U.S. Army Represents Heavily at the 100 Black Men of America 29th Annual Conference 2015 100 Black Men of America conference

Story by Darline Goyea
PaYS Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

The U.S. Army-sponsored event which included the Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) Program, United States Recruiting Command (USAREC) and United States Cadet Command (USACC) was active participants, and was able to bring the Organization's mission and goals to a national platform. This year's theme: Gateway to Economic Success and Sustainable Wealth. The four-day conference was held at the Hilton Americas in Houston, Texas. Four days of networking, mini- empowerment conferences, workshops, community events, and so much more.

The overall concept of the 100 began in New York in 1963 when a group of concerned African American men began to meet to explore ways of improving conditions in their community. The group eventually adopted the name, "100 Black Men, Inc." as a sign of solidarity. These men envisioned an organization that would implement programs designed to improve the quality of life for African Americans and other minorities. They also wished to ensure the future of their communities by aiming an intense number of resources toward youth development. These members were successful black men from various walks of life. These visionaries were business and industry leaders such as David Dinkins, Robert Mangum, Dr. William Hayling, Nathaniel Goldston III, Livingston Wingate, Andrew Hatcher, and Jackie Robinson.

The 100 Lounge—where several PaYS Partners and the U.S. Army was able to secure a prime location for positive interaction and networking with a considerable amount of visitors. Visitors included business and civic leaders, Future Soldiers, potential partners, and everyone in between. We were pleased to align in a face-to-face atmosphere with a few of our PaYS Partners: Anehauser-Busch, GM, Houston Police Department, Hewlett-Packard, Shell, State Farm, and Wells Fargo. The conference entailed several moving parts; online mentor training, daily fitness classes, a women empowerment panel discussion, various workshops, the Chairman Luncheon, the Salute to Youth Luncheon, Youth STEM activities, and an off-site community event and so much more. One PaYS Partner in particular was very spirited in this venture was Hewlett-Packard. Sherice Curd, HR Director of Global Functions, welcomed every invite to a many of the functions we shared with her. "Managing the people today and cultivating the talent pipeline of the future," said Curd. "That's what's important".
PaYS Program Manager, Ms. Angela Byrd, PaYS Southwest Marketing Analyst, Mr. Anthony Gardner and Ms. Sherise Curd, HR Director, Hewlett-Packard Company
Photo left - PaYS Program Manager, Ms. Angela Byrd, PaYS Southwest Marketing Analyst, Mr. Anthony Gardner and Ms. Sherise Curd, HR Director, Hewlett-Packard Company

"It was a great opportunity to meet with business leaders and corporate executives discussing the possibilities of partnering with them through the PaYS Program," said Anthony Gardner, PaYS Southwest Marketing Analyst.

Bridging the gap between Soldiers and their future is one of the many reasons PaYS participates in these types of national events. The opportunity to speak with the attendees (many were youths from high schools across the country) was the perfect occasion to influence them in not only a promising career in the Army, but the chance of a guaranteed interview proceeding the Army. This is what most companies are searching for, not just today, but for several years from now. Comcast representatives mentioned hiring 10,000 Veterans and family members now through 2017.

"What's inspiring is that the young men and women who are mentored by members of the 100 BOA may become Future Soldiers. The US Army will ensure they are properly trained in a career field and as an added value the PaYS program connects them with civilian careers after transitioning from the Army," said Angela Byrd, PaYS Program Manager.

In the end, it always PaYS to Partner.

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PaYS Partner: Walgreens…on the Corner of Success and Commitment to the Future
PaYS Soldier Pvt. Abraham Attaie (second from right) with Walgreens Management Team

PaYS Soldier Pvt.Abraham Attaie (second from right) with Walgreens Management Team

On May 28, 2015, Pvt. Abraham Attaie, 18, joined the Army (Kansas City Recruiting BN), in hopes of making a difference and doing something he could be proud of…how often do hear that from an 18-year-old? He was already employed with our PaYS Partner, Walgreens, for two years. Pvt. Attaie selected Walgreens as his PaYS Partner while committing to three-years and 16 weeks of Active Duty, and continue his service by joining the Reserves while attending school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, majoring in Business Management.

