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United States Army Reserve Birthday,
April 23rd

Story by Jim Meade

The U.S. Army Reserve celebrates its birthday on April 23rd each year, recognizing contributions in every major U.S. conflict beginning with WWI through Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as most recently assisting in Homeland relief efforts to battle the COVID Pandemic.

There are differences of opinion about the "unofficial" origins of the Army Reserve. Citizen-Soldier organizations that could be considered proto-Reservist activities can be traced all the way back to the French and Indian War from 1756 to 1763, but the official precursor to today's Army Reserve was created in 1908 when Congress organized the Medical Reserve Corps.

Today the U.S. Army Reserve rotates its part-time troops through active duty mobilizations and monthly training. Some troops serve in "Army Reserve Troop Program Units (TPU)," some serve as Individual Mobilization Augmentees (IMA), and still others are placed as non-drilling Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) members. Army Reservists also have the option to serve on active duty status known as AGR or Active Guard/Reserve status.

"The Army Reserve is a critical enabler of Joint and multi-national forces. These capabilities expand the reach of the Joint Force and increase the Army's expeditionary campaigning capabilities." - Gen. Vincent Brooks, Commanding General, U.S. Army Pacific Command.

Since the inception of PaYS in 2000, Army Reserve Soldiers have selected 63,734 PaYS Partners. Furthermore, there are currently 2,475,121 jobs available on the PaYS database for newly enlisted Reservists.

Happy 113th birthday to the United States Army Reserve!

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April is the Month of the Military ChildMonth of the Military Child

Story by: Alisha Reneau

In 1986, former Secretary of Defense Casper W. Weinberger designated April as "The Month of the Military Child." This commemoration was established to recognize and honor military children for their many sacrifices and unique lifestyle challenges endured as military children.

Purple Up! It is the common theme used throughout April as a way for everyone to show their support for Military children. The color purple was chosen because it symbolizes all military branches, a combination of Army Green, Air Force Blue, Coast Guard Blue, Marine Red, and Navy Blue.

This month we celebrate and recognize our military children for their unwavering sacrifices, resilience, and contributions to our Nation.

Purple Up graphic
Growing up as a Military Child

Story and photos by Cheri McCullough

A military child's life is filled with the good and the bad, the hello and the goodbye. It means always learning, constantly meeting new people, and adjusting to a new environment. Ms. Cheri McCullough, PaYS Administrative Assistant grew up as a military child and was faced with many unique challenges and life experiences during her father's career in the U.S. Navy. Ms. McCullough stated, "Growing up as a military child was very unpredictable. I had to constantly be ready to switch gears at a moments' notice."

While being a military child is no easy experience, they learn to develop the resilience needed to overcome challenges and be prepared for anything life throws their way. One of those challenges is frequent military moves. On average, military families are assigned to a new installation every two to three years. Ms. McCullough stated, "My Father served 26 years in the U.S. Navy. During this timeframe, we moved 12 times, and I attended ten different schools. Some of the best perks of being a military child were having the opportunity to meet new people, travel to new places, and create incredible memories."Cheri McCullough (4) outside her home at Naval Air Station Oceana, VA

It is a different lifestyle to grow up military! It means a lifestyle that requires much in the way of sacrifices by understanding the parent's need to deploy, relocate, and put personal needs second to the call of duty. The tension that comes with being attached to the military is not mentioned, but it is always there. Military kids live with that reality every moment of every day.

Military life fosters independence, resilience, and adaptability, and no one experiences it more than the military child.

Right - Cheri McCullough (4) outside her home at Naval Air Station Oceana, VA


Antonio Johnson, PaYS Program Manager

Dear PaYS Partners,

Let's welcome our newest PaYS Partners and give a special thanks to the battalion's leadership and A&PAs for their support.

McCall Farms - Columbia Recruiting Battalion

Randall County Sheriff's Office - Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion

Upcoming Signing Ceremonies

12 April 2021: Osceola County Sheriff (Kissimmee, FL) - Tampa Recruiting Battalion

29 April 2021: Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety (Kalamazoo, MI) - Great Lakes Recruiting Battalion

Regional Army PaYS Marketing Analysts:

Samuel Armstrong (Southeast Region)
(301) 717-8508

Davin Bentley (Midwest Region)
(614) 886-0270

Crancena Ross (Northeast Region)
(410) 206-0413

James Meade (Southwest Region)
(614) 404-9104

Corin Gillens (West Coast Region)
(843) 909-6037

PaYS Birthdays and Anniversaries

US Army logo

Army National Hiring Days 2021 --- May 10 - June 14

Story by: Antonio Johnson

Attention all PaYS partners! The Army National Hiring Days (ANHD) campaign is upon us again and we are asking for your support.

