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Army Marketing and Research Group Becomes Responsible for Administering and Managing
the Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) Program

The Army Marketing and Research Group (AMRG) is a field operating agency subordinate to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs. The AMRG was established in April 2011, by order of the Secretary of the Army to develop, synchronize, manage, and execute the Army's messages. The AMRG's mission is to conduct national marketing analyses to develop best-value strategies and tactics that inform the American people and motivate the most qualified candidates to consider Army service. Army Marketing and Research Group (AMRG) builds a strong national marketing campaign, conducts market and accessions research, and builds an enterprise brand across the Army. The AMRG became responsible for administering and managing the Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) program upon the deactivation of the U.S. Army Accessions Command. The PaYS program aligns with AMRG's goals, and together connects the Army with America, through a strong Army brand and establishing the Army as the service of choice.

Army Marketing and Research Group to Connect Soldiers to Public,
Strengthen Brand Strategy

By Army Marketing and Research Group Public Affairs

WASHINGTON (Oct. 2, 2012) -- The United States of America exists because there is a United States Army, which is arguably the best land force in the world. The U.S. Army is an institution founded on values and a bedrock of trust between it and the American people it serves. The U.S. Army Soldier is professional, trained, disciplined and reflects the best of the country he or she serves.

Honorable Thomas R. Lamont, Asst Secretary of the Army (M&RA) and AMRG Director, Mr. Mark Davis, officially recognize the new Army Marketing and Research Group (AMRG) DirectorateToday's Soldiers are strong, decisive, technologically savvy and morally and ethically steadfast. Soldiers get things done -- no matter where or how difficult, Soldiers always accomplish the mission. Not everyone can be a Soldier -- they are unique, selfless, patriotic, physically fit and driven by duty, honor, country and the desire to be a part of something greater than themselves -- but all Americans can be proud of the American Soldier.

Is this what the average American thinks and feels when he or she sees a Soldier?

Photo left - Honorable Thomas R. Lamont, Asst Secretary of the Army (M&RA) and Mr. Mark S. Davis, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Marketing/Director, Army Marketing and Research Group, officially recognize the new Army Marketing and Research Group (AMRG) Directorate

Over time, through periods of transition and potential negative events, is this the underlying truth the nation continues to believe about their Army? Do Soldiers, civilians and Army families believe and communicate this about themselves and the institution? How should the Army leverage this credibility to encourage and attract high quality men and women to serve? And does the American Soldier, what they do, how they do it, how they interact with the public and the way the Army is marketed to the Nation reinforce the Army's commitment to the American people?

The answers to these questions and how the Army is explained to the American public are vital to ensuring the Army sustains its connection with the American people and receives the support it needs to deliver on its promise to defend the American Constitution and American way of life, according to Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Marketing Mark S. Davis, and director of the newly formed Army Marketing and Research Group, or AMRG.

Created by order of the Secretary of the Army in April 2011, the AMRG marked its full operational capability status with a ceremony Oct. 1, hosted by Thomas R. Lamont, assistant secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, or ASA-M&RA.

"Our number one enduring mission in the Army is to recruit and sustain the all-volunteer force," said Lamont. "And the tip of the spear of that effort is right here at the AMRG. We are grateful for your service to our Soldiers and their families."

The AMRG, formed from efficiencies gained by the inactivation of the U.S. Army Accessions Command, is tasked with connecting the Army with America through a strong Army brand and establishing the Army as the desired opportunity for service for the most qualified candidates.

"The Army brand is really the ongoing dialogue we have with the American people -- it enables our communication and marketing efforts," Davis said. "Brand is what is believed and what is believable about an organization -- both internally and externally. And what is most believable is what you are able to see and experience without the filters of the media, entertainment, etc; hence AMRG's mission to make the Army more transparent to the American public; explained in a way that is accessible and shows how truly extraordinary the U.S. Army and the American Soldier are."

While the size of the Army is decreasing, the mission to recruit the best qualified candidates in an ever-decreasing pool of eligible prospects has not changed, which requires a strategic brand marketing and communications plan that includes and addresses the entire Army.

"We, as an Army, don't often speak about ourselves in the collective -- we often differentiate by component, command, branch or military occupational skill which dilutes the message of who we are and what we do," said Davis. "That's not how the American public sees us -- they see and understand us in the collective, as one Army. The more we expose the public to our Soldiers, civilians and family members in that way, the stronger our brand becomes, the more our story is understood and believed, and the more comfortable influencers and potential prospects are in recommending or serving in our ranks."