"My recruiter was very descriptive and encouraged it [PaYS]," explained Attaie. Here at the PaYS Team, we appreciate the efforts of the Recruiting Centers in explaining the benefits and importance of the PaYS Program to these Future Soldiers. Good News stories such as these are what we aim for and are most proud of. Congratulations Pvt. Attaie, thank you for your commitment, and thank you for your story.

Pvt. Attaie shipped June 16, 2015.

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A Message from the Program Manager….

Dear PaYS Partners,

Let's give a warm welcome to our newest PaYS Partners!

Monster Worldwide Corporation (Baltimore BN)

JLB Trucking Company Inc (Indiana BN)

Price Pump (Southern California BN)

84 Lumber (Harrisburg BN)

This has been an exciting and eventful month with the celebration of the US Army's 240th years of selfless service to the Nation and our attendance at the 2015 100 Black Men of America conference.

We were honored to have met several of our PaYS partners at the conference and greatly appreciated Ms. Sherise Curd, HR Director, Hewlett Packard, for coming out to be a center of influence for the Army and also PaYS Program.

For more on the 240th Army Birthday celebration go to http://www.army.mil/birthday/. More on the 100 Black Men of America 2015 conference and other events occurring in June, http://facebook.com/armypays.

The US Army values our partnership with all our partners. Thank you all for your support in hiring our Veterans.

Angela Byrd

Ms. Angela Byrd, PaYS Program Manager

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A Big Thank You to these Partners Celebrating their June PaYS Anniversaries: General Dynamics Land Systems-15 years, Monro Muffler Brake, Inc.-12 years, Arkansas State Police-12 years, Little Rock Police Dept.-12 years, Warren Cat -11 years, Time Warner Cable-11 years, Crown Equipment Corporation-10 years, Systems Application & Technologies, Inc.-10 years, Havertys Furniture, Inc.-10 years, NASSCO-10 years, Clearwater PD-9 years, Banco Popular de Puerto Rico-9 years, Alion Science & Technology-9 years, Travis County Sheriff's Office-9 years, Kansas Highway Patrol-8 years, Hyatt Hotel and Resorts-8 years, Gate Gourmet, Inc.-7 years, GSI Group, Inc.-7 years, Valiant Mgmt & Holdings-7 years, Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services -7 years, Tennessee Valley Authority-6 years, Louisiana Department of Transporation and Development-6 years, Concurrent Technologies Corporation-6 years, Acadian Ambulance Service, Inc.-6 years, San Antonio Fire Dept.-6 years, Phacil, Inc.-6 years, A. Schulman, Inc.-5 years, City of Akron-5 years, Broe Management Company, LLC (Omni Trax)-3 years, Con-way Truckload, Inc.-3 years, Town Sports International, LLC-3 years, Doerle Food Services, LLC-2 years, Mercury Marine-2 years, Pace Diversified Corporation-2 years, Exelon-2 years, Multiband Corporation-2 years, National Carriers, Inc.-2 years, Arizona Dept. of Transportation-2 years, Farmland Foods, Inc.-2 years, Watco Companies, LLC-2 years, Cerner Corporation-1 year, E&B Natural Resources Mgt. Corp.-1 year

PaYS Team makes their way across the Country

Story by Darline Goyea, PaYS Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

Now that initial training has been established, the team members are well on their way to more visits, and will be coming to a city near you—real soon.

Senior Marketing Analyst (Southeast) Charles Pulliam

During the first 90 days of this team's assembly, Senior Marketing Analyst, Charles Pulliam spent most of his time training—in and out of the office—our five other marketing analysts. The team practice and rehearsed on how to train on the Partnership Information Exchange (PIX) database, how to engage Army leadership and recruiters, potential partners, re-energize current partners, and how to encourage our Future Soldiers to include Option 50 in their contracts (Option 50: PaYS partnership and participation between the Soldier and PaYS Partners). Now that the team has been set up for success, Charles has been able to concentrate on his region (Southeast). Charles started off by visiting the City of Savannah to give a Briefing on PaYS to the Georgia Fire and Police Departments. In the course of the visit, Charles focused on ways to convey how leadership roles—qualities that PaYS Soldiers acquire from years in the Army—would be beneficial for both departments.

