Terrapin Beer Company Partners with the Army PaYS Program

Story By: Samuel Armstrong

Terrapin Beer logo

On 20 November 2019, Terrapin Beer Company became the 877th partner for the U.S. Army Partnership for Youth (PaYS) program. To certify the new partnership, Terrapin Beer Co. and the U.S. Army Atlanta Recruiting Battalion participated in a PaYS signing ceremony held at the company's headquarters in Athens, GA on 29 January 2020.

Terrapin Beer Co. is a brewery founded in 2002 by Brian "Spike" Buckowski and John Cochran in Athens, GA. Terrapin Beer is dedicated to creating unique experiences through the passionate brewing of the finest quality beers. What started as two guys and a 25 barrel brew house has grown into what is affectionately known as the "Terrapin Tribe" that includes their employees, distributor partners, sellers, and of course, the customers. LTC Fredrick Parker (Atlanta Recruiting Battalion Executive Officer) and Mr. Dustin Watts (President of Terrapin Beer Co.)

Photo left - LTC Fredrick Parker (Atlanta Recruiting Battalion Executive Officer) and Mr. Dustin Watts (President of Terrapin Beer Co.)

The signing ceremony took placed on the 29 January 2020, in Athens, GA. Representatives from the U.S. Army Atlanta Recruiting Battalion and Terrapin Beer came together to make the partnership official. Attendees featured Terrapin Beer employees, U.S. Army officials, and local community members. Signing the PaYS Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) on behalf of the U.S. Army was LTC Fredrick Parker (Atlanta Recruiting Battalion Executive Officer) and Mr. Dustin Watts (President of Terrapin Beer Co.).

At the conclusion of the signing ceremony LTC Parker administered the Oath of enlistment to three Future Soldiers. Attendees were treated to cake as a symbol of a sweet partnership. Attendees also were able to connect with one another to learn more about the U.S. Army and about working for Terrapin Beer Co. LTC Parker administered the Oath of enlistment to three Future Soldiers

LTC Fredrick Parker (Atlanta Recruiting Battalion Executive Officer) and                                                                                 Mr. Dustin Watts (President of Terrapin Beer Co.) Signing the PaYS Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)Photo left- LTC FredrickParker (Atlanta Recruiting Battalion Executive Officer) and Mr. Dustin Watts (President of Terrapin Beer Co.) Signing the PaYS Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)

Photo right- LTC Parker administered the Oath of enlistment to three Future Soldiers

Richmond Recruiting Battalion's Community Partner Breakfast / CentiMark Ceremony Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army logoRichmond Recruiting Battalion logo

Article By: Antonio Johnson

Developing community partners is a great way for Army Recruiters to engage in their local areas of responsibility. Veteran-friendly businesses, local governments, and civic organizations collaborate with their local Army Recruiting organizations and offer support in recruiting efforts as influencers.

The Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army (Southern Virginia) Mike Flanagan along with the Richmond Recruiting Battalion hosted a Community Partner Breakfast on February 21, 2020 at the Newport News Marriott at City Center, Newport News, Virginia. The event was attended by Richmond Battalion's Station Commanders, First Sergeants, Company Commanders, PaYS Partners and other community leaders. The goal of event was to create an environment of networking and collaboration while amongst all in attendance. LTG Theodore Martin, Deputy Commanding General, Chief of Staff, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) was introduced as a speaker and he gave a presentation that included details on the new Army Combat Fitness Test, enhanced Basic Combat Training and the modernization of the Army's equipment.
LTG Theodore Martin, Deputy Commanding General and Chief of Staff TRADOC and PaYS Regional Marketer, Antonio Johnson, and Mike Flanagan, Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army (Southern Virginia)
LTC Andrew Burgess, Commander, Richmond Recruiting Battalion would follow LTG Martin with an overview of the battalion's area of operation and recruiting mission, as well as an introduction of subordinate leaders. LTC Burgess also discussed the win/win that results in cultivating community partners and offered the battalion's assistance wherever the community deemed necessary. After the presentation, guests were encouraged to visit static displays inside the conference room and the Army Cinema Van parked outside the hotel while the battalion staff prepared the room for the Army PaYS ceremony with CentiMark Corporation.

