New PaYS Partner: Guardian Logistics Solutions employs Army PaYS Veteran (left to right) PaYS Soldier, Rodney Kingsberry, Jr., Logistics Guardian Owner, Brent Smith, Warehouse Supervisor, David Champagne

Story by Darline Goyea
PaYS Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

When most Soldiers depart their military career and start a new path, that path isn't always so smooth. The Army PaYS Program helps to ensure that a Soldier who is transitioning has the smoothest start possible. All career beginnings start with an interview, and with PaYS, that's what the soon-to-be veteran receives--that first interview with a PaYS Partner and a potential future employer.

Photo right - (left to right) PaYS Soldier, Rodney Kingsberry, Jr., Logistics Guardian Owner, Brent Smith, Warehouse Supervisor, David Champagne

Rodney Kingsberry, Jr., 27, of Mebane, NC is one of our latest success stories. Kingsberry recently began employment with newly acquired PaYS Partner: Guardian Logistics Solutions as a Warehouse Team Member where he inventory merchandise as they are being loaded and unloaded warehouse trucks.

Guardian Logistics Solutions is a logistics partner for customized freight delivery, storage and inventory management. With 15+ years in business and over 90,000 sq ft of TSA-compliant warehouse space they cover North Carolina, plus parts of South Carolina and Virginia. Guardian Logistics Solutions also offer with multiple storage and dock freight delivery with same day and next day service. All locations offer cross docking, delivery and pick up, distribution, order fulfillment, storage/warehousing and many other services. All employees have been trained according to the most recent Transportation Security Administration guidelines and have all completed and passed the test and been issued their STA number.

As a Plumber (12K) in the Army, says he was physically prepared for his new position. So far, Kingsberry is enjoying his new job, "It's a small tight-knit group, and the managers are straight-forward about getting the work done…just like the Army," explains Kingsberry.

Connecting Kingberry with Guardian Logistics are the types of stories that prove the success of the PaYS program. These are the stories we want to bring to the forefront and answer the "return on investment" question. Partners, have you hired a PaYS Soldiers? Let us know. We want to highlight your company and all the good that you are providing our Veterans.

Raising Awareness for the Latino community through LULAC

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Convention

Story by Darline Goyea
PaYS Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

Taking notice of the diversity that comprises the largest branch of our Armed Services is one of the things that makes our nation the great nation that it is.

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Convention is one of the many diversity programs that the U.S. Army and Army PaYS Program participate in annually. This year the convention took place in Salt Lake City, UT at the Salt Palace Convention Center.

The mission of the League of United Latin American Citizens is "To advance the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, housing, health and civil rights of the Hispanic population of the United States."
LULAC in Washington D.C.
The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is the nation's oldest and largest Hispanic organization with thousands of members organized into more than 700 LULAC Councils in virtually every state of the nation and in Puerto Rico. LULAC is best known for its efforts in supporting voting rights and full access to the political process and equal educational opportunities for Hispanic children.

The PaYS Program is able to connect with partners and offer diversity and well-trained Soldiers with leadership skills gained from the U.S. Army. Marketers Samuel Armstrong and Jay Morales were able to engage with current partners: PEPSICO, Zions Bank (who also attended SHRM 2015), AT&T, Ken Graff Nissan Dealership, The American Red Cross, and Walgreens.

Armstrong and Morales also sought out potential partners and were able to collect approximately 45 business cards that would lead to possible partnerships. "We met with several companies at the convention that expressed interest in PaYS partnership and hiring veterans," said Armstrong.

The PaYS team encouraged the area Center of Influence (COIs) to participate in several of the events during the exposition such as, the Defenders of Freedom Breakfast, LULAC National Educational Service Centers, Inc. Breakfast, Partnership Luncheon, Unity Luncheon, and the Utah Celebration, these events elevated awareness to support the Army's education and leadership development, and career options for Hispanic youth. Overall, the PaYS team succeeded in gaining prospects for our future veterans.