While AMRG exists to build a strong national marketing campaign, conduct market and accessions research and build an enterprise brand across the Army, it is the total Army force, including Civilians, and Families, former Soldiers and veterans who create brand equity and solidify what the American people think about their Army, Davis said.

To accomplish this, everyone must understand the enduring storylines of the Army and communicate them to a wide variety of audiences over time. Part of the vision for AMRG is better coordination with all of the Army's communication proponents including Army Public Affairs, Legislative Affairs, Recruiting and Cadet Commands as well as the Army staff to ensure the core Army story is synchronized through all communication channels -- marketing, advertising, recruitment, public and legislative affairs.

"AMRG, an efficiency created from existing structure in the Army, represents the incredible hard work and coordination of former Army Accession Command personnel, the ASA-M&RA, Army G1, TRADOC, Recruiting and Cadet Commands, just to name a few," Davis said. "It is an exciting time to be in Army marketing and branding and I know the team is eager to move the enterprise forward during this critical period for our Army."

Hewlett-Packard HQHewlett-Packard Company Celebrates Army Partnerships

The US Army Baltimore Recruiting Battalion coordinated a signing ceremony between the Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) Program, the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) and the Hewlett- Packard (HP) Company on September 28, 2012 held at the HP headquarters in Herndon, VA. In attendance were Mr. Mark Davis, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Marketing/Director, AMRG, SGM Michael Byrd, Senior Enlisted Advisor, ASA M&RA, and Angela Byrd, PaYS Program Manager. HP employee Joy Burgess singing the National Anthem

Photo left - HP HQ, Herndon, VA

The program began with HP employee Joy Burgess singing the National Anthem followed Senior Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Services U.S. Public Sector, Marilyn Croutherby a brief overview of the day's events by Senior Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Services U.S. Public Sector, Marilyn Crouther. Crouther shared information about HP veteran initiates, Veteran Employee Resource Network (VERN) and their Veteran Mentoring Program.

Photo right - HP Senior Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Services U.S. Public Sector, Marilyn Crouther

Photo far right - HP employee Joy Burgess singing the National Anthem

The ESGR certificate was signed by Ronald White, ESGR Deputy Executive Director and Chief of Staff, Marilyn Crouther and Caroline Atherton, VP, HR Global Operations, Americas HP. ESGR, is a Department of Defense agency established in 1972 to promote cooperation and understanding between Reserve Component Service members and their civilian employers and to assist in the resolution of conflicts arising from an employee's military commitment. ESGR is supported by a network of more than 4,800 volunteers in 54 committees located across all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam-CNMI, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.
CPT Orlando Torres, Company Commander of the Fredrick Recruiting Company administered the Oath of Enlistment to a group of Future Soldiers
U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion Commander LTC Thomas M. Fife welcomed HP to the PaYS program and described how they will benefit from the Army's pool of highly-skilled, motivated and responsible Soldiers. He shared how through the PaYS Program the Army benefits by gaining valuable industry partners. To demonstrate the program's connection to recruiting America's Army, CPT Orlando Torres, Company Commander of the Fredrick Recruiting Company administered the Oath of Enlistment to a group of Future Soldiers.
LTC Fife joined Marilyn Crouther and Caroline Atherton signing the PaYS Program Ceremonial Memorandum of Agreement

Photo left - CPT Orlando Torres, Company Commander of the Fredrick Recruiting Company administered the Oath of Enlistment to a group of Future Soldiers

LTC Fife then joined Marilyn Crouther and Caroline Atherton signing the PaYS Program Ceremonial Memorandum of Agreement and presented them with the PaYS plaque and certificate. Army Recruiting Command's Entertainment Team lead singer SGT Corrin Campbell Army Recruiting Command's Entertainment Team lead singer SGT Corrin Campbellclosed the ceremony singing God Bless America. The ceremonial saber cake cutting allowed the HP veteran employees, Baltimore Recruiting Battalion officials and Army Marketing and Research Group (AMRG) LTC Fife, Marilyn Crouther and Caroline Atherton participate in the ceremonial saber cake cuttingofficials to meet and discuss future joint endeavors.