Photo left - LTG Theodore Martin, Deputy Commanding General and Chief of Staff TRADOC and PaYS Regional Marketer, Antonio Johnson, and Mike Flanagan, Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army (Southern Virginia)

Photo below - LTC Andrew Burgess, Commander, Richmond Recruiting Battalion

LTC Andrew Burgess, Commander, Richmond Recruiting Battalion
CentiMark logo

Headquartered in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, CentiMark Corporation is a national roofing contractor company with over 85 offices throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. The PaYS partnership was developed out of CentiMark's Richmond, Virginia office by their recruiter, Sandy Wax. CentiMark Corporation's Vice President of Human Resources, Landon Connolly signed the ceremonial memorandum along with LTC Burgess. During his remarks, Mr. Connolly stated, "I believe that one of the many great things about working at CentiMark is that CentiMark cares and believes in helping people and giving back to the communities where we live and work". The corporation has over 3,500 employees with 220 of them that have been with them for over 20 years.
Vice President of Human Resources, CentiMark Landon Connolly and LTC Andrew Burgess, Commander, Richmond Recruiting Battalion

Photo left - Vice President of Human Resources, CentiMark Landon Connolly and LTC Andrew Burgess, Commander, Richmond Recruiting Battalion

Photo below - LTG Martin Speaking with Future Soldiers after swear-in

LTG Martin Speaking with Future Soldiers after swear-in

After presenting the PaYS Plaque and Certificate, LTC Burgess administered the Oath of Enlistment to 21 Future Soldiers from the Richmond Recruiting Battalion. All of the Senior Army Leaders engaged the Future Soldiers and their families after the oath.

The PaYS Team congratulates Mr. Mike Flanagan, LTC Burgess and the entire Richmond Recruiting Battalion on a job well done. You exceeded the standard with your Community Partner Breakfast and PaYS ceremony. Inviting LTG Martin to participate added even more value to the event. Thank you for supporting the Army PaYS Program and we look forward to more outstanding efforts in the future.

Glendale Police Department Hires Army PaYS Soldiers Glendale Police Department logo

Story by: Crancena Ross
Photos by: SGT Patrick Valenzuela

The Glendale Police Department in Phoenix, Arizona became a partner with the Army PaYS Program in October 2016. Since joining the program, they have had numerous job interviews with Army PaYS Soldiers, and so far six Army PaYS Soldiers have been hired. Lieutenant Patrick Valenzuela SR, is currently in charge of the interviewing and hiring process and shared his positive thoughts on the PaYS Program. "We hire military veterans because they make great employees. They bring proven technical and leadership skills. They understand teamwork, and they're adaptable. Bottom line, hiring veterans is good for the community."
Lieutenant Patrick Valenzuela SR
Lieutenant Valenzuela continues to say, "The men and women of the Glendale Police Department are highly qualified, diverse, accountable and committed to creating a community where everyone can feel safe. Our values guide us as we continuously strive to maintain the trust and confidence of the people we serve. Having the opportunity to interview and hire the men and women from the Army PaYS Program that has met all requirements is exciting. Being a part of the Army PaYS Program allows the Glendale Police Department to hire highly trained Veterans, that leads the way and isn't afraid to lead. The knowledge and experience that these men and women from the Armed Forces bring to job is top notch."

"Today's choices affect tomorrow's options. Aspiring officers need to practice good judgment skills in their daily lives so they don't undermine their ability to meet and pass basic recruitment standards. The recruitment process is often highly competitive and applicants will need to establish integrity, honesty, modesty, and sound decision-making as personal traits via their past actions. Prior choices will either help or hinder an applicant's opportunity to become part of this rewarding and challenging career."