See you in Washington D.C. next year!

Check out more photos here!

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A Message from the Program Manager

Dear PaYS Partners,

Let's give a warm welcome to our newest PaYS Partners and a special thanks to all the Battalions that were involved in making it happen!

Phillips & Cohen Associate, Ltd. (Baltimore Bn)

Noranda Aluminum (Kansas City Bn)

Guardian Logistics Solution (Raleigh Bn)

Dartmouth-Hitchcock (New England Bn)

This month the US Army celebrated America's Independence with its first Army Independence campaign through a series of commercials and social media ads. A question posed through the Army's campaign that I would like everyone to think about is "What does Independence mean to you?" While it means celebrating life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all; it means much more to us here at PaYS. Connecting transitioning Soldiers to our PaYS partners for networking and job opportunities strengthen families..that is the American dream...that is what America's Independence is all about.

The US Army values our partnership with all our partners. Thank you all for your support in hiring our Veterans.

Angela Byrd

Ms. Angela Byrd, PaYS Program Manager

In This Issue...


2015 LULAC



Job Postings

Job Fairs and Assistance

A Big Thank You to these Partners Celebrating their July PaYS Anniversaries: Southwest Airlines-13 years, NorthCrest Medical Center-13 years, McCann Industries, Inc.-13 years, Travel Centers of America-13 years, Broward County Sheriff's Dept.-13 years, Southwest Research Institute-12 years, Dell-12 years, North Carolina State Highway Patrol-12 years, BAE System - IEWS-12 years, New York State Police-12 years, Prince George's County-10 years, Montgomery County Police Dept.-9 years, Alabama Department of Corrections-9 years, Advanced Technology Service, Inc.-9 years, Weld County Government-9 years, Southern AG Carriers, Inc-9 years, AAI Corporation-9 years, United Services Automobile Assoc. (USAA)-9 years, Schwan's Shared Services, LLC-9 years, Falcon Transport Co.-8 years, CareerBuilder, LLC-8 years, Kane Freight Lines, Inc.-8 years, Kansas Juvenile Justice Authority-8 years, Kansas Dept. of Corrections-8 years, Iowa Dept. of Public Safety-8 years, InfoCision Management Corporation-7 years, Newport News Sheriff's Office-7 years, Doggett Equipment Services Group-7 years, City of Bryan Police Department-7 years, The Pep Boys - Manny, Moe & Jack-7 years, Cajun Industries, LLC-6 years, Harrisonburg Police Department-6 years, Ken Garff Automotive Group-6 years, Village of Itasca-5 years, ADS Logistics Co, LLC-4 years, Dot Foods, Inc.-4 years, Jasper Engines and Transmissions-4 years, United Road Services, Inc.-4 years, Thyssenkrupp Waupaca, Inc.-4 years, Atlas Oil Company-4 years, Baltimore Police Department-3 years, Midland County Sheriff's Office-3 years, BMO Financial Corporation-3 years, Hewlett-Packard Company-3 years, Legacy Health-1 year, CamelBak Products, LLC-1 year, Westar Energy-1 year, QualTek USA, LLC-1 year, Burns & McDonnell Eng. Co., Inc.-1 year, BJC HealthCare-1 year

Army PaYS makes connections at the Society of Human Resource Management Conference

Story by Darline Goyea
PaYS Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

2015 SHRM, Las Vegas Convention Center If your human resources department was lightly staffed between June 27—July 1, chances are your staff members were attending the 2015 Society of Human Resource Management Conference held in Las Vegas.

Held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the 67th SHRM Exposition was the largest conference to date. Appropriately accommodating, the conference was able to house:

    Exhibiting Companies: 630

    HR Personnel Attendees: 3,500

    Paid Attendees: 15,169

The Convention consisted of workshops, general sessions—which featured guest speakers: Mike 'Coach K' Krzyzewski, Head Coach for Duke University; Marcus Buckingham, New York best-selling author, researcher, motivational speaker and business consultant ; Mika Brzezinski, television host, author and journalist; and Dr. Mehmet Oz, cardiothoracic surgeon, author and television personality. Attendees were also able to enjoy a FREE concert featuring American Idol finalist, recording artist, Jennifer Hudson.

