Si Hua Deng, J.B. Hunt Dedicated Manager in TrainingJ.B. Hunt logo

By Eric Airola, Sr Manager Military & Veteran Relations

With college graduation looming, Si Hua Deng was no exception to the pressures of landing a job after her final semester, which were compounded due to the global pandemic throwing millions of Americans into unemployment. Unlike most though, being an Army ROTC cadet gave her access to the Army's Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) network where she learned about companies like J.B. Hunt who seek military talent. Now, having graduated from UCLA as an Army Reserve 2nd Lieutenant, Sia Hua has successfully secured a job as a manager trainee at J.B. Hunt.

As a freshman, Si Hua joined ROTC wanting military experience to back a career in Foreign Service. After adjusting to life in the field and getting past the blisters from breaking in combat boots during training, she grew to love operations and logistics. Si Hua became a leader in the S-3 Operations section of her ROTC battalion and decided to focus on the supply chain logistics industry for her civilian career.

Army Reserve 2nd Lieutenant and former ROTC PaYS Cadet, Si Hua Deng, J.B. Hunt Dedicated Manager in Training The first time Si Hua reached out to J.B. Hunt about the manager training program, there were no open positions. She was diligent, following up with managers to inquire about connections in the industry. As soon as a position became available, Si Hua was on the short list of candidates. Interviewing virtually was another challenge that Si Hua had to overcome, but working through those challenges, she was rewarded with a job offer.

Left and below- Army Reserve 2nd Lieutenant and former ROTC PaYS Cadet, Si Hua Deng, J.B. Hunt Dedicated Manager in Training

Army Reserve 2nd Lieutenant and former ROTC PaYS Cadet, Si Hua Deng, J.B. Hunt Dedicated Manager in Training

Today, Si Hua is a manager trainee in J.B. Hunt's Dedicated Contract Services (DCS) business, learning the ropes of logistics, scheduling, billing, payroll processes, safety, driver management, and decision making. Her favorite aspect of the job is the dynamic nature of operations and working with the drivers who keep America moving.

"It's a lot like what I was taught in ROTC," said Si Hua. "Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty and take care of your troops."

Next steps for Si Hua are to pause J.B. Hunt manager training and attend Army specialty training at Ft Gordon Georgia before returning to drill at the 397th Signal Company. Once back from military leave, she will complete her management training and be assigned as a Transportation Manager at one of the Dedicated locations in Southern California.

Si Hua offers this advice for Army ROTC cadets: "Investigate PaYS if you are going into the Reserves. College career services departments are good, but they work with so many students that it is easy to get lost. PaYS exposes you directly to companies that are military friendly." Her advice for all PaYS participants is to start early and do your research on the firms that you are interested in. "You can't be too prepared."

Littlefield Investment Company Signs PaYS Partnership Agreement in a Virtual CeremonyLittlefield Virtual Signing Ceremony

Story by: Anthony Velasco

On 17 September 2020, Littlefield Investment Company and the Oklahoma City Army Recruiting Battalion, solidified their partnership in the Army Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) program. The Littlefield Investment Company is the 907th PaYS partner to join the Army PaYS program and the second PaYS partner to announce their partnership through a virtual signing ceremony during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The virtual ceremony started at 10 a.m. and hundreds of viewers were able to witness the partnership between the U.S. Army and the Littlefield Investment Company. To date, the virtual signing ceremony has received over 800 views on the Army PaYS' Facebook page, and continues to gain a significant amount of engagement.

Littlefield Oil Company was established in 1946 in Booneville, Arkansas by brothers A.B. and W.C. Littlefield, and their spouses. Littlefield Oil started as a bay station which served Logan County, Arkansas communities with car service and fuel. The Littlefield family realized that people in surrounding communities also needed a competitive fuel source. They purchased a single fuel transport truck and began selling wholesale fuel to surrounding counties. Since then their company has expanded and continues to provide valuable services to their community.

The partnership with the PaYS program was initiated by Army PaYS Marketer, Crancena Ross who introduced the program to Bill Hanesworth, CEO with the Littlefield Investment Company. Mr. Hanesworth acknowledged the benefits of becoming a PaYS partner and pursued the approval of Aaron Littlefield, III. Mr. Littlefield was aware of the values and professional disciplines of Military Veterans and how the company seeks to provide opportunities of employment following their transition from their Military obligations. He openly shared how the disciplines of Veterans will help grow and expand the Littlefield Investment Company and meet their future endeavors. The company seeks the qualities of leadership that is instilled in our Veterans. In his video Mr. Littlefield states, "Where will that leadership come from? We think it will come out of programs such as Army PaYS".