The requirements to become an Arizona Police Officer

The Police academy requirements in Arizona depend on the particular police department you want to join. In general, the State of Arizona requires that you first need to meet a lot of requirements, including the following: Must be a US citizen, and at least 21 years old by the time you graduate from the Academy.

Minimum requirements for Arizona PD. While these minimum requirements apply to all potential police officers in the state, individual police departments can set additional requirements. In order to become a sworn officer, Arizona police officer candidates must:

* Be a U.S. Citizen.
* Possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent.
* Be 21 years of age upon graduation from the academy.
* Possess valid Arizona driver's license.
* Have no felony convictions.
* Have honorable discharge - Military Veterans.
* Never have been denied or revoked from certified status in any other law enforcement agency.


Ms. Angela Byrd, PaYS Program Manager

Dear PaYS Partners,

Let's welcome our newest PaYS Partners and a special thanks to the Battalions' leadership and A&PAs for their support.

Mayvin, Inc. - Raleigh

Park National Bank - Columbus

TWC Services - Minneapolis

Bonnell Industries, Inc. - Milwaukee

T-Rex Solution - Baltimore

Heartland RV - Chicago

Elior North America - Raleigh

Charter Senior Living - Nashville

Plymouth & Brockton - New England

John C. Fremont Healthcare District - Fresno

College of Biomedical Equipment Technology - San Antonio

B&J Trucking Service, Inc. - Nashville

Upcoming signing ceremony

Dominion Energy - 13 March 2020 (Fort Lee, VA) officiated by GEN Paul E. Funk II, Commanding General, TRADOC

If you would like to attend any of our events, reach out to your PaYS Regional Marketer for more information. Photos are shared on all our social media sites.

Regional Army PaYS Marketing Analysts:

Antonio Johnson (Northeast Region)
(502) 378-8054

Samuel Armstrong (Southeast Region)
(301) 717-8508

Davin Bentley (Midwest Region)
(614) 886-0270

Donna Morales (Midwest Region)
(571) 338-2327

Crancena Ross (Southwest Region)
(410) 206-0413

Anthony Velasco (Southwest Region)
(757) 270-6556

Corin Gillens (West Coast Region)
(843) 909-6037


Happy Birthday to J.R. Charity and Gena!



Michelle and Alisha


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Claire and Davin


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For more information on PaYS program, visit our website at

It PaYS to partner with the US Army!

Angela R Byrd

PaYS Program Manager

Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) Construction Industry Network Roundtable Conference 2020

Army PaYS Attends the 2020 Young Presidents' (YPO) Construction Industry Roundtable

Story By: Corin-Manning Gillens Sr.

Army PaYS traveled to Scottsdale, AZ to participate in the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) Construction Industry Network Roundtable Conference 2020, held at the Phoenician Resort. Program Manager, Angela Byrd and Northwest Region PaYS Marketer, Corin-Manning Gillens Sr. were the representatives from the Army PaYS Team Headquartered in Crystal City, VA.

The Army PaYS Team was invited to the event by the YPO host, Clarence McAllister to provide an opportunity to learn more about the importance of attracting and maintaining good employees with Army training and experience.

On Monday, 3 February 2020, Angela and Corin arrived in Phoenix, AZ. During the first day of the conference there was registration and a meet and greet. Angela and Corin had an opportunity to network with many of the members from the YPO organization and learned more about their local and regional chapters and their commitment to leadership development. MG Frank Muth and CSM Tabitha Gavia briefing at the Construction Industry Network Roundtable 2020 Scottsdale AZ

The United States Army Recruiting Commander, MG Frank Muth and Command Sergeant Major, CSM Tabitha Gavia were also invited to give a brief at the conference on how they have turned the page and made the leap into the future of Army Recruiting. During the brief, the command team spoke on how USAREC has missed its mission for the first time in many years just prior to their arrival. They explained that they were given a mission by the Secretary of the Army and missing it was not an option. They went on to say how they elicited information and listened to the Recruiters in the field. "Trying to contact millennials is definitely not the same as we contacted their predecessors, we had to find them where they were, Instagram, TicToc, and Gaming said MG Muth".

