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Work Hard

Mobilizing America with PaYS

Recruiting America's Army is not just the Army's mission, it belongs to America. The PaYS Program is one way to support the mission and Army Soldiers. To show you support America's Army you can participate in one or more of the activities below.

• Identify current employees who have prior Army experience. These Veterans can talk to Future Soldiers and influencers about how the Army groomed them for success and helped them to become an asset to your organization.

• Attend Chamber of Commerce meetings and other community functions with the Army to discuss the attributes, traits and values Army Veterans bring to your organization.

• Coordinate with the Army to bring educators and other centers of influence to tour your facility. Explain why the PaYS partnership is beneficial to your organization.

• Attend job fairs, career fairs and other community events with local Army Recruiting Battalion recruiters.

• Coordinate with the Army to bring Future Soldiers and their influencers to tour your facility, explaining why you value Army Soldiers.

• Coordinate with the Army to bring a group of students to your facility, again discussing the benefits associated with hiring Army Veterans.

• Attend and participate in tours to different Army posts and Army facilities with the local Army Recruiting Battalion.

• Coordinate media events with the local Army Recruiting Battalion to publicize your PaYS partnership and PaYS Soldier hires.

• Publish an article about the local Army Recruiting Battalion and/or the PaYS partnership in your internal newsletter.

• Send the Army Recruiting Battalion an article about your organization for publishing in their quarterly newsletter.

• Coordinate with the local Army Reserve Units to set up a recruitment booth during weekend drill meetings.

• Hang Army posters in your break rooms or common areas.

• Attend Army sponsored national events (NASCAR/NHRA) in support of the Army.

• Make sure to "Like" your Battalion, and the Army PaYS Program on Facebook. Facebook is a convenient and beneficial tool for communication between partners, the battalions, and the Army PaYS Program.