Photo left - Marilyn Crouther, LTC Thomas M. Fife and Caroline Atherton participate in the ceremonial saber cake cutting

Photo right - Army Recruiting Command's Entertainment Team lead singer SGT Corrin Campbell

Photo far right - LTC Thomas M. Fife joined Marilyn Crouther and Caroline Atherton signing the PaYS Program Ceremonial Memorandum of Agreement

Union Pacific Railroad Hosts a Military Leadership Program

Union Pacific Military Leadership Program

Cadets and selected prior military candidates were invited to attend a two day Military Leadership Program hosted by PaYS partner Union Pacific (UP) Railroad Company, 21-22 September in San Antonio, TX. Cadets from Texas A&M Reserve Officers' Training Corp (ROTC) made up the majority of attendees. Other attendees included enlisted and officers from the Army, Navy and Marine Corps. "This is the first of what we hope will be many more events like this" PaYS point of contact Ken Kuwamura, Senior Recruitment Manager for UP said. Kuwamura explained that 75 applicants began the process and after testing and first round eliminations the remaining 25 were invited to participate in this event. UP is using this event to fill their Operating Management Training Program (OMT) positions.

"The exposure to corporate culture and experience with informal and formal interviewing and networking is invaluable for these young cadets" Kuwamura said. "We feel that the program we have put together will continue to grow as we develop our relationship with these cadets" Kuwamura added.

UP executives exposed the candidates to Union Pacific's 150 year history, corporate culture, and management responsibilities and expectations. According to Gary Davidson, General Manager of Leadership Development, UP values candidates with military leadership because they work well with a diverse population and are determined to overcome challenges. He cited how military employees have the ability to acquire new skills quickly, are familiar with new and changing technologies and are aware of the importance of health and safety.
Bob Grimaila and Amy Bang answer questions
Afternoon sessions included information on UP's initiatives for hiring military, current projects, reputation and employee expectations. Cadets were given thought provoking and challenging situations where military and civilian cultures could clash and resolution solutions were discussed. UP General Superintendent Ruben Lopez (West Point graduate and retired Army COL) engaged the group with a typical career path for an OMT employee. He stressed how employees must always point out unsafe situations, stop what they are doing to address any employee's questions, and offer solutions to problems they encounter. "I need to hire leaders-UP will teach you the rail business" Lopez said.Dinner at UP's Military Leadership Program

Shae Warzocha, U.S. Army Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) Program Senior Marketing Analyst presented a PaYS program overview to the group. She introduced the group to the Army's numerous efforts and programs to link Soldiers and their families with quality employers.

The remainder of the afternoon consisted of a four person panel where Mike Brazytis, Richard Castagna, Ruben Lopez and Bob Grimaila fielded questions from the group. A variety of questions were presented to the panel primarily on the best way to get hired or noticed in a sea of qualified candidates. Questions included a dissection of the interview process, the difference between the first and second round interviews, what the interviewer looks for, how offers are made, and relocation timeline expectations.

Photo above - Bob Grimaila and Amy Bang answer questions
Photos right - Dinner at UP's Military Leadership ProgramDinner at UP's Military Leadership Program

A dinner was held and included a round robin approach that had the UP team of executives changing tables every half hour. This gave the cadets a chance to informally meet each panel member as they became more acquainted with each candidate.

The second day was dedicated to interviews for full time positions for the candidates seeking full time positions. Interviews for internships were scheduled for the upcoming week. Falondria Wilson, Southern Region HR Director recapped the event saying "This event went beyond our expectations and we are looking forward to the next. We absolutely want to include enlisted in our next event for non OMT positions".

Industry Summit Solicits Input from Business

By Andrea Wales, U.S. Army Human Resource Command Public Affairs Office MG  Richard Mustion, Commander of the U.S. Army Human Resources Command

Photo by Stephen A. Moore/Fort Knox Visual Information

During the second Industry Strategic Outreach Summit held on September 20, Major General Richard Mustion, Commander of the U.S. Army Human Resources Command, stressed the importance of collaboration between the Army and industry in implementing existing strategies and creating new strategies for Soldiers' transition to civilian life. The transition summit was held at the Saber & Quill, Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Connecting Army to economic engine U.S. Army Human Resources Command (HRC) hosted the second industry strategic outreach summit at the Saber & Quill, formerly known as the Leaders Club, on Fort Knox Sept. 20 to obtain input from private-industry executives on Soldiers making the transition to civilian status. "It's important that we hear from you, " HRC Commanding General MG Richard Mustion told the attendees, stressing that he was looking for a great deal of collaboration. "We're interested in strategic solutions. We're going to leverage the tools and technology we have."

Event organizer Gabriele P.M. Tyler from the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1, or Personnel, said that the summit is beneficial for both the Army and industry. "Help us as we shape our programs and policies in the future," she said to attendees. "What it does for industry is it helps your bottom line." Tyler said that veterans have difficulty translating their military skills into civilian skills. The summit was designed to help find answers to this and other problems. "We get to connect the economic engine of democracy-industry-with the protector of democracy-the Army," said Walter Herd, chief of the Army's Transition Program under HRC's The Adjutant General Directorate.