During the virtual ceremony, LTC Jacob Cecka, Commander, Oklahoma City Recruiting Battalion recognized the commitment of the Littlefield Investment Company in becoming a PaYS partner. He also acknowledged their significant support of guaranteeing an interview for PaYS Soldiers and possible employment after their service obligation. LTC Cecka stated, "The partnership with the Littlefield Investment Company is a natural fit and we are proud to have them as a community partner".

The Army PaYS program continues to welcome more virtual signing ceremonies for our partners.

Smiths Detection Signs Partnership Agreement with the U.S. ArmySmiths Detection logo

Story by: Mey Saechao and Audra Jones

On 13 July 2020, Smiths Detection Inc. signed a partnership agreement with the U.S. Army to joining its Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) program. The PaYS program is a strategic partnership between the Army and a cross-section of private industry, academia and state and local public institutes designed to help Soldiers prepare for a career after the Army. The program helps Soldiers make connections with prospective employers and secure job interviews.

Smiths Detection Every minute of every day, Smiths Detection's threat detection and security screening technology helps to protect people and infrastructure, making the world a safer place. We deliver the solutions needed to protect society from the threat and illegal passage of explosives, prohibitive weapons, contraband, toxic chemicals and narcotics. Our goal is simple - to provide the security, peace of mind and freedom of movement upon which the world depends.

Renowned for delivering best in class expertise, equipment and support, Smiths Detection is relied upon by customers from multiple sectors, including the US Department of Defense and major federal agencies, to help them make the world a safer and more secure place. With over 50 years' experience, our mission is to use technology to develop innovative solutions and services which protect life, safeguard society and uphold the free flow of trade.

Our people are proud to be Smiths, pushing boundaries to deliver innovative solutions for the world's challenges. At Smiths Detection we are committed to diversity, and part of that includes hiring veterans. Our partnership with U.S. Army PaYS will help us in furthering our commitment to veterans.


Dear PaYS Partners,

Please join me in welcoming our newest PaYS Partners and a special thanks to the battalions' leadership and A&PAs for their support.

Mears Group, Inc. - Houston
LeafFilter North, LLC - Northern California
Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation - Central California
Pike Corporation - Raleigh
Amarillo Police Department - Oklahoma City
First National Bank Texas - Dallas
TCF Financial Corporation - Minneapolis
Telecom Construction Services Inc. - Great Lakes
ABT Electronics - Chicago
Washington State Department of Corrections - Seattle
Methodist Health System - Dallas
Guardian Fueling Technologies LLC - Jacksonville
Cygnus Home Service dba Schwan's Home Service - Minneapolis
Claypool Electric - Columbus
Comerica Bank - Dallas
Graham Packaging Company, L.P. - Harrisburg
Cox Health - Kansas City
Community Medical Services - Phoenix
Seagate Technology LLC - Denver
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. - Dallas

Upcoming signing ceremonies:

Preferred Systems Solutions Federal, Reston, VA - November 4, 2020
Smithfield Foods, Smithfield, VA - November 5, 2020
ANS Advanced Network Services LLC. (VIRTUAL) - November 10, 2020
Smith Detection, Inc. (VIRTUAL) - November 10, 2020
Andrews Distributing - November 11, 2020
Solution One Industries, Killeen, TX - November 11, 2020
UW Health (VIRTUAL) - November 11, 2020
Quartz Health (VIRTUAL) - November 11, 2020
American Swedish Health (VIRTUAL) - November 11, 2020
UnityPoint Health-Meriter (VIRTUAL) - November 11, 2020
Dominion Energy, LLC. (VIRTUAL) - November 12, 2020
Sonsray Inc., Los Angeles, CA - November 13, 2020
Veterinary Specialists of America (VIRTUAL) - November 18, 2020
Altice USA (VIRTUAL) - November 19, 2020

If you would like to attend any of our events, reach out to your PaYS Regional Marketer for more information. Virtual ceremonies and photos are shared on all our social media sites.