Photo left - MG Frank Muth and CSM Tabitha Gavia briefing at the Construction Industry Network Roundtable 2020 Scottsdale AZ

: YPO Members showing their thanks and appreciation for MG Frank Muth, CSM Tabitha Gavia, PaYS Program Manager, Angela Byrd and Northwest PaYS Marketer Corin-Manning Gillens Sr. for their presentations and Service to our Country
Army PaYS Program Manager Angela Byrd and Northwest Region PaYS Marketer Corin-Manning Gillens Sr. sitting on a discussion panel at the Construction Industry Network Roundtable 2020 Scottsdale AZ

After the USAREC Command Team brief, Angela and Corin sat on a panel to answer questions from YPO members about the PaYS Program. The focus of the panel discussion was to shed light on how the PaYS Program could benefit their organization and inform members on how to become PaYS partners. The PaYS team concluded the panel discussion with many interested in becoming future potential partners.

Photo above - Army PaYS Program Manager Angela Byrd and Northwest Region PaYS Marketer Corin-Manning Gillens Sr. sitting on a discussion panel at the Construction Industry Network Roundtable 2020 Scottsdale AZ

Photo above right - YPO Members showing their thanks and appreciation for MG Frank Muth, CSM Tabitha Gavia, PaYS Program Manager, Angela Byrd and Northwest PaYS Marketer Corin-Manning Gillens Sr. for their presentations and Service to our Country

The Army PaYS Program Invited to the Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion's Quarterly Leadership Development Training

Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion logoStory By: Anthony Velasco

On January 23rd, 2020 Anthony Velasco, Marketer for the North Region of the United States was extended the opportunity by LTC John Garcia, Battalion Commander, to present the Army Partnership for Youth Success PaYS program to his Company Commanders and First Sergeants of the Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion during their Station Commander Quarterly Leadership Development training. LTC John Garcia, BN Commander and MAJ George Horne, XO also participated along with their staff leadership in the entire duration of the leadership development training.
Anthony Velasco provided training and shared current updates on the PaYS program
Anthony Velasco provided training and shared current updates on the PaYS program covering five guaranteed interviews, the criteria that new partners must meet and the PaYS accession report. Anthony shared essential information pertaining to each Company Commanders and First Sergeants on how their recruiters can leverage the PaYS program to achieve mission objectives. He provided best practices that recruiters can implement to increase the PaYS enrollments and increase the numbers of potential partners from their own local areas.

Anthony Velasco took the privilege to share researched information of several large companies within the footprint of each Recruiting Company that included Amarillo, OKC East, OKC West, Tulsa, Texarkana, Fort Smith, Little Rock and Wichita. He also expressed how prospecting new potential partners will increase the value of the PaYS program, attract qualified applicants to become Future Soldiers, and increase the pipeline of candidates for our partners to interview and potentially hire.

The leadership interacted well and expressed interest and common concerns throughout the briefing. There were questions on how to expand the partnership and how to increase the number of partners available for Future Soldiers to select. Anthony addressed questions from the leadership and assured his full support to expand the partnership within the OKC Recruiting Battalion footprint. Later, Anthony Velasco was unexpectedly honored by LTC John Garcia on behalf of his Battalion leadership for presenting the Army PaYS briefing during their Station Commanders Quarterly Training Development Training.