Herd said there are two pieces to the "Transition machine" – the Transition Program with its Army Career and Alumni Program to prepare the Soldier for separation from the Army, and the Transition Strategic Outreach Office to connect the Soldier with potential employers. "The opportunity to stay in uniform is smaller. We're changing that paradigm, and that's a hard paradigm to change," Herd said. "We beat our swords into plowshares."

The Army is working to reach the Transition implementation efforts of Veterans opportunity to Work. Signed into law in August 2011, the VOW to Hire Hero's Act goes into effect Nov. 21. To meet the needs of more Soldiers making the transition to civilian life, the HRC Transition Office is enhancing the Army Career and Alumni Program. The Transition Office:

• Has created a 24/7 virtual interactive live ACAP center

• Is reinforcing existing ACAP centers with an increase in staff

• Is building about 25 remote and mobile teams to provide outreach ACAP services

Industry partners included General Electric Aviation,, Walmart, J.P. Morgan Chase, USAA, CISCO Systems, U.S. Truck Drivers Training, National Association of Manufacturers, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians and many others. "We want to hire more veterans, making it sustainable- making it a part of the company culture to hire veterans," said Anthony Odierno, an executive from J. P. Morgan Chase.

The executives' attendance proved their enthusiasm, but how to actually accomplish the Soldier-to-employer connections was up for discussion. "We would like to build a strategic pipeline of talent," said Gary Profit, and executive of Walmart. "We generally don't go to job fairs anymore unless we can prescreen candidates, set up interviews- at least have targeted conversations."

The executives broke up into small groups to discuss ways to help employers help veterans. Among the suggestions were:

• Companies should have veteran specific websites and also list job opportunities for veterans on other –non company-job search sites. These vet-specific sites should have information on how your military skills serve the company, said Erika Cramer, an executive with, a company that already has a website targeting "military recruiting."

• Department of Defense could vet employers and establish a partnership for access to a DoD website. This would assure that only bona fide employers could visit the website and post opportunities.

Employers can post their jobs for free and find military-trained talent at a website called Hero 2 Hired, or H2H, at The website was created by DoD's Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program to assist Soldiers from the Army Reserve and National Guard when they returned from deployment. However, direct-hire companies, recruiting /staffing companies and military job seekers all use the site.

The resume should be created throughout a Soldier's career, not just during the ACAP process. ACAP can assist the Soldier in fine-tuning the resume toward the end of the Soldier's career.

Commanders must now direct that their Soldiers start the ACAP process no later than 12 months before separation from the Army. "Every Soldier gets an eyeball-to-eyeball check with their commander," Herd said. Although a year to work on your resume might seem to be adequate, writing it as you go helps prevent you from leaving out important information.

Soldiers must be more thoroughly taught how to translate their military skills into a language that employers can understand. Soldiers must be taught how to break down their experience into hard skills that require training and for which the rules remain constant from company to company, and soft skills that are self-management skills, for which the rules change depending on the company culture. This translation is especially important because marksmanship isn't readily apparent to employers. However, a hard skill can be broken down to reveal its component skills, such as maintaining equipment and attention to detail. Military soft skills, such as leadership and management ability, are key to many jobs.

Soldiers should "civilianize" the skill level codes that are found after their military occupational specialties, as in 11B10 for an infantryman after training. For example, 10 could be considered occupational level/basic employee level; 20 is first level supervisor/management, 30 is second level, etc.

The information exchange between the Army and private industry employers provided a valuable step forward in the effort to provide the right tools, resources and communications in connecting separating Soldiers with valuable job opportunities. A third summit will take place at Fort Knox in early spring.

To find out more about transition, visit the website of the Army Career and Alumni Program at, call the ACAP Call Center at 1-800-325-4715, or the local ACAP on post (Fort Knox) at (502) 624-2227.

79th Sustainment Support Commanding General, Maj. Gen. Willam D. Frink Jr., and the Coronado City Mayor, Casey Tanaka, signed the PaYS agreement

The City of Coronado, California Joins Army's Partnership for Youth Success

by Valerie Resciniti
SoCal Recruiting BN APA

MISSION VIEJO, Calif.-- The Southern California Recruiting Battalion and the City of Coronado teamed up to employ Army veterans during a Partnership for Youth Success signing ceremony at the Coronado City Hall Sept. 18.

