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Work Hard

Why Partner with PaYS?

Many of our prospective employer partners ask the question, "Why partner with PaYS when other Veterans' employment programs are available – what's the value added for my company?"

Your participation in PaYS allows you to work alongside Army Recruiters and local ROTC programs in grassroots initiatives that send the message of staying in school, setting goals, choosing appropriate friendships, leading a values focused life and staying off drugs. Additionally, granting an employment interview gives you the opportunity to mentor honorably discharged Soldiers, Army Reserve Soldiers and newly commissioned Reserve and National Guard Officers as they transition to private employment.

The Army, as compared to our sister services, has a significantly larger recruiting quota for both active duty and Army Reserve on an annual basis. Many of our recruiters often lament that if they only had the mission of one of our sister services, they could take a vacation from July through December. Therefore, the Army uses many recruiting incentives, including PaYS, in order to man the force.

Further complicating this problem is the fact that only 1 in 4 young men between the ages of 18 and 24 are actually eligible to join any of the armed services. That's a resounding 25%! The number is not as bad for young women but it is trending downward. These are the same youths in whom most employers are interested for entry level employment as well. Some of the disqualifiers include: no high school diploma, physical fitness (obesity), failed drug screening, and incarceration.

The PaYS Program guarantees an interview not necessarily a job – hopefully, in most cases a job will result. For those whom you do not hire, this is chance to mentor the individual on resume/interview skills and building better qualifications. Often, this will be the Soldier's/Veteran's first experience with interviewing in the private sector. Your help will set these individuals on the correct path for success.

What you get in return for participation:

• A controlled flow of quality employment candidates who have established a positive work ethic, have entry to mid level leadership skills, are tested free and clear of drugs and have honorably served or are serving their country

• Absolute control over the type of jobs and quantity of guaranteed interviews you will grant by date and location

• Public recognition as a Veteran friendly employer

• Free media coverage while participating in grassroots events – positive image for your company

• Helping the Army get the message out about staying in school – America needs a qualified workforce whether it's in the private or public sector

• The knowledge that you are helping young men and women who are quite willing to sacrifice their lives to protect America's freedom

• Referral to other Department of Defense Employment programs giving you access to a broad range of qualified veterans from all services

"Everybody wants to support the troops until they have to share in the hardship and sacrifice," I said. "Then all of a sudden that bumper sticker or that flag pin doesn't mean anything anymore."
Quoted from: Jonathan Raab, "At War", NY Times.com.