Regional Army PaYS Marketing Analysts:

Antonio Johnson (Senior Marketer)
(502) 378-8054

Audra Jones (Northeast Region)
(773) 418-6229

Samuel Armstrong (Southeast Region)
(301) 717-8508

Davin Bentley (Midwest Region)
(614) 886-0270

Donna Morales (Midwest Region)
(571) 338-2327

Crancena Ross (Southwest Region)
(410) 206-0413

Anthony Velasco (Southwest Region)
(757) 270-6556

Corin Gillens (West Coast Region)
(843) 909-6037

Remember to annotate your PaYS Soldiers hires and interviews into the PIX database, visit and like our Facebook page,, follow us on Instagram @armypaysprogram and all our social media platforms to share in all of our events. Send us your good news stories, job vacancies, etc., and we will highlight, at no cost, on all our social media sites. To participate in any Army recruiting event, don't forget to reach out to your regional PaYS marketing analyst.

For more information on PaYS program, visit our website at

It PaYS to partner with the US Army!

Troy L. Nattress
PaYS Program Manager

Happy Birthday Davin! Happy PaYS Anniversary J.R. and Michael!

Italian-American Heritage Month graphic

PaYS Highlights Italian-Owned PaYS Partner Reborn Cabinets, Inc.

Story by Corin Gillens

Italian-American Heritage Month happens in October and has been celebrated since 1989 after being proclaimed by President George W. Bush and the U.S. Congress. The month is to honor the achievements and contributions of Italian immigrants and their descendants living in the United States.

In honor of Italian-American Heritage, the Army PaYS program highlights our PaYS partner, Italian-owned company, Reborn Cabinets Inc.. Reborn Cabinets logo

Reborn is now a third-generation family managed company. In addition to the leadership of Vinny and Brenda, now retired, Vince (President) and Anthony Nardo (CFO) and most recently, third-generation family member, Seth Nardo (General Manager), have expanded Reborn Cabinets to seven locations, including locations in San Diego, the Bay area and Nevada. (Pictured from left to right: Vince Nardo (Son) President, Brenda Nardo (Wife/Mother) Co-Founder, Vinny Nardo (Father) Founder, Anthony Nardo (Son) CFO. Seth Nardo (Grandson) General Manager)

Right - (Pictured from left to right: Vince Nardo (Son) President, Brenda Nardo (Wife/Mother) Co-Founder, Vinny Nardo (Father) Founder, Anthony Nardo (Son) CFO. Seth Nardo (Grandson) General Manager)

Vinny Nardolillo, Founder and Owner was born in Brooklyn, New York to Italian immigrant parents at a time when the country was struggling to recover from the Great Depression (1929 -1939). Vinny is one of eleven children and he along with his siblings were raised with strong old-world work ethics and customs. His father was a masonry contractor and two of his brothers were in the cabinet manufacturing business.

Vinny Nardolillo At 17, Vinny enlisted in the United States Navy where he served on active duty from 1954-1957. After his discharge he went to work with his brothers and under their watchful guidance and tutelage, it wasn't long before he excelled at custom cabinet design and construction.

In 1963, Vinny married Brenda and they soon had two sons, Vince and Anthony. Not to be defeated by serious downturn of the economy in 1970s, and coupled with sickness, the family decided to leave New York and head west.

In a green station wagon with wood trim sides, the family attached a 22-foot travel trailer and worked their way across the country seeking a new place to call 'home'. They traveled for six months, stopping to explore various economies across the country working in Dallas and Albuquerque until eventually finding their way to Anaheim, California. Vinny's expertise in Cabinet Refacing made him a valuable commodity to kitchen remodelers everywhere they stayed.

Settling in California in 1975, Vinny introduced the cabinet refacing process on the West Coast as it is done today. In 1983, tired of the long commutes, Vinny opened Reborn Cabinets in Anaheim, California with a $300 table saw and a 1,200 square foot facility. Thanks to hard work, old world ethics, and with a true love and appreciation of family and people, Vinny, Reborn' s founder, has attempted at every turn to instill pride and excellence in the Reborn team members. Today the company holds at the heart of its core values the "Vinny Principle" (Treat each client's home with the respect as if it were your own.)

As the company grew and with a desire to do more for the community, the Nardo Family tasked Team Reborn with choosing programs for Team Reborn to get involved with that would serve the community and enhance the team's understanding of service to its customer. This began the Learn from the Pros seminars hosted at a selected Reborn location and the annual Manufacturing Day event where students are bussed to the Anaheim location and given tours of the facility to expose future generations to the wonderful world of manufacturing. Another favorite is 'Baths for the Brave'. This program is a nation-wide campaign where 12 businesses across the U.S. donate a shower system to a veteran. A way to serve those who have served us.