Army National Hiring Days is a nationwide virtual recruiting campaign that will take place May 10 - June 14. During this time, Army Leaders, recruiters, and community partners across the nation will come together to promote Army awareness and encourage individuals to explore the Army's potential career paths.

The PaYS Team will be asking all of our partners to "Join Us" in support of ANHD by posting and sharing approved messages and images on their companies' internal/external media sites. Recorded video of the key messages is highly encouraged as well. Last year, over 100 PaYS Partners participated in the campaign. This year we anticipate many more to support the U.S. Army.

An email with the approved images/messages will be sent to you for use by your social media coordinators and public affairs personnel once you confirm your organization's commitment to support ANHD. Conducting a PaYS ceremony during ANHD is another great way to support the campaign. The PaYS Team looks forward to another successful Army National Hiring Days. For more information about ANHD and how to support, please reach out to your Regional PaYS Marketer or contact the PaYS Program Manager at

Gold Star pins

Gold Star Spouses Day 2021

Story by: Army Community Services

April 5 is recognized as Gold Star Spouses Day and provides an opportunity for the nation to honor the surviving husbands and wives of fallen Soldiers. Gold Star Spouses are the resilient legacies of their service member's sacrifice to the nation.

The Gold Star is worn as a symbol of loss dating back to World War I. In 1947, Congress approved the design, manufacture and distribution of the official Gold Star Lapel Button, to be worn by next of kin who lost their service member in war and armed hostilities of the United States.

In 1973, the Lapel Button for Next of Kin of Deceased Personnel was introduced to symbolize active duty Soldiers who lost their lives in non-combat operations. Family members typically receive these pins from the Army before or after their Soldier's funeral service.

The Army salutes America's Gold Star Spouses at all times and will join the nation in observing Gold Star Spouses Day. Army leaders encourage the military community to take time on this day to remember surviving military spouses and honor the legacy of their husbands and wives who died in service to the nation.

Gold Star Spouses will always be a part of the Army Family. The Army recognizes their courage and sacrifice and is committed to supporting them while honoring the legacy of their fallen husbands and wives. Gold Star Spouses are not forgotten.

Mears Group, Inc. logo

Army PaYS Welcomes Mears Group, Inc. as a New Partner

Story by: Alisha Reneau

The U.S. Army Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) Program would like to welcome Mears Group, Inc. as one of our newest partners. On 4 March 2021, Mears Group, Inc. signed a partnership agreement with the U.S. Army during a signing ceremony at the Galleria of Houston in Houston, Texas.

Mears Group, Inc. is an industry-leading energy infrastructure solutions provider that offers engineering & construction services to the markets they serve. With operations throughout North America and internationally, Mears is focused on meeting their customers' growing demands through five distinct yet complementary operating divisions.

During the signing ceremony, there were remarks given by COL La'Tonya Jordan, U.S. Army 5th Recruiting Brigade, and Mr. Vivek, Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, and General Counsel from the Mears Group. COL Jordan shared, "This partnership between Mears Group, Inc. and the United States Army will enable our recruiters to offer young men and women quality employment opportunities in the Army and then after they complete their initial enlistment." She also states, "Not only is recruiting my top priority, but it is the top priority for our Senior Army Leaders; we know we cannot do what we do without the support of our community."
COL La'Tonya Jordan and Mr. Vivek Arora signing the Memorandum of Agreement
COL La'Tonya Jordan, Commander, U.S. Army 5th Recruiting Brigade and Mr. Vivek Arora of the Mears Group, Inc. Following COL Jordan, Mr. Vivek gave his remarks on behalf of Mears Group, Inc. Mr. Vivek displayed his excitement for the partnership and shared, "Mears is excited to partner with the Army. Participating in this program furthers Mears' significant commitment to our service members and Veterans that we've made over the last nine years. The shared core values provide us wonderful candidates and employees that help grow our organization. The least we can do is guarantee them an interview and a possibly a job; Mears Group is a company that offers a smooth transition for our service members."

The event concluded with signing the ceremonial agreement by COL Jordan and Mr. Arora that solidified the partnership.