As a retired CSM in the Army with 30 years of experience, Charles is often sought after to speak on panels. Next on Charles' agenda—the Center Leader Quarterly Leaders Development (CLQLD) Training—which was hosted by the Jacksonville Recruiting Battalion. Charles' segment of the training was to educate leaders on the importance of Option 50 for Future Soldiers and how this would convert them to Soldiers for Life. Charles' main focus was to shed light on how the leaders of the recruiting centers have the power to mold each Future Soldier's outcome with this option. "In the end, they got it, they saw the importance of the program, and how this benefits the mission and the Soldier," explained Charles.

Marketing Analyst (Northeast) Jacinto 'Jay' Morales

Up Interstate 95, Jacinto 'Jay' Morales, the marketing analyst for the northeast, made several stops and connections with partners as well as networking with new ones. Jay had the opportunity to sit with the Director of Veteran Recruitment for Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), Aleyda Meyers in New York to discuss the hardship of hiring Veterans. Meyers explained the road blocks of hiring Veterans, because of how ill-prepared Veterans are for interviews, and how most resumes they receive were inundated with military jargon. After ascertaining such imperative information, Jay was able to return to the recruiting battalion and share what he had learned and encourage change. Town Sports International for PIX training was Jay's next on his list. PaYS POC Danny Kirkwood expressed concerns of contacting the Soldier for interviews. A concern, many of you have had as well. The PaYS team has made it very clear that not only is it the Soldier's responsibility to contact the Partner, but also explained to recruiting center leaders how imperative it is to have viable means of contact (i.e. email address and phone number) for the Soldier as well.

Jay's visit to the City of White Plains was particularly interesting because of the low rate of homelessness among Veterans in the city. Due to the mayor's zeal to helping and hiring our Veterans, extra training has gone into the force to recognize the needs of Veterans and seek assistance for them via the local VA office. Jay was also able to squeeze in a trip to NYC to visit with PaYS Partner: New York Police Department (NYPD), who will be looking to hire 1,000 police officers in the next couple of years. Where else will you find fine, disciplined, well-trained young men and women to fill those vacancies—only from the U.S. Army!

Marketing Analyst (Northwest) Damon Stinger

Let's move out west where Damon spent nine days up and down the state of California not only enjoying the great weather, but enjoying his interactions with his west-coast partners and potential partners. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, San Diego Police Department, the City of Coronado, NASSCO, Bridgepoint Education, Columbia College Hollywood, to name a few contacts Damon made while away from the office…all in the name of our PaYS Soldiers and Veterans! Several of Damon's visits were PIX training, however, his drive and energy is geared toward connecting with potential partners. Damon focuses on the state of our Veterans to hone in with potential partners. Damon was able to visit face-to-face for an overview with the Goodwill of Orange County—who supports the PaYS Program and believes 100 per cent in its capabilities, and looks forward to partnering with PaYS in the very near future. "That's all it takes, getting the message out to folks, and they will see the value," claims Damon. Damon stopped by the Ft. Irwin Soldier for Life Center and briefed the staff on PaYS. Damon was able to demonstrate how to incorporate PaYS in their transition briefing to all Soldiers departing from the Army. "It's especially rewarding when you can visibly notice the symmetry in what you're saying and the impact of what you're saying come together, it's all worth it," added Damon.

The take-away from these marketers traveling out and about every month is that they are fervent about being able to bridge the gap between Veterans and homelessness. They are amped about getting Veterans hired. They share their personal stories, they make you visualize the win-win opportunity for Soldiers and Partners, they brainstorm on how to improve the Program—keep it growing, and most importantly, this group of five men and one woman all served, and know the value of being a Soldier for Life.

Prairie Quest Consulting logo
Team Building with PaYS Partner: Prairie Quest Consulting

Story by Darline Goyea, PaYS Social Media/Marketing Coordinator

Nothing pulls a team together like camaraderie, trust, laughter, and coming together for a common goal—providing an opportunity for our Future Soldiers after the Army.

Monday, June 8, 2015, Prairie Quest came out to enrich the team with invaluable lessons on what an already outstanding team to an exceptional team should look like! Interactive exercises were introduced, get-to-know-you conversations were had, and a commitment to excellence was the golden nugget.

THANK YOU Prairie Quest and Staff!!!

100 Black Men of America 29th Annual Conference

Photos of 100 Black Men of America 29th Annual Conference 2015

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