Having received Family-Owned Business of the Year and Manufacturing Business of the Year from the Anaheim Chamber and selected as a Top Workplace by the OC Register, the Nardos are quick to point out the recognition is because of the strong team ethics and commitment to the company and the community. Vince Nardo President of Reborn Cabinets and LTC John Bleigh, Southern California Recruiting Battalion Commander after signing the ceremonial Army PaYS Partnership certificateCake cutting ceremony by LTC Bleigh and Vince Nardo.

Above - Vince Nardo President of Reborn Cabinets and LTC John Bleigh, Southern California Recruiting Battalion Commander after signing the ceremonial Army PaYS Partnership certificate

Right - Cake cutting ceremony by LTC Bleigh and Vince Nardo

Team Schierl logo

Breast Cancer Awareness - Fighting Cancer through Giving Back

Story by Donna Morales and Kathy Ostrowski
Pictures by Team Schierl website

Team Schierl events

Team Schierl Companies became a PaYS Partner in 2018 and consists of three companies; The Store (Schierl Sales Corporation), Subway (Universal, Inc.) and Schierl Tire & Service, Inc. The company is headquartered in Stevens Point, WI and has over 55 locations in the mid and upper Wisconsin area and the tip of Michigan.

Team Schierl is committed to giving back to their community through various functions and events. Each year the company has a large event with the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Athletics Department. This event is called "Pink Game for Cancer" and is a joint effort between Team Schierl, BSN Sports, the UWSP Pointers Football team and UWSP Athletics.

Each year the Pink Game raises money through corporate sponsorships and through selling specially designed t-shirts or sweat-shirts sold prior to game day. On the day of the game day there is a silent auction of locally donated baskets, vintage football helmets and Pointers game worn pink jerseys. Throughout the week leading up to the game, "Pink Week" is supported by the UWSP students and faculty as they participate with promotions on campus. Just one of the charities benefitting from this event is the Breast Cancer Family Foundation ( Pink Game graphic

Many of the events this year have been canceled due to COVID-19 including the Pink Game, an event that has taken place for 10 years running and has raised almost $500,000! The enthusiasm can be understood by the words of the Co-CEO, Tim Schierl who has said, "We are so humbled by the ongoing support we have received from the community, UWSP and our sponsors. Coming together in the fight against cancer is what it's all about, we all know someone that is impacted by cancer in some way and to witness the support we receive, is unbelievable."

Concord Police Department is now recruiting Police Officers Concord Police Department logo

Story by: Samuel Armstrong

Army PaYS partner Concord Police Department hosted an Open House on September 16, 2020. During this pandemic it's more important to continue to hire essential personnel. Police are on the front lines in our communities keeping us safe. Concord Police Department covers over 60 square miles and serves a residual population of over 90,000.

The members of the Concord Police Department are dedicated to providing the highest quality police services in order to enhance community safety, protect life and property, and reduce crime and the fear of crime. To do this, we pledge to develop a partnership with the community, lead a community commitment to resolve problems, and improve the safety and quality of life in our city.

Concord Police Department Open HouseConcord Police Department Open House

During the open house Chief Gary Gacek provided welcoming and opening remarks and candidates were able to meet with him and other department supervisors and toured the facility.

Officers from patrol, traffic, criminal investigations, forensic/crime scene, SWAT, mobile field force and more were on hand to answer questions and talk with potential candidates.

LT Cydney McGhee (PaYS POC) and Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army Blair Shwedo.

Blair Shwedo, Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army attended the Open House along with Veterans and Soldiers from Bragg, NC. Mr. Shwedo said, "Concord Police Department is a strong and attractive place to work. They are very supportive of hiring Veterans and automatically increase their pay by 2.5% for military (5% for bilingual) ". LT Cydney McGhee (PaYS POC) and Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army Blair Shwedo.

Right - LT Cydney McGhee (PaYS POC) and Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army Blair Shwedo

For more information and employment opportunities, please visit:


Toledo Army Recruiting Company Sets Monthly Recruiting Record

Story by Robert Osman with contribution from Davin Bentley

The PaYS Team would like to congratulate the Toledo Army Recruiting Company on an outstanding month in strengthening our Nation's Army!

On an ordinary day in Cleveland Battalion's Toledo Company Recruiting Station, you'll most likely find a group of Soldiers working diligently to fulfill their mission - just as they have month after month.

Rockstar BN logo But August was not an ordinary month for the Toledo Rockstars. For a company that often feels like the underdog, August presented them with mission numbers they had never seen before. Their commander, Capt. Zach Priday, was up for the challenge.