Left - COL La'Tonya Jordan and Mr. Vivek Arora signing the Memorandum of Agreement

Right - COL La'Tonya Jordan, Commander, U.S. Army 5th Recruiting Brigade and Mr. Vivek Arora of the Mears Group, Inc.

G4S Security Solutions Continues to Hire PaYS Soldiers G4S logo

Story and Photos by Alisha Reneau

PFC Dathan Greenidge (right) is awarded the Army Achievement MedalThis month PaYS highlights former PaYS Soldier Dathan Greenidge, who was hired this year by G4S Security Solutions. G4S Security Solutions has been a PaYS Partner since 2006. In 2019 alone, G4S Security Solutions hired over 350 PaYS Soldiers. In a brief interview, we had an opportunity to speak with Dathan as he shared his military and post-military experiences.

Left - PFC Dathan Greenidge (right) is awarded the Army Achievement MedalDathan Greenidge

After serving three years as a Unit Supply Specialist, MOS 92Y, Dathan transitioned out of the Army on 1 August 2020 and began his career with G4S Security Solutions in January 2021. During his enlistment process, Dathan selected two PaYS Partners.

When asked about some of the critical skills he learned while in the Army that assisted in his transition back to a civilian, Dathan states, "Having patience and learning the security field. Security is an easy field to get into because it is something we did in the military and pursuing a career in security was a good transition for me."

Dathan also shares advice for other Soldiers who will be going through the same transition process shortly, "If you know what day you are leaving to go back home, make sure you apply for jobs at least a month before, so you'll have a job when you get home."

Finally, Dathan was asked what he liked most about working with G4S Security Solutions; he quickly responded, "Good pay." The PaYS Program congratulates Dathan Greenidge on a successful transition from the U.S. Army utilizing PaYS Option 50. Thank you for sharing your story. We wish you the best in your future endeavors.

G4S has been recognized with multiple awards for hiring Military Veterans and training initiatives. To learn more, click the following link:

Virgin Islands ARNG logo

Virgin Islands Army National Guard Supporting their Community during the Pandemic Virgin Islands ARNG crest

Story by: Samuel Armstrong

The Virgin Islands Army National Guard's mission statement is "Provide ready, relevant and trusted top performance forces in support of federal and territorial requirements." Their mission statement is on full display during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pfc. Shaniah Edwards, Medical Detachment, prepares to administer the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to soldiers and airmen at the Joint Force Headquarters. Photo by SGT Leona Hendrickson

Left - Pfc. Shaniah Edwards, Medical Detachment, prepares to administer the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to soldiers and airmen at the Joint Force Headquarters. Photo by SGT Leona Hendrickson
U.S. Army BG William Prendergast, Task Force 51 Commander, visits the Vaccination Center at the University of Virgin Islands. Photo by SPC Clemrick Bryan
Right - U.S. Army BG William Prendergast, Task Force 51 Commander, visits the Vaccination Center at the University of Virgin Islands. Photo by SPC Clemrick Bryan

During the early stages of the pandemic, Virgin Islands Army National Guard assisted the Army Corp of Engineers in converting several buildings to alternate care facilities for COVID-19 patients. They have been supporting community vaccine distribution since February at the University of Virgin Islands. Their clients' roles include temperature checks, inputting information in a database, providing clients with appointment dates, administering shots, and monitoring clients after their shots.

The Virgin Islands Army National Guard remains ready, relevant, and responsive in its efforts to support the community during this pandemic. While providing support to local and federal agencies during the pandemic, they remain committed to Army PaYS. While there is only one partner physically located in the Virgin Islands, the Virgin Islands Police Department (VIPD) has been a popular choice amongst Army National Guard Soldiers. Eight Soldiers have selected VIPD as their PaYS Partner in the past six months.

Thank you, Virgin Islands Army National Guard, for all your support and hard work.

Maj. Gen. John Evans (left), commander of the U.S. Army Cadet Command, presents Chancellor Andrew D. Martin with the inaugural Department of Defense Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) and Educational Institution Partnership Excellence Award during a ceremony March 15 in Brookings Quadrangle. (Photo: Joe Angeles/Washington University)

Gateway ROTC Battalion Honored by Department of Defense

Story By: Diane Toroian Keaggy

The Gateway Army ROTC Battalion at Washington University in St. Louis received the inaugural Department of Defense Reserve Officers' Training Corps and Educational Institution Partnership Excellence Award on March 15.