The 79th Sustainment Support Commanding General, Major General Willam D. Frink Jr., and the Coronado City Mayor, Casey Tanaka, signed the PaYS agreement which offers an opportunity for service members to find quality civilian employment after serving their country.

Photo right - The 79th Sustainment Support Commanding General, Major General Willam D. Frink Jr., and the Coronado City Mayor, Casey Tanaka, sign the PaYS agreement

The PaYS program actively matches current Coronado city recruitments with honorably discharged Army veterans and Army Reserve Soldiers and cadets seeking full-time employment, said Tanaka.
Major General Willam D. Frink Jr. presents the 'coin note' to the Coronado City Mayor, Casey Tanaka
In return for providing priority interviews and job assistance to selected participants, Coronado employers now have access to high quality men and women equipped with the exceptional training, experience and values the Army instills in all its Soldiers.

"In becoming a PaYS partner today, the city of Coronado acknowledges these qualities of the U.S. Army as an incredible source of talent for civilian employment," said Frink. "Make no mistake, the Army profession is the nation's preeminent leadership experience."

The PaYS agreement also provides opportunities for the battalion's recruiters to work closely with Coronado's community members and business owners to find qualified Army applicants. "I look forward to a long, productive and mutually beneficial partnership," said Frink.

Photo left - Major General Willam D. Frink Jr. presents the certificate of appreciation to the Coronado City Mayor, Casey Tanaka

Coronado is a unique community within San Diego, said Lt. Col. John Oliver, SoCal Recruiting Battalion Commander. This partnership allows the Army to have a presence in a predominately Navy community. A small beach city located in the San Diego Bay, Coronado has almost 25,000 residents, including over 6,000 military residents. The city's government service branches and commerce and tourists industries potentially offer ample employment opportunities for skilled Army veterans, reserve Soldiers and cadets.

The city can offer positions in public safety, maintenance, administrative support and recreation, said Jennifer Abalos, city of Coronado management assistant.

But the programs that may interest service members the most are police officer and police dispatch and record assistant positions, said Abalos. The city recruits for those types of positions once or twice a year.

The PaYS program is an important asset for Army recruiters to meet the mission of enlisting quality people to fill the ranks of America's Army.

These partnerships help the Army form strong ties with local communities, while helping to create jobs for Army veterans, said Oliver.

The Southern California Recruiting Battalion has 10 PaYS partners and there are 451 partners nationwide, according to the most recent PaYS production report. There are nearly 150,000 service members across the U.S. currently participating in the PaYS program and over three million civilian jobs projected to be available over the next six years.

For more information on the PaYS program visit

LTC William D. Rose looks on as Vice President of Human Resources of OmniTRAX, Kimberley MacMillan signs the MOA

OmniTRAX, U.S. Army Partner to Benefit Veterans

By Jason Pohl, Windsor Now

By giving up his job, leaving friends and family behind and going to basic training in Missouri early next year, Steven Corcilius, 24, has a story similar to thousands of others across the country who are gearing up for a military future.

But thanks to a new partnership between the U.S. Army and OmniTRAX, officials said he and countless veterans returning from service will have a leg up on an often uncertain job market and reintegration into American society.

"You just never know," he said, describing the program as a safety net for veterans after years of service. "I feel good about it."

Photo left - LTC William D. Rose looks on as Vice President of Human Resources of OmniTRAX,
Kimberley MacMillan, signs the MOA

Senior representatives from the Army and OmniTRAX formally recognized the partnership in front of service members and Windsor officials Tuesday near a rail car at the Great Western Industrial Park on Litho Plate Drive.

The agreement is part of the Partnership for Youth Success, PaYS, program, which consists of more than 300 companies across the country that give returning Army veterans high priority when making hiring decisions. Companies and agencies who join the PaYS program often work alongside recruiters to ensure clear and achievable goals are set, aiding the hiring process after service.

The goal is to quickly and efficiently get trained soldiers contributing again in American life.

"It's a great opportunity we can present," said Lieutenant Colonel William D. Rose, emphasizing life skills taught in the Army, including reliability, determination and being a self starter. He said these are valuable traits many partner companies look for.

"To me, it's very reassuring."LTC Rose presents the certificate of appreciation to OmniTRAX
President and CEO Gary Long and Kimberley MacMillan

Photo right - LTC Rose presents the certificate of appreciation to OmniTRAX

President and CEO Gary Long and Kimberley MacMillan OmniTRAX, Inc. manages the Great Western Industrial Park situated southeast of downtown Windsor. The industrial area has been described by many as an epicenter of industrial growth along the Front Range and is home to developments such as Haliburton and Musket Corp.

