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Employer participation and commitment are key to the success of the Partnership for Youth Success (PaYS) Program. Establishing and maintaining contact with Army PaYS Soldiers who have selected your company or agency utilizing the PaYS Information Exchange (PIX) is vital. Providing priority interview consideration as specified in the MOA will result in trained and disciplined Army Soldiers with instilled values employed throughout your organization. These Soldiers will bring tangible and intangible traits which most other employees will not possess.

The PaYS job database enables PaYS partners to plan future hiring needs out ten (10) years for Regular Army Soldiers, Army Reserve Soldiers and ROTC Lieutenants. Each July the database shifts to allow planning for the next concurrent year. PaYS Partners must reinvest in the program by loading new positions each July to insure the steady flow of Army PaYS Soldiers from which to interview/hire.

One measure of success for the Army PaYS Program is the number of PaYS Soldiers employed with their PaYS partner in towns and cities throughout the United States. PaYS partners can annotate their interviews and hires in the PaYS Information Exchange (PIX). This data is captured and reported to Senior Army Leaders who track this aspect of program success.

Job Hiring Plan

Planning future positions need not be a difficult task. Take into consideration the positions that have regular turnover and amount of expected growth. Army PaYS Soldiers will not fulfill all of your hiring goals, but will provide you with a steady pool of quality candidates from which to interview.

Regular Army (RA) PaYS Soldiers have completed one term of enlistment (2 ? 6 years). These Soldiers have formal training as well as a number of years of on-the-job experience. They have the Army values, leadership qualities, discipline, and other tangible and intangible traits that will be an asset to your organization. These Soldiers will qualify to fill any entry-level position and in some instances, entry-level management or management trainee positions. Regular Army PaYS Soldiers are available for long-term planned positions.

Army Reserve (AR) PaYS Soldiers complete the same basic training and job training as the RA PaYS Soldier then they return home. Army Reserve Soldiers normally drill with their Army Reserve Troop Program Unit (TPU) one weekend a month and attend two weeks of annual training with the TPU during the summer. Army Reserve PaYS Soldiers returning home after initial entry training (basic training and job training) are your near-term hires. They will generally complete six to nine months of Army training before contacting you for their job interview. Army Reserve PaYS Soldiers are able to fill the majority of entry-level positions. The AR PaYS Soldier will not have the on-the-job experience or leadership qualities an RA Soldier develops during the initial enlistment. They will, however, have the Army values, discipline, motivation, and willingness to learn to be an integral part of your team.

The Army ROTC leadership program develops leaders of character who are non-linear thinkers who can adapt quickly to rapidly changing situations. ROTC Cadets learn decision-making, management and leadership skills that will enhance their future success. The critical task of preparing cadets for service as Army lieutenants ? and preparing them for positions of increasing responsibility ? occurs both in the college classroom and during intense, realistic field training. Reserve Component ROTC Cadets will select a PaYS partner in their sophomore, junior and sometimes senior year of college. They can interview for a selected position during their senior year of college and most expect to begin employment after graduation and commissioning. ROTC Officers are required to complete advanced training after graduation which is generally between 4 ? 6 months in duration.

You will enter positions by job title/job description/job qualifications; city/state/zip code; and number of Army PaYS Soldiers you'd like to interview per year. Your PaYS marketing analyst will assist you with this process as necessary.

Job Loading / Database Access

The PaYS helpdesk will issue the PaYS user a log-on ID and password to access the database and load future jobs. Contact the PaYS helpdesk at usarmy.knox.hqda-asa-mra.mbx.payshelpdesk@mail.mil or (502) 613-1222 for database access. Log onto www.armypays.com and mouse over PIX Login to begin loading jobs.

Once jobs are loaded into the PaYS database, the PaYS marketing analyst will access and review the job description and job qualifications. Positions for enlisted Soldiers are associated with Army jobs to enable the Future Soldier to select a PaYS Partner at enlistment. The PaYS marketing analysts will make the Army job association recommendation based on the job description/qualification and previous conversations and correspondence. Several of our partnership companies request Soldiers from any Army background for their positions. In other words, the position requires little technical experience but requires an employee with maturity, confidence, discipline and Army values. If there are future positions that do not require intense technical requirements, consider an "all MOS" option. If the position requires technical knowledge and/or certification the Marketing Analyst will recommend closely matched Army positions. The partner has the final say on Army job association. No MOS association is made for ROTC cadets because they all possess the leadership skills required to become an Army officer and an effective leader / manager.

PaYS Signing Ceremonies

In most instances a relationship develops between the local Army Recruiting Battalion, college ROTC program and the PaYS partner during the partnership process. The Army Recruiting Battalion will coordinate a signing ceremony to promote the partnership between the US Army and the partner company. The Army Recruiting Battalion public affairs officer may contact the partner's internal media coordinator to arrange local and possibly national media coverage. This partnership says to the American public as well as to your local community that employers support our troops and are looking for the values and qualities that each individual Soldier has instilled in them by the US Army.

Ceremonies are coordinated as PaYS Soldiers exit the Army or graduate from college, interview, and start their job with their PaYS Partner. This positive public relations event is again a great way to let the nation as well as people in your community know that your company values our Army's Soldiers and the assets they bring back to your company as well as your community.