Right - Maj. Gen. John Evans (left), commander of the U.S. Army Cadet Command, presents Chancellor Andrew D. Martin with the inaugural Department of Defense Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) and Educational Institution Partnership Excellence Award during a ceremony March 15 in Brookings Quadrangle. (Photo: Joe Angeles/Washington University)

Maj. Gen. John Evans, commander of U.S. Army Cadet Command, presented the award, which was officially granted in 2020. However, the ceremony was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At a small ceremony in Brookings Quadrangle, Evans praised the stellar performance of the battalion's 110 cadets, who represent nine local universities. In 2019, the battalion produced two top 10% ROTC Cadets and eight distinguished military graduates, mentored junior ROTC Cadets and helped the Army reach its diversity goals through its own recruiting outreach.
Maj. Gen. John Evans (right) greets Cadet Patrick Grindel, a junior at Washington University, at the Gateway Battalion's offices on North Campus. The battalion boasts 110 cadets from nine local universities. (Photo: Joe Angeles/Washington University)
Evans also recognized the university's support, which includes training, staff and free room and board for Cadets with a ROTC scholarship. That funding, coupled with ROTC's tuition benefit, makes Washington University one of the most attractive elite universities for future officers. Three university schools - Arts & Sciences, the McKelvey School of Engineering and Olin Business School - also bestow academic credit for some ROTC classes.

Left - Maj. Gen. John Evans (right) greets Cadet Patrick Grindel, a junior at Washington University, at the Gateway Battalion's offices on North Campus. The battalion boasts 110 cadets from nine local universities. (Photo: Joe Angeles/Washington University)

"Suffice it to say, you have a formula for success here and our nation's defense is the benefactor," Evans said. "This program sets a tremendous example for others to follow."

Chancellor Andrew D. Martin accepted the award and vowed to continue the university's efforts to support the Gateway Battalion and its Cadets.

"The Gateway Army ROTC Battalion's existence adds immense value to our community, and I believe our entire community is enriched by the thriving program's presence," Martin said. "To that end, I'm grateful the ROTC program has been an essential part of the university's progress as an institution and that the partnership between the two has helped promote and foster a culture of service here at Washington University."

COOL logoCOOL logo

The Army Credentialing Assistance (CA) Program

Story by: Sophia Sweeney
Credentialing Assistance / Army COOL Program Manager

The Army Credentialing Assistance (CA) Program is a retention program that can prepare Soldiers for meaningful employment upon transition.

In January 2020, the CA Program was offered Army-wide, and since then, eligible Soldiers of all ranks and all components can request CA funds to pursue credentials. Soldiers can request funds for training, books, materials, fees, and exams, leading them to a credential or recertification.

Here is the process: Soldiers can pursue 1500+ credentials listed in Army COOL (

Once a Soldier has found a credential and ensures they are eligible, they can go to ArmyIgnitED ( to request CA funding, Soldiers can then go to and download the Soldier CA Process Guide to take them through step by step, or they can go to their servicing Education Center/Office for guidance, especially if they are unsure of what they want to pursue.

A great example of someone who took advantage of their benefits is 1SG Allen King. 1SG King is currently transitioning out of the Army after serving for over 20 years. 1SG King used CA funding for the FAA Airframe and Powerplant Certificate. He is a 15Z5M with a core MOS of 15T (Utility Helicopter Repairer) Blackhawk Mechanic and Crew chief. The A&P is directly aligned with his and any other 15 series MOS.

1SG Allen King When asked why he decided to pursue the CA program, 1SG King stated, "To offset the out-of-state funding towards lodging, food, and transportation while training for, and earning, my A&P certificate." He was asked if this credential could assist him while in the Military; he stated, "Studying for the A&P has taught me so much more about aviation than I ever expected. The Army has only taught me about my specific airframe. I believe any Army Aviation Mechanic with an A&P Certification will greatly enhance their unit's productivity. This is a "WIN / WIN" situation."