The SHRM Conference was a great opportunity for the PaYS Team to meet with current partners face-to-face, and thank them –in person—for their commitment to Veterans and their families by offering an option to their future on the other side of the Army. We were able to engage with PaYS Partners from all over such as Amazon, Monster Worldwide, CareerBuilder, Zion, Aflac and J P Morgan Chase and several others stopped by the booth.

PaYS Team members, Senior Marketing Analyst Charles Pulliam and Marketer Crancena Ross executed a strategy that included engaging with as many potential partners as possible. Charles and Crancena took turns networking the exposition floor and the Army PaYS booth. Even within three days we would not be able to tell you that we were able to interact with each exhibiting booth of over 4,000, however, between Charles and Crancena—collectively—they were able to connect with over 500 exhibitors and compile just as many business cards. The energy inside the convention center was running just as high as the outside Las Vegas heat!

Lawrence Montgomery, Exhibit Specialist for the National Conventions Division US Army Mission Support Battalion in Fort Knox, KY, was on hand to ensure that the Army PaYS booth and display was in a prime location and accessible to as many visitors as possible. Not only did he secure the PaYS booth, but by day 3, Lawrence was an honorary subject matter expert all things Army PaYS!

Just a few final numbers for PaYS in regards to the conference: total booth visitors: 2500; influencers and centers of influence (COIs): 139. A lot happened in Vegas, but we don't intend on keeping it there. We had to share with you.

The 2016 SHRM Conference will be held in Washington D.C.

Don't forget to peruse through the photo gallery of SHRM 2015!

American flag
10 Statistics You Didn't Know About Veteran Homelessness

By Jerry Shaw

Veteran homelessness not only affects those who experienced the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars, but also includes people who served in Vietnam, Korea and even during World War II. Vets serving in the Vietnam and the post-Vietnam era have the greatest risk of becoming homeless, according to the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

Here are 10 statistics you might not know about veteran homelessness.

1. Declining Homelessness
The number of homeless veterans in America was estimated at 49,933 in January 2014, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness. That was a decline by 33 percent, or 24,837 people, from 2010 due to national efforts to deal with the problem.

2. Gender
Veteran homelessness is mostly faced by returning male vets, but females make up about eight percent of homeless vets.

3. Minorities
About 40 percent of homeless vets are African American or Hispanic, according to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. African Americans account for just over 10 percent of the veteran population while Hispanics represent less than four percent of vets in the United States.

4. Age
Some 50 percent of homeless vets are between the ages of 18 and 50, whereas less than 30 percent of all veterans are between 18 and 50. More than 40 percent of homeless vets are between ages 31 and 50.

5. Service
About one-third of homeless veterans were stationed in a war zone at some time. Two-thirds of homeless vets served their country for at least three years.

6. Risk
Poverty, lack of support from groups or networks, and substandard housing put about 1.4 million veterans at risk for homelessness.

7. Compensation
More than 40,000 homeless vets receive compensation or pension benefits each month, but that's not enough to find affordable housing, according to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. Many vets have skills learned through the military that are not applicable for occupations in civilian life.

8. Likelihood
Returning veterans are twice as likely to become chronically homeless as other Americans, according to Veterans Inc.. Women veterans are four times as likely to become homeless as male veterans.

9. Disabilities
More than 50 percent of homeless veterans suffer from disabilities. About two-thirds of them have substance abuse issues.

10. Duration
Veteran homelessness affects vets for nearly six years on average, compared to four years on average among non-veterans, according to Green Doors.

2015 LULAC Photos

Photos of 2015 LULAC National Convention & Exposition

Society of Human Resource Management Conference 2015

Photos of 2015 Society of Human Resource Management Conference

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