BN logo

PaYS Battalion of the Month: Minneapolis Recruiting Battalion
"North Stars"

Story by: Donna Morales
Photos by: Minneapolis Recruiting Battalion

Bishop Henry Whipple (BHW) Federal Building - Fort SnellingAbout the Battalion

The Minneapolis Recruiting Battalion is just one of seven battalions under the 3rd Recruiting Brigade, located at Fort Snelling. It is one of the largest battalions in the U.S. Army Recruiting Command with seven companies that span the region of the footprint. These companies include: St. Paul, Dakota District, Waterloo, Brainerd, Minneapolis, Mankato, Des Moines and Iowa City. The headquarters' area of responsibility covers the state of Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Photo left - Bishop Henry Whipple (BHW) Federal Building - Fort Snelling

The Minneapolis Recruiting Battalion has had many changes since its inception in 1972 and during that time the battalion was called Minneapolis District Recruiting Battalion. In 1983, it was re-designated as the U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion Minneapolis of what it is today. In 1993, North Dakota was added and in 1994, Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan was also added. In 1995, another transformation happened and now the footprint of the battalion was Minnesota, North and South Dakota. One final transformation happened for the battalion in 2008, and the state of Iowa was added.

Like all Army Recruiting Commands, the Minneapolis Recruiting Battalion has a mission. They have traditionally exceeded special recruitment missions that includes Band, Officer, and Warrant Officer Flight Training programs.

Minneapolis Army Recruiting Battalion in the Community2nd Annual Minnesota Wild Gaming Finals

Playing games...
2nd Annual Minnesota Wild Gaming Finals (From left to right) SFC Donald Martin, SSG Alex Fishbaugher, and SGT Joseph Murray
On 19 January 2020, Minneapolis Recruiters were invited to attend the 2nd Annual Minnesota Wild Gaming Finals at the Mall of America located. The tournament was hosted by the National Hockey League's Minnesota Wild with hockey players and professional game players in attendance. Representing the Recruiting Command was SFC Donald Martin, SSG Alex Fishbaugher, and SGT Joseph Murray from the Richfield Recruiting Station.

Photo left - (From left to right) SFC Donald Martin, SSG Alex Fishbaugher, and SGT Joseph Murray

On the 24 January 2020 through 26 January 2020, the Army participated in a launch event for the Call of Duty League at the Minneapolis Armory. During the event, the Army brought gaming systems for tournament spectators to come participate and test their skills. Recruiters were present to talk with participants and share information about opportunities in the U.S. Army and Army Reserve.

To Education...

Dr. Susan Larson and CPT Michael Beck, Operations Officer, Minneapolis Battalion participated in a few events geared towards informing educators about the resources that the U.S. Army has available for students and schools. One of them is a free standardized test preparation program, called March 2 Success. The other was the ASVAB Career Exploration Program. On January 16-17, they both were at the Minneapolis School Boards Association Leadership Conference and spoke with school board members and superintendents from across the state. Later, in the month, Dr. Susan Larson and CPT Michael Beck spoke with principals at the Minneapolis Association of Secondary School Principals winter conference.

Minneapolis Battalion Welcomes a New Command Sergeant Major

(From the right to the left) CSM Garcia-Vega and CSM PorterOn January 31, 2020, the Minneapolis Recruiting Battalion bid farewell to CSM David L. Porter and welcomed in CSM Alberto Garcia-Vega during the Battalion's Change of Responsibility Ceremony. CSM Porter will take the role of the Brigade Command Sergeant Major of the 1st Recruiting Brigade. The Battalion has no doubt that CSM Garcia-Vega will lead the team to success.

Photo left - (From the right to the left) CSM Garcia-Vega and CSM Porter

Current Minneapolis BN PaYS Partners:

Canadian Pacific Railway, Casey's General Store, Inc., Bay and Bay Transportation, Dakota Electric Assoc., Dedicated Logistic, Inc., Dee Zee, Inc. Foodliner, INC., Global Aviation Services, Horizon Healthcare, Inc., Interstates Construction Services, Inc., Iowa Dept. of Public Safety, John Deere, Lifetime Fitness, McCoy Group, Inc., Minnesota Wire and Cable Company, MOAC Mall Holdings, LLC., Pennington County Sheriff's Office, Quality Manufacturing Corp., Regional Health, RDO Equipment Company, Ruan Transportation Management Systems, Sanford Health, Schwans Shared Services, LLC., Smart Care Equipment Solutions, Superior Fuel Company, TMC Transportation, Inc., Waldinger Corporation, Weber Stone Company, Wells Enterprises, Inc., Wells Fargo Bank N.A.