"We needed a total team effort," Priday said. "We've been working towards this goal for months, spoke about it daily, and had a shared vision across the organization of making mission in August."

That team effort relied on every noncommissioned officer in the company to be on their A game. There was no margin for error; failure was never an option. Every day counted, and every day the numbers grew. Together the Toledo Company not only met their mission, but exceeded it in stunning fashion, breaking a long-standing company record.

"What makes this accomplishment even more meaningful is that this was the largest mission ever assigned to the company and we achieved it despite being in the middle of a global pandemic," Priday said. "Not only that, but every NCO in the company wrote at least one enlistment contract. This was a historic first for our company."

Who better to lead the way in that effort than the 3rd Recruiting Brigade's station commander of the quarter and the year, Sgt. 1st Class Zackary Bonner? The Bowling Green Recruiting Station commander has clearly made an impact since his arrival. Motivating his Soldiers to a higher work ethic, Bonner, a former Infantry Soldier, has pushed himself to a higher standard.

"Being recognized as the station commander of the quarter and year is something I have always wanted for myself, but I also feel I owe it to my Soldiers to lead by example and be a well-rounded leader," Bonner said. "Physical training matters, college education matters, leading matters, boards matter and winning matters. Winning can be contagious."

Proving the point, not only did every NCO contribute to the unit's success, but some of them took the matter to a new level.

Sgt. 1st Class David Hoffer from the Bowling Green Station, Staff Sgt. Madison Bollenbach from the Fremont Station and Staff Sgt. Robert Fitzgerald from the Toledo West Station each enlisted four Future Soldiers during the month. Hoffer, a former Infantry Soldier as well, gives credit to his command for paving the way to success. Balancing a combination of patience and honesty to get the most from his contacts, he said he changed his tactics very little in August.

"I really did not do anything different than before," he said. "Some people have bad months and other months they just crush it. What I think contributed most to my successful month was being patient and following up with people. Text and social media really have been paying off for me since COVID started."

The difficult part of having a stand-out month is finding a way to keep the momentum going. Priday feels success follows success.

"Here in Toledo we are constantly trying to get better and find ways we can improve, both as individuals and as an organization," Priday said. "Once you think you've reached your potential, you will stop growing and become complacent. Even though we made history in August and set the example for U.S. Army Recruiting Command, we will continue to raise the bar and set more records."

U.S.Army logo, PaYS logo, TRADOC logo

Thank you for your contribution to Army Recruiting and to your support of our PaYS partners in providing talented Soldiers for potential employment in Northwest Ohio with PaYS partners including Keller Logistics, Nidec Minster Corp, Dana Limited, Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, Crown Equipment and the Ohio Highway Patrol!
PaYS Partners in Northwest Ohio

Mr. Anthony DeToto Sr., Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army, Texas (East). CASA crest

Army PaYS Highlights Army CASA Anthony DeToto Sr.

Story by: Crancena Ross

In honor of Italian-American Heritage Month, the PaYS team recognizes, Mr. Anthony DeToto Sr., Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army, Texas (East). Interviewed by PaYS Marketer Crancena Ross.

Where were you born?
"The hospital was in Hoboken, New Jersey with great views of Southern Manhattan. We lived in Bergen County, at the time an area comprised of Italian, Sicilian and Irish Americans."

What was your experience growing up in your family, how has this impacted your view of culture?
"I was the oldest of three boys and seventeen grandchildren. I have fond memories of three great-grandmothers who lived to be ninety-three, two Italian and one Sicilian. They spoke very little English (yet demanded all of us speak English without an Italian or New Jersey accent). We had many friends from varied backgrounds and socioeconomic demographics in our lives. We wound up moving four more times to three different states in the Midwest. Culture is an amalgamation of relationships, rituals, expected behaviors, values, communication and thoughts."

Why did you want to become a CASA?
"To share the calling to the most noble profession, being a servant leader. I took an oath to provide a lifetime of service to our nation in 1987. When asked to sign back up in 2017, I did not hesitate. I witnessed the impact that Mike Hood and Randy Pais had as Texas CASAs. It affords me the opportunity to collaborate more frequently with Joe DePinto, Darcy Anderson, Brian Concannon, Rich Pascoe, Erica Jefferies and my fellow Houstonian Tim Kopra."

What is your favorite part of being a CASA?
"Assisting Veterans in their post-Military transition. Most Military Veterans don't know what they wish to do next but they are confident it won't have as much meaning as what they just did in the Military."

