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SAMPLE STATEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING (SOU) - Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS)

AUTHORITY:          10 USC 3013

PRINCIPAL             To collect information from applicants for enlistment in the
PURPOSE:              US Army and to authorize PaYS employees to access personal
                                information of PaYS program applicants after they enter the

ROUTINE USES:     PaYS employers have entered into a Memorandum of Agreement
                                with the US Army and will contact PaYS enlistment applicants
                                during their Army service and during their transition to the
                                civilian sector.  PaYS employers are authorized by this SOU to
                                obtain information on PaYS enlistees, including their social
                                security number, home of record, record of military training,
                                home address and phone number, and other information which
                                will facilitate contact with the applicant.  PaYS employers are also
                                authorized to release information concerning individual
                                employment status to the Army for purposes of monitoring the
                                success of the program.  Information releasable to the Army
                                includes name, social security number, employment status, start
                                date, and generic reasons for employment decisions regarding PaYS

DISCLOSURE:        Voluntary.  However, failure to authorize release of information to
                                PaYS employers will prevent the company from contacting the
                                individual to facilitate the employment opportunity.


1. My enlistment for this program assures me that, provided I meet required prerequisites, I will be placed in the Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) program. The PaYS program matches acquired skills in my military occupational specialty (MOS) training with The Company who has expressed interest in my skills training, and has anticipated available employment opportunities.

2. The PaYS Program is not a guarantee of employment by The Company; it is an opportunity to receive an interview for employment.  Like all employers, The Company may be subject to changes in business conditions, the need for particular skills due to technological changes, and many other potential contingencies.  The Army has assisted in coordinating this opportunity between The Company and me, but is not party to any formal agreement. 

3. The Army will not guarantee or enforce priority consideration for employment, and The Company does not guarantee employment.  The PaYS Program is not a part of my enlistment agreement and does not annex my enlistment options for the purpose of any claim of unfulfilled or erroneous enlistment.  All other aspects of my agreement to enlist are contained in my enlistment contract and statement of enlistment and are not contingent upon or part of the PaYS program for enlistment purposes.

4. I understand that in the event the Secretary of the Army determines that military necessity of a national scope requires that service members are available for immediate assignment and/or reassignment, any aspect of this SOU may be terminated.

5. PaYS Partner Information:

a.  Partner Point of Contact / PaYS Coordinator: 

ORGANIZATION:     The Company

NAME:      Person to Contact (Attn: Human Resources/PaYS Coordinator)

TITLE:     (PaYS Coordinator)

ADDRESS:     Company Street Address, City, State, Zip

E-MAIL:     Company/POC E-mail Address

PHONE:     (123)-456-7890


b.  Job Location:  city, state, zip


c.  Job Title:  This is the job title.                               


d.  PaYS Job Code: 00000-0             


e. Job Description:   This is a description of the job.


f.  Job Qualifications: These are the qualifications required for the job.

6. Requirements of the PaYS Soldier

a.  Receive an Honorable Discharge if Regular Army; Army Reservists must successfully complete their initial active duty training.  This status is verified on DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty.                               

b.  Be awarded the military occupational specialty associated with your PaYS job selection.                               

c.  Must obtain all certification, age requirement, or licensing as specified in the job qualifications above.


d.  Retain contact with the Partner POC during enlistment using the PaYS partner information, AKO, and the PaYS Information Exchange (PIX) at www.armypays.com.  If Regular Army, remember to establish an interview date with the Partner POC within 3-6 months of Expiration Term of Service (ETS). Army Reservists should establish an interview date no later than 30 days after completion of initial active duty training.


e.  If you have questions, are unable to contact your PaYS POC, extend your term of service, or decide not to pursue employment with your PaYS Partner, notify the PaYS Program Help Desk at (800)-223-3735 ext. 3-1222 or email: usarmy.knox.hqda-asa-mra.mbx.payshelpdesk@mail.mil.