1SG King was also asked how this credential would help him now that he is retiring. He stated, "Military experience is definitely appealing to civilian aircraft maintenance employers. Having an A&P (AND) Military experience can absolutely make an individual more marketable. An A&P mechanic can work on more than just rotary-wing or fixed-wing aircraft. Job opportunities broaden greatly with this certificate." When asked would he recommend Solders to use CA, his response was, "Yes, not every Soldier has the motivation, resources, or discipline to earn a degree while on Active Duty. Credentialing Assistance is a great benefit and can only help Soldiers; working on a degree, just a couple of classes at a time can take longer than individuals care to take. Earning a certificate, license or credential are "bite sized" opportunities for Soldiers when it comes to achievability. These courses that align with the Soldier's MOS may not cost any chargeable leave or money. These certificates/licenses not only strengthen the unit but also provide the Soldier with a greater opportunity to provide for themselves and/or their family after serving their country."

We would like to wish 1SG King the best in your future endeavors and thank you for your service!

Are you interested in taking advantage of these great benefits? Check it out in Army COOL ( or contact your servicing education center!

A Big Thank You to these Partners Celebrating their April PaYS Anniversaries:

Goodyear 4-Apr-01 Cleveland Clinic 28-Apr-03 Oakland County Sheriff's Office 20-Apr-05 Atlantic Health System 29-Apr-05 Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office 29-Apr-05 McKinney Drilling Company 29-Apr-05 Canadian Pacific Railway 12-Apr-06 Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. 14-Apr-06 Sheetz, Inc. 10-Apr-07 City of Tampa 18-Apr-07 Cleveland Brothers Equipment Co., Inc. 24-Apr-07 State of Kansas, Dept. of Administration 1-Apr-08 United States Cellular Corporation 16-Apr-08 Johnson Controls, Inc. 17-Apr-08 NPC, Inc. 29-Apr-08 Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation 23-Apr-09 Oregon State Police 23-Apr-09 Amazon 19-Apr-10 CDW, LLC 26-Apr-10 Sherman Bros. Trucking 6-Apr-11 Flextronics International, Inc. 26-Apr-11 Town of Fishers 26-Apr-11 Central Cardiology Medical Clinic 11-Apr-12 Faulkner Holdings 11-Apr-12 Super Service, LLC 12-Apr-12 Hansons Window & Siding 12-Apr-12 Brinker International Payroll Company, L.P. 26-Apr-12 Gila County, Arizona 9-Apr-13 Sprint Nextel Corporation 26-Apr-13 Metro One Loss Prevention Services Group, Inc. 26-Apr-13 Four Points by Sheraton 26-Apr-13 NuCO2 Management, LLC 9-Apr-14 Jtilley, Inc. 13-Apr-15 Phase 5 16-Apr-15 Ellwood Specialty Steel Group 16-Apr-15 Parkview Medical Center 8-May-15 MP2HP, Inc. 11-Apr-16 Goodwill of Orange County 18-Apr-16 Spectrum Health System 18-Apr-16 HSS 28-Apr-16 Duke Energy Corporation 28-Apr-16 Reddaway 28-Apr-16 OakCraft Elegant Cabinetry 10-Apr-17 Albemarle County Police Department 10-Apr-17 City of Carrollton, GA 10-Apr-17 La Crosse Area Family YMCA 2-Apr-18 Haag Ford Sales, Inc. 5-Apr-18 Dekalb County Police Department 5-Apr-18 Rogers Tire 5-Apr-18 Nations Roof, LLC 5-Apr-18 US Ecology, Inc. 5-Apr-18 Northwestern Mutal Little Rock 5-Apr-18 Shipmates Printmates dba Velocity 5-Apr-18 Honda Logistics North America, Inc. 30-Apr-18 SP+ 30-Apr-18 Oak Harbor Freight Lines 30-Apr-18 Bluehawk, LLC 30-Apr-18 BioSurplus, Inc. 30-Apr-18 Firefighting Finest Moving and Storage, Inc. 30-Apr-18 Enterprise Leasing Company of Philadelphia, LLC 30-Apr-18 Boise Cascade 1-Apr-19 T.A. Loving Company 1-Apr-19 Maryland State Police 1-Apr-19 Superior Fuel Company, Inc. 1-Apr-19 Boston Beer Corporation 12-Apr-19 Gwinnett Medical Center 25-Apr-19 Regent University 25-Apr-19 The Greenbrier Companies 14-Apr-20 Mercy Health 15-Apr-20 Yavapai County Sheriff's Office 15-Apr-20 The Cooper Health System 15-Apr-20 Littlefield Investment Company 15-Apr-20 Covenant Transport 15-Apr-20 Ponsse North America, Inc. 15-Apr-20 Aldevra, LLC 15-Apr-20 Smithfield Foods, Inc. 15-Apr-20



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