many ways. The first is the fact that people are guaranteed an interview. People in the military do not really understand what it takes to get through to an interview. Recruiters are there commonly to disqualify applicants so that only the strongest get through. The recruitersalong with the PaYS Program, collaborate to ensure that the Soldier enters the interview process with very few hiccups. The second is the perceived advantage of getting interviewed. Many managers will like the way that you interview and will direct you toward other positions that the recruiter didn't know was coming. The last major advantage is the practice. Most people that have been in the Army for a while have not been interviewed in that capacity. The interview that you are guaranteed may be the experience that you need to land the second interview that you get—or ultimately the job you want.

Veteran unemployment hits 7-year low in October

By Leo Shane III, Staff writer MilitaryTimesMonthly Unemployment Rates Graph

Unemployment among all veterans reached a seven-year low last month, and the jobless rate among Iraq and Afghanistan-era veterans set a new record low in October, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics released Friday.

The announcement continues a run of positive news for both groups in recent years, a stark change from the double-digit unemployment rates for some veterans groups in the early part of the decade.

According to BLS researchers, the overall veterans unemployment rate fell to 3.9 percent in October, down from 4.3 percent in September and from 6.9 percent just two years ago.

The mark is the lowest for veterans seeking work since April 2008, and continues an almost five-year-long streak of the veterans unemployment outpacing the national rate.

The jobless rate among younger veterans has generally stayed above those national numbers, but October marked the third consecutive month that group also saw better employment statistics than the general population.

BLS estimates that 4.6 percent of Iraq and Afghanistan-era veterans seeking work in October could not find employment, the lowest mark since the agency began tracking that population in 2008. The previous low was set in August.

Nationally, the economy added 271,000 jobs in October, pushing the national unemployment rate down slightly to 5 percent. That was above industry analysts' earlier estimates.

Lawmakers and administration officials have made finding careers for veterans a priority in recent years, but critics have noted that those efforts are limited by larger struggles in the national job market.

The 3.9 percent unemployment rate for all veterans still represents about 422,000 individuals unable to find work last month. Veterans make up about 7.5 percent of the American workforce.

A Big Thank You to these Partners Celebrating their November PaYS Anniversaries:Schneider National, Inc.-15 years, Baltimore County Police Department-12 years, Colas, Inc.-12 years, Dakota Electric Association- 12 years, Harley-Davidson Motor Company- 12 years, State of Wisconsin- 11 years, Austin Police Department- 11 years, Superior Bulk Logistics, Inc.- 11 years, NES Rentals Holdings, Inc.- 10 years, Compressor Systems, Inc.- 10 years, State of Maryland Dept. of Public Safety & Correctional Services- 10 years, Kubricky Construction- 10 years, Polk County Sheriff's Office- 10 years, Citicorp Credit Services, Inc. (USA)- 9 years, Martin County Sheriff's Office (Florida)- 9 years, Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.- 8 years, Comfort Systems, USA- 8 years, Tecta America Corp.- 7 years, J. B. Hunt Transportation, Inc.- 6 years, Louisiana Dept. of Revenue- 6 years, Aultman Health Foundation- 5 years, Cleveland Track Material, Inc.- 5 years, Southern Company Services, Inc.- 5 years, Booz Allen Hamilton- 5 years, Fuel Delivery Services, Inc.- 5 years, Groendyke Transport, Inc.- 3 years, GE Healthcare- 3 years, EAN Holdings, LLC- 3 years, Summit County Sheriff's Office- 3 years, CFAN- 2 years, ZipRealty- 2 years, Heartland Employment Services, LLC- 2 years, MTA-NYC Transit- 2 years, Columbia College Hollywood- 2 years, MHC Kenworth- 1 year, Custom Company, Inc.- 1 year

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