How does your previous job experience tie in with being a CASA?
"Being a CASA requires passion, capacity, network and perseverance. My time as a Military Officer, Sales Professional, Wealth Counselor and advisor to business owners all required high emotional quotient. Over time I began to listen more than I talked and ask clarifying questions in a Socratic dialogue, occasionally delivered in a self-deprecating, humble and optimistic manner."

As a CASA, do you find it easier to open doors within the community?
Yes, the Military is an elevator to the middle class and Texans are empathetic to our mission. Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) guarantees job interviews post service. Army Recruiting can show enlistees how to have an under graduate and graduate degree before they turn twenty-six or pivot to pick up strong vocational and leadership skills. Twenty-five percent of Houston Independent School District students aspire to a field in public service, law enforcement police, fire or Military. If we access the correct doors, they often lead to elevators."

What about being a CASA do you find to be the most challenging aspect of the job?
"The prospect of meeting a family at Ellington Field on behalf of the Secretary of the Army when a family member is returning in a flag draped casket having made the ultimate sacrifice."

If there was one thing you could do differently in your life what would it be?
"Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers. I should have ignored the Engineer Branch when they told me to skip Ranger School."

A Big Thank You to these Partners Celebrating their October PaYS Anniversaries:

Alaska State Troopers 19-Oct-04 Accenture LLP 4-Oct-05 Oldcastle Materials 4-Oct-05 Lake County Sheriff's Office 20-Oct-05 Bright House Networks 20-Oct-05 Citrus County Sheriff's Office 20-Oct-05 Phoenix Police Department 20-Oct-05 Office of the Sheriff Contra Costa Co. CA 13-Oct-06 Knoxville Police Department 13-Oct-06 Suffolk County Police Department 13-Oct-06 Union Pacific Railroad Company 30-Oct-06 Smith Transport, Inc. 24-Oct-06 American National Insurance Company 16-Oct-07 Foodliner, Inc. 16-Oct-07 Medi-Dyn, Inc. 16-Oct-07 Kansas Adjutant General's Dept. 16-Oct-07 Cummins Southern Plains, Ltd. 18-Oct-07 Kraft Foods Global, Inc. 13-Oct-08 Gleaner Life Insurance Society 26-Oct-09 City of College Station 30-Oct-09 San Jorge Children's Hospital 30-Oct-09 Syracuse PD 24-Oct-10 The American Red Cross 24-Oct-10 Bunzl Distribution USA, Inc. 26-Oct-10 Regional Transportation Dept. 26-Oct-10 Cobalt Boats 26-Oct-10 Sacramento Metro Fire District 26-Oct-10 Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority 26-Oct-10 Horizon Well Logging, LLC 4-Oct-11 Wells Enterprises, Inc. 11-Oct-11 AECOM National Security Program 18-Oct-11 Dee Zee, Inc. 17-Oct-12 Corpus Christi Police Department 17-Oct-12 Cliffs Natural Resources, Inc. 17-Oct-12 Dana Limited 3-Oct-13 Rockwater Northeast LLC 1-Oct-14 Airbus Helicopter, Inc. 1-Oct-14 Westmoreland Coal Company 1-Oct-14 Symantec Corporation 1-Oct-14 Coca-Cola Refreshments USA, Inc. 23-Oct-15 Goodwill Southern Nevada 23-Oct-15 Global Linguist Solutions, LLC 23-Oct-15 Applied Material, Inc. 26-Oct-15 Done Right Trucking Incorporated 28-Oct-15 Medical Staffing Network 28-Oct-15 Drury Hotel Company, LLC 28-Oct-15 MedCert 29-Oct-15 Market Transport 29-Oct-15 Hudson Tool Steel Corporation 4-Oct-16 Cannon Companies 4-Oct-16 Genoa, a QOL Healthcare Company 4-Oct-16 Overhead Door Corporation 17-Oct-16 United States Department of Agriculture 27-Oct-16 Sonoco Products Company 5-Oct-17 Putnam County Sheriff's Office 5-Oct-17 Bedrock Protection Agency 5-Oct-17 One Gas, Inc. 26-Oct-18 Quartz Health Solutions, Inc. 4-Oct-19 Albert Einstein Healthcare Network 22-Oct-19 PTS Worldwide Inc. 22-Oct-19 Williamson Street Grocery Cooperative 8-Oct-19 IES Communication 8-Oct-19 Suburban Propane, L.P. 28-Oct-19 PetroChoice 28-Oct-19



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