BN PaYS Partners

For more information regarding the Minneapolis Recruiting Battalion, please contact Ms. Shaylee R. Borscani, Public Affairs Specialist, at

Rocky Brands Predicts Growth through Distribution Center Expansion Rocky Brands logo

Story By: Davin Bentley, information courtesy of The Athens News, February 14, 2020

Columbus Army Recruiting Battalion logoThe Army PaYS team and the Columbus Army Recruiting Battalion is very excited to share the news that Rocky Brands, Inc. (a PaYS partner since 2018) is in the process of renovating it's distribution center located in Logan, Ohio. Upon completion of the planned expansion, the 192,000 square foot facility will gain an additional 94,000 square feet of operating space.

In addition to the expansion, Rocky Brands continues to forecast additional job growth at its corporate headquarters located in Nelsonville, OH. The distribution center expansion will accelerate hiring for workers at least through 2022. This project, along with the anticipated gain in employees will result in a fixed asset investment worth over $5 million.

In a press release, Mike Jacoby, President of the Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth (APEG) stated "Rocky Brands was founded in Nelsonville, where it has grown to become a leading brand of premium outdoor footwear, and this expansion will further strengthen its operations here. Rocky's investment in the region is greatly appreciated."

Joy Davis, Executive Director of the Hocking County Community Improvement Corporation, stated "Rocky Brands has consistently demonstrated their commitment to our schools and community. We are proud to partner with them on this latest endeavor."

Jason Brooks, CEO of Rocky Brands, Inc. said his company has been a part of the southeast Ohio community since its founding and stated "We're thrilled to be able to expand our operations here thanks to the support and cooperation of many organizations in the area. We look forward to getting started on the expansion of our distribution center and doing our part to grow the business and employment capabilities of this region." Rocky Brands CEO Jason Brooks and LTC Alvin Word (Columbus BN Commander)

Photo right - Rocky Brands CEO Jason Brooks and LTC Alvin Word (Columbus BN Commander)

Founded in 1932, Rocky Brands designs, develops, manufactures and markets premium quality outdoor, work, western, public service and military footwear as well as outdoor and work apparel and accessories. The Rocky Brands family includes owned brands Rocky, Georgia Boot, Durango, Lehigh, and the licensed brand Michelin Footwear.

As a PaYS partner, Rocky Brands has made a commitment to provide guaranteed interviews for first-term transitioning Active Duty Army Soldiers as well as United States Army Reserve Soldiers who either reside in Southeast Ohio or are planning to relocate to the area. Congratulations to Rocky Brands, Inc.!

-Source: The Athens News ""

Was your Enlistment Ceremony this Cool? Army Astronaut Colonel Andrew R. Morgan

Story By: Tara Plybon from Team Mighty
Photos: U.S. Army Recruiting Command

World History was made yesterday at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas where the U.S. Army and NASA utilized state of the art technology to provide the most unique Oath of Enlistment ceremony for new soldiers.

"We have an incredible opportunity to experience a dream all of us grew up with - the opportunity to touch the stars... Right now... 250 miles above us... flies the International Space Station, traveling at speeds that defy imagination, circling the planet every 90 minutes. Simply amazing," said Brigadier General Patrick Michaelis, USAREC Deputy Commanding General. "Though NASA and the U.S. Army have been working together for the past 60 years, this is the first time to host a nationwide Oath of Enlistment from space for over 1000 soldiers in 150 different locations, where they will launch; no pun intended, their careers."

Recruits Twenty five recruits and their families came to celebrate the new soldiers embarking on their new careers via a live video stream from the International Space Station. Recruits got to ask questions to Army Astronaut Colonel Andrew R. Morgan, who has been in space since July 2019 and was selected as an astronaut in 2013. Morgan, a special operations physician, is the commander of the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command's Army Astronaut Detachment at Johnson Space Center, Texas, and the space station's flight engineer. Morgan is part of the U.S. Army Astronaut Detachment, which supports NASA with flight crew and provides engineering expertise for human interface with space systems. Additionally, Morgan is a combat veteran with airborne and ranger tabs and has also served as a combat diver. As an astronaut, he has completed seven spacewalks and one space flight to the International Space Station.