"This will help us recruit individuals that we need in order to employ and operate this facility," said Gary Long, president and CEO of OmniTRAX. "We're very, very encouraged. We're very, very honored."

Mayor pro-tem Kristie Melendez also was at Tuesday's event and said partnerships like this are a step in the right direction economically that really do benefit people who may need a helping hand after years of service for the country.

"I think this really fits hand in hand with our total goal of wanting to get people back in work and have a thriving economy again," she said. "This program is a piece of that."

NHRA logo

PaYS Partners Support National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Youth & Education Services (Y.E.S.) program

Two PaYS partners attended and participated in the Army's Youth & Education Services (Y.E.S.) program as panel members at the Dallas NHRA race on 21 September, Director of Road Operations, Tracy Brown from Union Pacific Railroad Company and Manager, People Department, Sharmon Walters of Southwest Airlines.
Dan Walters a mechanic from Southwest Airlines along with Walters and Brown attended the Army's Center of Influencer (COI) race activities on 22 September.

On 28 September, Human Resource Specialist Michelle Allred from Bunzl attended the St. Louis NHRA race and served as YES panel member. Account Manager Bryan Reed, JB Hunt, joined Allred for the Army's COI event on the 29th.


Presented by the U.S. Army, the NHRA's Youth & Education Services (Y.E.S.) program is motorsports' first and only full-time event dedicated to educational programming. The program is presented on track grounds during select NHRA events and provides high school and college-aged students with real world lessons about career options and positive goal-setting.

Students participate in a compelling and informational session led by NHRA drivers, including U.S. Army Top Fuel driver Tony Schumacher, other NHRA Representatives, and U.S. Army Soldiers. Participants can also visit the U.S. Army's Strength in Action Zone, an experience that explores the elements that give U.S. Army Soldiers strength like no other with a variety of fully-interactive fitness, educational, and other technical components.

In 2012, the NHRA's Y.E.S. program will celebrate its 23rd year of empowering young people with information about career choices and reaching their goals. With the help of the U.S. Army, the program continues to reach over 25,000 students a year nationwide.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Officer Tom Allen from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

Charlotte NHRA Youth and Education Program (YES) Features Local Police Officer

Officer Tom Allen from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) is no stranger to Army Motor Sports speaking events. Allen has been the PaYS program point of contact for several years and utilized at both NASCAR and NHRA Army programs. He spoke at the Youth and Education Program (YES) presented by the U.S. Army at the September 14 NHRA race in Charlotte, North Carolina.

He currently serves in their Recruitment Division - Training Academy, coordinating High School and College programs for the Department such as: The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Explorers, CMPD High School Police Academy; and North Carolina Academy for Law Enforcement Explorers, all of which give students a first-hand look inside law enforcement careers.

In addition to his recruiting duties, Officer Allen is a member of the Civil Emergency Unit and was one of 150 officers from the department sent to Washington to assist with security during the 2009 presidential inauguration. Consequently, he serves as a departmental instructor as a subject matter expert on Crowd Control and Civil unrest.

Allen shared with the audience how his police training and leadership experience gives him the mental, emotional and physical strength to succeed in difficult situations. He also believes those same strengths are important in new recruits.

Welcome New PaYS Partners

452 - City of Coronado located in San Diego County, California has a population of 24,697 per the 2010 census. The City of Coronado has several job opportunities for PaYS Soldiers ranging from engineering technicians, 911 telecommunication operators, IT and computer specialists, human resource, seasonal employees and law enforcement.

453 - Thompson Metal Fab, Inc. headquartered in Vancouver, WA has a facility that features 374,000 square feet of indoor fabrication space and 12 acres of assembly and fit-up yard outdoor space. They specialize in medium to heavy structural steel and plate fabrication — covering most modern steel alloys.

454 - P. I. & I. Motor Express headquartered in Masury, OH is the nation's largest family owned and operated flatbed carrier east of the Rocky Mountains with over 900 tractors. They provide a training program for 88M veterans and will help them obtain a CDL. They have terminals in PA, IN, IL, MI, OH, OK, TX, and WV.

455 - Monarch Beverage Company headquartered in Indianapolis, IN was founded in 1947 and is Indiana's largest distributor of beer and wine. They represent more than 500 brands. Monarch navigates approximately 80 delivery routes per day serving over 1,100 customers.


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