The recruits tuned in from all over the United States and were able to ask Morgan questions via the video link at the Johnson Space Center. Impressively, it did not take long for the video connection to happen and it was less painful than the time it takes conference calls that occur within the domestic U.S. to get connected. There was a brief lag after each sentence, but nothing different than what a VOIP user experiences via Skype or FaceTime.
Army Astronaut Colonel Andrew R. MorganArmy Astronaut Colonel Andrew R. Morgan
Morgan welcomed everyone aboard the ISS. When asked if there was recruiting going on for new astronauts, he informed the recruits what standards are needed and shared with them that a strong STEM, science and engineering background with a Master's Degree was necessary and that they need well-rounded individuals who have the education, but also other qualities.

Morgan opened his uniform zipper to reveal an Army Strong t-shirt, much to the cheers of the recruits. He later displayed all of the US military branch flags and allowed them to float across the screen. He also did a few somersaults.

Also joining in the celebration was the newest Army Astronaut, Lieutenant Colonel Frank Rubio. Rubio entertained live questions from the audience at the Johnson Space Center and gave them lots of advice when facing difficulties in their lives.

Aim high, recruits! Congratulations on your new careers. The sky is literally the limit.

Inside Army PaYS

Inside Army PaYS


The Army PaYS Team Welcomes Michelle Pugh!

Michelle Pugh is joining the Army PaYS team as our new Executive Admin Assistant. She is a native of Columbia, South Carolina, with over 17 years of administrative work experience with the Federal Government, most of which was served with the Department of Defense. She previously worked as an Administrative Specialist at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital where she was responsible for various administrative actions for military and civilian employees. She is also a ten-year Veteran of the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army respectively.

Welcome Back to the Army PaYS Team Alisha Reneau!


Alisha Reneau is re-joining the Army PaYS Team as our Social Media Coordinator. Alisha previously worked for Army PaYS from 2016-2018, and is excited to be back and to continue pushing the progress of connecting the PaYS Program to their online community. She has six years of experience in Social Media Marketing, Content Management, and Communications. She was born in Chicago and raised in Louisiana, and has been a resident of Maryland for almost three years. She loves being a mom, cooking and trying new recipes, she is a crime television show and podcast junkie, loves live music, sports and the beach.Kobe Bryant

"Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel."

RIP Kobe Bryant.


Farewell to Damon Springer

The PaYS Team is saying farewell to Damon Stinger. Damon spent over five years on the team with the majority of his time as the PaYS Senior Marketing Analyst. Damon's contributions and dedication to the Army PaYS Program are greatly appreciated and the PaYS Team wishes him all the best in his future endeavors.

CAHA Hockey logo

PaYS Spotlight on Girls Hockey Player Claire Bentley

Story by: Davin Bentley
March 3, 2020

CAHA Hockey

Claire Bentley of Worthington, Ohio (and daughter of PaYS Midwest Marketer Davin Bentley) spent the weekend blazing trails for girls' ice hockey! The Capital Area Hockey Association (CAHA) Championship tournament hosted in Columbus, Ohio took place March 1-2 and hosted over twenty youth ice hockey teams from around Central and Southern Ohio. Claire

Claire represented the Columbus Bruins, which took third place overall in the tournament's U14 division. Throughout the tournament, Claire accounted for two goals and seven assists which led to her being voted offensive MVP for the tournament! This is especially significant considering Claire is one of only two girls on her team and one of only four girls in the entire league.

Claire celebrated her 14th birthday on March 3rd and is an eighth grader at Phoenix Middle School Worthington. In addition to ice hockey, Claire plays violin in the district's select orchestra and maintains a 4.0 GPA. Claire's parents are very proud of her and look forward to the coming high school years!

A Big Thank You to these Partners Celebrating their March PaYS Anniversaries: Bast Hatfield, Inc. 7-Mar-02 Raleigh Police Dept. 4-Mar-03 Maryland Transportation Authority PD 27-Mar-03 New England Motor Freight, Inc. 3-Mar-04 FABCO Equipment, Inc. 9-Mar-05 Louisville Metro Police 14-Mar-05 Transport Corporation of America, Inc. 6-Mar-06 Ranger American of Puerto Rico 6-Mar-06 Glendale Police Dept. 6-Mar-06 L-3 Communications Linguist Operations & Technical Support 6-Mar-06 RTI International Metals, Inc. 6-Mar-06 Echostar Satellite L.L.C. 15-Mar-06 PGT Trucking 5-Mar-07 Wells Fargo Bank N.A. 5-Mar-07 Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. 5-Mar-07 The Town of Enfield, CT 16-Mar-07 Maricopa County Sheriff's Office 18-Mar-07 National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK) 22-Mar-07 Ventura County Sheriff's Department 10-Mar-08 Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department 10-Mar-08 Wake County Sheriff's Office 16-Mar-08 EOD Technology, Inc. 22-Mar-09 Six Flags, Inc. 30-Mar-09 Town of Yauco, PR 17-Mar-11 MediaOne of Utah 17-Mar-11 Stewart Enterprises, Inc. 17-Mar-11 Zions First National Bank 17-Mar-11 Santa Fe Cattle Company 17-Mar-11 City of Cleveland 17-Mar-11 ManTech International Corporation 29-Mar-11 Samaritan Health Services 2-Mar-12 Lithia Motors, Inc. 5-Mar-12 Orlando Police Department 6-Mar-12 United Petroleum Transports, Inc. 6-Mar-12 Nueces County Sheriff's Office 6-Mar-12 Securitas Security Services 24-Mar-12 Rasmussen College, Inc. 30-Mar-12 McCoy Group, Inc. 30-Mar-12 Shearer's Foods, Inc. 7-Mar-13 Coast to Coast Computer Products, Inc. 7-Mar-13 BBVA Compass Bancshares, Inc. 23-Mar-13 JR Moody Inc. 4-Mar-15 UnitedWeb, Inc. 11-Mar-15 Indiana Department of Corrections 13-Mar-15 Iron City Services, LLC Affiliate 1800gotjunk 13-Mar-15 Lunarline 20-Mar-15 RockSolid, LLC 20-Mar-15 Wyoming Medical 20-Mar-15 Mid Georgia Ambulance 20-Mar-15 Master Piper Distribution Company, LLC 2-Mar-16 Universal Truckoad Services, Inc. 2-Mar-16 Volt Workforce Solution 23-Mar-16 Veteran Strong, Inc. 23-Mar-16 Logistics Health Incorporated 23-Mar-16 Allan Myers 1-Mar-17 City of Salisbury, NC 12-Mar-17 Hempstead Financial Group LLC d/b/a Northwestern Mutual 12-Mar-17 OldCastle Inc. 12-Mar-17 Northwestern Mutual (NC) 7-Mar-18 Calfrac Well Services 7-Mar-18 Halliburton 14-Mar-18 Wisconsin Nationwide Transportation, Inc. 14-Mar-18 Schierl Inc. 22-Mar-18 Sentara Healthcare 22-Mar-18 Universal Inc. 22-Mar-18 Schierl Sales Corp. 22-Mar-18 PROCEPT Biorobotics 1-Mar-19 Henley Enterprise, Inc. 1-Mar-19 Jackson Health System 14-Mar-19 The Martz Group 14-Mar-19 City of Houston 8-Mar-19 Steris Corporation 28-Mar-19 The Regional Medical Center 28-Mar-19 Sanford Health 28-Mar-19 Concord Police Department 28-Mar-19 Reborn Cabinets, Inc. 28-Mar-19

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